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The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director, Ascended Master R, Master R, Ganesha

The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being on the blue ray, or first ray, of power, protection and the will of God. He is the Guru of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain and is available to guide us, as his name attests, in walking in the highest will of God. 

The Great Divine Director is one of his many titles. He is also known as “The Initiator of Cycles,” holding the office of Solar Hierarch of Capricorn. Focusing the ray of God-power on the twelve o’clock line of cosmic cycles, he is the one to ask for help when starting a new venture or course of action. He is a master planner with the discipline necessary to create the structures that compose our cosmos—even at molecular levels. The Great Divine Director focuses within his causal body the formula of the ascension for the children of God evolving in this universe. What a magnificent master of creation and guidance!

One of the Great Divine Director’s commissions from Alpha and Omega, our Father/Mother God, is to interpret for initiates the meaning and the purpose of the flame of the Holy Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Guru of our El Morya and Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director is the founder of the House of Rakoczy, and so has often been referred to as the Master “R” in esoteric writings. The Great Divine Director, known to the Hindus as the god Ganesha, is the Lord of Success and destroyer of all obstacles. He is also known as the god of education, knowledge and wealth. The elephant head represents wisdom, and his trunk represents the sound of cosmic reality and oneness—the sacred OM.

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Messages from the Divine Director

Divine Director      October 21, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Darshan (overshined by the Divine Director)
October 21, 2017   1:54 ̶ 2:30 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

Divine Director Darshan with Chicago Heartfriends

I think we are nearly at the halfway point of this hour together, and I'd like to open it up for anything that you would like to share.

Question:  In the past, the Divine Director has always come with a warning message from the Karmic Board before the new year. Can you tell us what we should expect and how to be prepared?

David:  I don't know if he always warns us. We can assess the world situation, as initiates and as evolving disciples, to see what are the flash points around the world that require our focus and intention, as we just heard. What we place our attention upon, there energy goes. So if we notice, through the media, troubling things that are occurring in repetitive ways, we can untrouble the water by adding the impetus of our God-consciousness and the energy of our love and God's light that we invoke to counteract, countermand those troubling areas, those flash points.

So where are these flash points today? Well, we know Korea and the Middle East. We know what is happening in the United States with all the negative media, left and right, and all of the duality that manifests as constant friction between peoples: “I'm right, you're wrong,” “I have the better way,” “You are dumb.” And in all this communication, we're not treating others as we desire to be treated. We're heaping blame and shame and saying bad names to others rather than sharing love, understanding and brother/sisterhood.

So wherever there are dark pockets, this is where we focus and send light to transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of the issues behind what we see on the surface, which always have their cause in the past and in past choices that people made in former lifetimes. We desire resolution of conflict; we desire harmony, peace, brother/sisterhood. These can only come about when people put aside their own belief systems, paradigms and prejudices and accept a higher way, a higher walk with God in the unity field of beingness, where people first try to understand each other and then get along and collaborate for a better world.

So in terms of a warning, the warnings are all out there. The handwriting has been on the wall for decades and even for centuries in some instances. We are expected to read the signs of the times in the skies, in the world around us and then take action. If you know something and yet you don't take action, then you're not really a participant; you're a bystander, someone who's just sitting on the sidelines lollygagging. You may be a complainer or you may be a fan, yet God would rather have us be involved in his/her business or affairs in a powerful way—through right choice, right action, right participation, right livelihood, right thought, right mindfulness, all of the Eightfold Path virtues.

We can assess and we should take a daily assessment, take the temperature of the world. The masters told the broadcasters through me a while back that every morning they should adjust what they pray for and how they pray based on what is happening that day on the planet and in their neighborhoods, environments and communities. There could be things going on locally in Chicago and in many different communities and suburbs that are different for each suburb because of who is there, the choices people make, the issues that are at stake and the problems that are being had. And hopefully the conflicts can be resolved. Each community may be different from another. Some are more rich in people with hearts full of largesse, those who like to give back to the community, and some are ripe with takers, those who try to steal and take from those who have—the have-nots trying to take from the haves.

Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.”1 So how do we deal with that? Well, we love them, yet we can't just give them things, because they may not know how to deal with them unless they have the training and the understanding of how to use those resources wisely. So we educate, we train, we coach, we support, we encourage and we love so that everyone can be raised up and have a sense of self-worthiness in God.

So what can we expect that the Great Divine Director is going to say if he does give a warning or a HeartStream before the new year? We can expect him to say, “Wake up to a higher reality now than what you have lived in the past year.” We can expect him to say, “We have many opportunities for service for you if you will take the next steps to prepare yourselves for greater service.” How do we prepare ourselves? Through constancy. We study the words of the sacred scriptures and we try to abide by the truths and the divine doctrines within those scriptures. And notice that I said “divine” doctrine. We tend to think that all doctrine is dead and that all ritual is dead, yet they don't have to be.

Doctrine can be divinely inspired and ritual can be infused with love and the Holy Spirit inspiration for today. What is dogma? Well, it's not God-ma; it's dog-ma. So I guess it's based on what man's best friend understands. Maybe we can take our cue from dogs, because they are so loving, affectionate, faithful and true to us that maybe our new dogma will be to be like them, to be so affectionate, loving, compassionate, giving and faithful that we are always at God's beck and call, and God is always at our beck and call.

That's kind of a long answer. I hope it sheds a little light on that topic. Does anybody else have any questions?

Question:  Hello, David. We just lost someone in our group who was homosexual, and I think he became very discouraged with the teachings and left us. I loved him dearly, and I miss him dearly. I've thought so much about homosexuality, and for me it's a very confusing topic. I wonder if when we have choices when we reincarnate, do we know whether we want to be male or female? And do we also choose whether we want to be homosexual or not? Or is it strictly a genetic problem? And if it's a genetic problem, what control do they have over the homosexual tendencies?

When I read Melchizedek's HeartStream on it, I don't disagree with what he said, yet I just feel sad that these people struggle in our world today. The homosexual people that I have known and I have gotten to know, many of them in the dance industry, are very charming, beautiful people. And they're struggling for more freedoms and acceptance with respect to marriage and so on, which is relative to our belief systems. It's very hard to know just what to do with this because I hate to oppose legislation granting them more freedom, and yet I can understand that they do want more freedom because of the fact that they're homosexual. I don't like to be prejudiced against them, and yet I think there's more and more of them now, or maybe they're more open about it now and not on the increase. I really don't know, but my heart goes out to the children who suffer because they so desperately want to be a gender that they are not and because of the pain that causes their parents and themselves. How do we digest this and deal with it? Could you share on this?

David:  Well, I think the teaching has already been spoken and it's all out there. We have to love everyone, period. At one time when the question was asked about it, the Master said, “Love is love.” Love is love no matter who it's shared with. Sexual attraction and what we do with our bodies is another thing altogether. And we have to, the Divine Director says, separate in our minds the physical act that happens in homosexual relationships with love, which is a divine power and force, very magnetic, which unifies two opposites into a whole.

You can't unify two things of the same polarity into a whole, because negative attracts positive and positive attracts negative, and you can't have true divine mystical union in that type of relationship. So in our mind and in our heart we have to separate the fact that we, of course, love these people. I've known many and I love them; they are very creative, often very giving and are very sensitive. Yet the physical act of what they do with their bodies is disingenuous, and it is antithetical to love in its highest divine emanation because it's a very demeaning and debasing thing to the human body to not fulfill what the Creator intended that we do with our bodies.

So we never condemn the individual for his or her choices. We love them regardless, and we choose not to even bring up this subject, typically. It's like “Don't ask, don't tell” in the military. It's one of those things, yet we have to also give the teaching. Without the teaching, people make their choices and this is detrimental to their spiritual evolution, because they cannot make their ascension if they're not in the proper polarity with their I AM Presence and with their other half—their twin flame—if they are engaging in homosexual relations physically.

Question:  Do souls know that when they—

David:  Yes, everyone chooses their path. However, in our society today, because it is so corrupt and morally bankrupt, it has now become almost the norm and it's being pushed upon us by very arrogant souls who are rebellious, who have turned away from God. Many of these same people are anti-God and they are atheists—not all of them—and they are anti-religious in that they don't like fundamentalists telling them what to do. And the Divine Director is showing me that about 80 percent of these people are actually rebellious souls who have done this in the past, who have already been taught the laws of harmony and balance and of the Alpha and Omega polarities and they are still choosing this because they haven't resolved the inner conflicts in their psychology of balancing the Alpha and the Omega, the masculine and feminine within themselves.

Now, there are many who are beautiful, beautiful lightbearers who have been caught in this web because of what our society has now accepted, and they are the ones who can be freed more easily from the deception that has occurred. Three generations ago it was completely taboo to involve yourself in this behavior. Many of the people around the world doing it are those reincarnated from Sodom and Gomorrah. And that entire area was destroyed by God because of the illicit sexual behavior of the people. We have to go back to what's in the Bible on this because it brings a point of reference to us that is so important to understand.

We're not Bible thumping fundamentalists who are saying that you're going go to hell. We're not that way; we love the soul. People can make amends, yet their choices have to be to move upward into the light. And without this understanding, they are not making the progress they could make. Maybe in other areas of their lives they do, in creative endeavors, yet when you engage in a physical act of this sort, it is antithetical to creation.

What I heard the Master say through me more than once is that it actually sets up an anti-creation spiral wherever these unnatural acts are performed. And since it is anti-creation, it is anti-God. It is an anti-God act. It is an act of defiance to the Creator and what the Creator set in motion as to the means for procreation, which is a type of co-creation, so that humanity can continue. And many of these people unfortunately become very militaristic, very demanding. They are completely arrogant—and I'm talking about the ones that are out there demanding their rights. These are rebellious souls as a whole.

The Divine Director is not mincing words here; these are very rebellious souls. They may have all kinds of talents and creative gifts, yet at some level of their subconscious and in their psyche, they have rebelled against the way the Creator has set life in motion in the cosmos.

So yes, we love them. Someone very close to me is in the movie industry and very supportive of gays. This person interacts with a lot of them all the time. They're in the dance industry and the motion picture industry primarily. They're in ballet, which is dance, of course. They seem to gravitate to these arts. Why? Because as men, they are trying to resolve the feminine creative part of themselves through what they do in their givingness, and they are often amazing in their ability to bring forth these creative gifts.

Yet there is something that is not aligned properly inside and therefore there is not the correct type of attraction to the opposite sex, whereby they can have a true relationship that results in children in order to continue the race and the evolution of mankind. You cannot do that through that act, and the only way you can have children is to adopt or by some other artificial means.

So we love the soul of these people; we love who they are. Yet if I compromise in giving this teaching and say, “Well, I'm not going to share it, masters,” I will be held accountable for not sharing it. And so I've had to share it. I would rather not broach the subject, because I don't desire to be controversial. And I don't bring it up a lot unless the masters bring it up, or you bring it up, as you did today. It's a very hard subject to deal with, just as race relations can be very difficult in certain areas.

When I was growing up in Hinsdale, an entirely white community, two black families moved in. I played basketball with both of the boys from those families. And I quit the team because my coach was prejudiced and used the N-word and said we were going to go out and beat this team from East Proviso because they are a bunch of Ns. And I did not like that.

So, no, we don't bring up things that will divide us and incite further violence and animosity. Yet the truth is the truth, and as a messenger and as an advocate for truth, I cannot not speak the truth, no matter how difficult or politically incorrect it may be. I can assure you that in generations in the future, lightbearers will look back at this time and see it as an anomaly. And they will see that there were thousands and thousands of individuals on Earth embodying at the same time in order to resolve the inner turmoil of their souls and their psyches in terms of how they had not resolved their relationship with either a father or a mother in a past life, but now they had come to a place where they had to come to terms with who they are.

Now, do I believe it's genetic? Absolutely not. Everyone has a choice. If we demean people by saying, “You have no choice; you were born this way,” we're basically saying they're godless, because they don't have free will. Everyone has free will; everyone chooses every act that they engage in. Now, are there propensities? Yes, even from past lives in which people have done this before and so they have a propensity for it and so they reengage in it. Yet we all have choice. Everything is a choice. Every thought, every feeling, every action, every word is a choice. And to say that it's genetic is bogus and it is error, the Divine Director says.

We take on certain patterns through our parents, yet even these patterns are our own patterns because we chose our parents spiritually. And we know this through the law of reincarnation. We prepare our lifetime and we're given choices and opportunities. And I'm seeing from the perspective of the Karmic Board that each and every individual who has had this propensity was given an opportunity to come back into embodiment to make the right choices, to choose a higher walk with God. And if they chose the highest walk with God, it would involve resolving the inner turmoil of this situation and putting aside their lower-nature feelings and aggressions—and the Master is using that exact term, aggressions—and their nonresolution.

Homosexuality springs out of the lower nature, the animal nature of man and woman. And that's the way it is. It does not spring from the divine nature. Homosexuality is not the way God created the universe, even if some claim that there are some species that do engage in it, little insects here or there or whatever. That is not the norm, the standard. It is not what God set in motion. Any anomalies that exist that way were perversions that manifested through man's consciousness and then extended into nature, typically.

So I understand your love for this gentleman who's no longer coming. I think I may have provided a soul-raising session for him, and he's a lovely person. But we are all lovely people and we all have our initiations. We all have the things that we must resolve, and the opportunity is presented to us to pass our tests and to earn our ascension. I did hundreds and hundreds of Communicant interviews when I was in The Summit, and the masters said through Elizabeth Clare Prophet that you cannot make your ascension if you engage in homosexuality, oral sex, anal sex, bestiality and other of these perversions.

So it's a hard truth for many, because the culture of today now accepts many of these. Masturbation is now okay. It's not okay; it's not the high road to God. And yet now it's accepted as kind of a norm. And we see all the perversions manifesting through what the priests have done who are homosexual or who have had relations with young boys or women that are outside of the priesthood and what's going on in Hollywood and everywhere through child sex abuse.

If you'd like to know the truth, the Divine Director says that all this perversion springs from the same source. Whether it's pedophilia, homosexuality, abuse of women or children by adults—sexually or otherwise—all of it comes from the same astral pool, which is satanic in origin. And it's being foisted upon us, first subtly and now in our face in a culture that has gone mad and that is anti-God.

Now, this may sound very fundamentalist to you and to some of us. I can assure you it is based on a fundamental truth of the way the universe is created and how we're created. And I'm sorry if it offends anyone, and yet I cannot not speak the truth. If I were not as vociferous on the subject in response to what you're saying, I could lose my mantle, because part of the mantle of messenger or prophet is that he or she will speak exactly as God dictates. And if we try to couch it or clothe it in more lovey-dovey terms without it being the truth, then we'll be called to task for that.

So it's a difficult subject. It's not one that I like to bring up, believe me, because it is so polarizing. And yet I have to speak the truth. It's the way it is. So __________, I love you. I understand your concern and your love for all of these people because of all the time you spend in interacting with many of them, who are outwardly very beautiful. Yet we can all have our little demons, all of us. And we have to get to the core of those little demons, which are actually big things when we are on a spiritual path.

Now, for this person who didn't accept this teaching and is no longer coming, I can assure you that at the close of this lifetime he's going to see that this was the exact opportunity for him to resolve this situation when it was brought to his outer waking consciousness by an anointed messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, and he will have to come back and deal with it. And his soul is in turmoil, even though he may not know it outwardly.

I don't know any other words that I can comfort you with, __________, in understanding this, but it's something that is such an important truth and a foundational moral principle that if I compromise, or we compromise, we compromise the whole law. So where do we put off in following the law of our inner being? Many of us compromise on little things all the time, and there comes a point on the path when you can no longer compromise those things. And this is one of them for many people, and they will have to come to terms with that because their compromise then means that they will not qualify for the next step on the path, at a certain point of the path. So you brought it up—that's the teaching.

Response:  Thank you so much. I really needed to hear this, and I'm so grateful to you for what you just shared with us. Thank you, David.

David:  Yeah, and I'm grateful to you. I love you. You are so giving, and I feel for you. There was a gentleman who was in The Hearts Center early on and he told me he was in a relationship with a man but that they don't have sex. They live together but they don't have sex. I thought, well, that's pretty cool. They love each other as friends and they live in the same house to share resources, but they don't actually engage in the act. And he told me that Mother, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, told him he had been a womanizer in a past life. So he had been a character that had had woman after woman after woman. So maybe what God set in motion for his soul in this life was to say, “You are not going to be doing that this time. You've got to resolve your own masculine issue or your issue with the feminine, and you are going to have this propensity, but this is the way it is for you.” So he's chosen the high road of not actually doing the physical act that would put him in deeper jeopardy.

That's a very unique situation. There may be other people like them. And I love this person. He's awesome, very giving, very creative. So that's kind of a unique thing. I don't think it's common that that happens. I think most of them engage in the act, which is antithetical to the Divine. Yet there are exceptions to everything.

Response:  Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of that with us.

David:  I think Mother told him he was a Casanova in a past life. Whether he was the Casanova or a Casanova is kind of the same thing. So did heaven work that out for him? Yes, I think it did. He has this propensity, but it's based on past actions. And for him it may be better that he's in this type of situation than to be a really handsome rich guy that abuses women all the time.

So you're welcome, and I guess our time is about up.

1. Matthew 26:11; Mark 14:7.

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