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The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director, Ascended Master R, Master R, Ganesha

The Great Divine Director

The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being on the blue ray, or first ray, of power, protection and the will of God. He is the Guru of Jesus Christ and Saint Germain and is available to guide us, as his name attests, in walking in the highest will of God. 

The Great Divine Director is one of his many titles. He is also known as “The Initiator of Cycles,” holding the office of Solar Hierarch of Capricorn. Focusing the ray of God-power on the twelve o’clock line of cosmic cycles, he is the one to ask for help when starting a new venture or course of action. He is a master planner with the discipline necessary to create the structures that compose our cosmos—even at molecular levels. The Great Divine Director focuses within his causal body the formula of the ascension for the children of God evolving in this universe. What a magnificent master of creation and guidance!

One of the Great Divine Director’s commissions from Alpha and Omega, our Father/Mother God, is to interpret for initiates the meaning and the purpose of the flame of the Holy Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Guru of our El Morya and Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director is the founder of the House of Rakoczy, and so has often been referred to as the Master “R” in esoteric writings. The Great Divine Director, known to the Hindus as the god Ganesha, is the Lord of Success and destroyer of all obstacles. He is also known as the god of education, knowledge and wealth. The elephant head represents wisdom, and his trunk represents the sound of cosmic reality and oneness—the sacred OM.

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Messages from the Divine Director

Great Divine Director      May 02, 2009

Beloved Great Divine Director
David C. Lewis
May 2, 2009  8:12–8:30 pm local time
Johannesburg, South Africa
2009 South Africa Pilgrimage

Each and Every One of You Must Take Greater Responsibility for This Earth

Beloved Hearts of Fire,
            It is truly a new age of responsibility for each and every one of you as God-realized beings to take that accountability for the Earth herself. I have taken that responsibility for an age and for a root race. Is it too much to ask each and every one of you to take that responsibility not only for yourself and for your family but for your nation?
           If you would rise with me in a new, conscious divine plan to bring greater understanding of the teachings of the ascended masters to many more souls, then I suggest that you consider expanding the domain of your responsibility spiritually beyond the current bonds of your thinking, your thought process, even your heart emanation into a greater field of cosmic activity.
           The sense of co-measurement that you have with the Master Morya El, whereby your field of vision and your sense of mission [expands] beyond the norm of most of mankind, brings you to that field of divine awareness whereby you see the great God-possibilities for cosmic achievement. And then you set firmly your feet upon the pathway of light to affirm first that you are God in action and that come what may you will remain trued to that course, [which] when collectively melded with the mission of many other heartfriends and conscious spiritual servitors of fire will bring greater benefit in terms of spiritual uplift to the masses of humanity—thereby bringing about the possibility for a great golden-crystal age to materialize upon Earth.
            Some must be the wayshowers; some must be the avant-garde, the divine scouts who go before the masses to clear the way of brush through the jungle, the vines. And then, as a David Livingstone or others, the way may be cleared for the full pathway whereby thousands and eventually millions will know with surefootedness that path home to the heart of God.
           We send our spiritual shock troops with the Master Morya and Archangel Michael and the legions of blue flame to clear that way. And so this small contingency of light has done so admirably, we of both the African and Darjeeling Councils say this night! And we smile upon those newfound heartfriends, yet souls of old, who now lend their momentum of love and light unto this holy cause with you.
            Blessed ones, it is an honor, is it not, to serve the Lord God through conscious will, the willingness to fulfill the divine will in all things, to sublimate the lower self unto a greater cause and mission. This is what maintains the thread of contact between all ascended masters with the universal Spirit of the Brotherhood of Light. And this is what will move and meld many more hearts to feel as you do this night the divine impressing of the Spirit through your chakras, through your very being, whereby you are changed, even in an instant, into the God-men and -women that you truly are already, if you would accept it.
            As you feel the divine currents of the Spirit flowing through your aura, charging and recharging the atoms of being, many angel presences and divine spirits are counting on you, dear hearts, to fulfill the divine mandate of Alpha and Omega to bring greater God presence to the Earth and to fulfill the reason for being of Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 whereby this Earth will be saved, its evolutions raised and freed and a new solar dawning occur, whereby our collective vision may manifest, truly that Earth will be freedom's star.
            I hold before you a representation of the Earth painted upon an ostrich egg.¹ Truly it is indicative of the possibility in artistic representation of one world lived in beauty by all of the evolutions of Earth. Consider with me this night my vision that every man, woman and child upon this Earth, as it turns in the heavens and circumscribes its course around the great sun of Helios and Vesta, can and will live as holy brothers and sisters—of one spirit, of one mind, of one heart—truly ennobled in the highest sense, humble in demeanor and heart to accept every other being as a part of the one God.
            This vision, if held true by you daily in your meditations, prayers, songs and accelerated decrees, can be a reality sooner than you know. For as greater and greater numbers of souls begin to participate and partake of this sacred adventure, there will be a swelling of the ranks, an increase in the momentum; and victory will be seeable and doable even in your lifetime. It takes some whose vision is piercing in its ray of intent and godly desire, as divine leaders of the armies of heaven in form within mankind, to bring about the divine mandate. And though not all of you may resonate fully with the blue ray in this sense—to be those who go before mankind speaking the words of truth in this way—yet for those who have stood to deliver the teachings week after week, month after month and year after year, even unto small bands of lightbearers, the sacred fire does wrap you in its currents; divine gnosis, cosmic understanding, is shared and you are fulfilled, even within the teaching that you are presenting, as the Spirit most holy descends upon you and delivers that which can change one and all by the power of the divine currents.
            Blessed hearts, each and every one of you must in some way, I urge, take greater responsibility for this Earth that I hold before you this night. Every ascended master, in the highest sense, through love of the Mother, has wed his soul and Spirit to the divine sphere upon which he has evolved and continues to serve at higher levels of life. For you see, when you take this level of accountability, all of the cosmos comes to your aid. It is a cosmic law. Therefore, no greater love hath this, that a man or woman lay down his own life for the greater life of all—the divine community, the sacred sangha, the very Earth herself.²
            My beloved son and disciple Saint Germain has spoken most magnificently unto you. Consider how you can know that same level of love for all of humanity that he holds within his heart. For thereby you honor not only his gift to humanity of the violet flame but you honor your own Solar Presence, your own Godparents and beloved Alpha and Omega in the process.
           This world is yours, blessed ones—not only yours to tread upon or to receive of its fruits but to merge with in a new spiritual sense of ownership, of divine stewardship, of accountability whereby the very thoughts of God become your thoughts, the very love of God flows through your heart, the very Spirit of God is enshrined fully within your being, and all will be fulfilled in the eternal cycles of light because you know who you are, truly God.
            Though you have called me the Great Divine Director, I direct your gaze inward and upward, where the true source of all wholeness and divine beingness resides. Yes, this is your domain. Stretch forth your arms and your wings of fire and know your God Presence fully! For therein you will enter a new sphere of cosmic responsibility, and there you will always find me. I thank you.

1.  The messenger held a hollow ostrich egg upon which was imprinted the image of the Earth.
John 15:13: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

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