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About Ascended Master Saint Germain

The Ascended Master Saint Germain—Alchemist of the Soul

Ascended Master of Divine Alchemy

The soul of Saint Germain has played brilliant roles upon the stage of life for hundreds of thousands of years. Today Saint Germain is the avatar of the dawning Age of Aquarius. His forté is the recycling of all that binds and hinders the full expression of the soul into liberating light—an alchemy that anyone can learn. It is the alchemy of forgiveness. He is the Lord or the Seventh Ray, the violet ray that emanates freedom, alchemy, transmutation, justice and mercy.

Saint Germain has experienced a number of notable embodiments and a long history of striving in the service of man and God. Some of  these lifetimes included famous historical figures such as the prophet Samuel, Saint Joseph, Christopher Columbus, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, and Count Saint -Germain, who was known as the "Wonderman of Europe." Each lifetime built on Saint Germain’s mastery and preparation for his current role as the hierarch of the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius.1

The Prophet Samuel: Crowning the Biblical Kings

Samuel’s mother Hannah was the second wife of Elkanah. For many years, Hannah had no children. One year when Hannah and Elkanah went to the temple to make sacrifices and pray, Hannah begged God to allow her to have a child. To be barren in those days was a source of shame for women and was considered an indication that one was not favored by God.

A priest named Eli saw Hannah praying and realized her predicament . He blessed her and assured her that God had heard her prayers. A year later she gave birth to Samuel. And, as she had promised, brought Samuel to Eli as a young child to serve with him in the temple.

The prophet Eli’s time of transition grew near. So God spoke to young Samuel, calling upon him to be the next prophet of Israel. And Samuel accepted this holy work, travelling throughout Israel, urging the various tribes to work together and to cease worshiping idols.

It came about that the tribes desired a king to rule over them. Samuel was urged by them to appoint the one who would be their leader. God had already told Samuel that the results of the tribes desiring a king would be regretted, for their king would take their lands and goods and lead them into wars. They would know only oppression.

Upon hearing this message, the people turned a deaf ear to the prophet's warnings. Their choice was a man named Saul. Unfortunately, Saul lived up to God’s warning and there was much suffering in the land. In response, Samuel secretly anointed David as the true king of Israel. A conflict between Saul and David dominated the remainder of Samuel’s life. Samuel's anointing of David began the Biblical monarchy that formed the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Saint Joseph, Protector of the Christ

In addition to what is commonly known about Saint Joseph from New Testament accounts, information in apocryphal writings and more recent revelations fill in some details. For instance, Joseph and Mary not only bore the Savior Jesus but six other children, both male and female. In contrast to traditional portrayals, Joseph was not merely a carpenter but an artisan in stoneworking and an adept in the spirtual arts. the family lived within a devout community, the Essenes, whose beliefs included  the oneness of all life, that God dwelt within each soul and in his creation, and that striving and purity of motive were the way to God's heart.

Joseph, like Mary and Jesus, communed with the angels. It was Joseph’s faith in his own prophetic dreams that proved to be  key to his role as guardian of this most holy family. From the outset of the coming together of Mary and Joseph, angels had intervened. It was an angel that appeared to Joseph in a dream to reassure him that he should marry Mary although she was many years younger than he. After the birth of Jesus, an angel appeared to warn Joseph that Herod sought the life of the newborn. The family escaped  to safety--the town of Galilee, where Jesus grew to adulthood and gloried in his life's mission.  Joseph made his transition before Jesus entered into the fullness of his teaching and healing ministry. But Joseph had fulfilled his inner vow to protect Mary and to nurture and instruct the Christ in Jesus.

Roger Bacon, Scholar and Scientist

Roger Bacon was born in Somerset, England in 1214. Bacon pursued a life as a scholar and was engaged in academic and theological studies for decades. He became a professor at Oxford, specializing in philosophy. Eventually he became a friar in the Franciscan Order, but this prevented him from holding a teaching post. His activities were further restricted by a Franciscan statute in 1260 forbidding friars from publishing books or pamphlets without specific approval.

Bacon’s friendship with Cardinal Guy le Gros de Foulques, who became Pope Clement IV, proved to be highly fortuitous. The new Pope issued a mandate ordering Bacon to write to him concerning the place of philosophy within theology. As a result, Bacon sent the Pope his Opus Majus, which presented his views on the way philosophy and science could be incorporated into theology. Roger Bacon also wrote other works on alchemy and astrology.

During his prolific lifetime,  Bacon performed many scientific experiments and documented his work for posterity. These experiments are viewed as the first instances of true experimental science, several hundred years before the official rise of science in the West. 

Christopher Columbus, Discoverer of the New World

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy. At the age of twenty-two, he began an apprenticeship as business agent for three important families— the Centurione, Di Negro and Spinola families of Genoa. The countries of Europe had been trading with China and India over land, but with the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, this route became treacherous. In response to this, Christopher Columbus with his brother Bartolomeo developed a plan to travel to the Indies by sailing directly west across the Atlantic.

After continually lobbying at the Spanish court for two years, Columbus finally made headway with Queen Isabella of Castille in 1492. Columbus departed from Palos de la Frontera with three ships—the Santa María, the Pinta and the Niña. Columbus' vision that there was a westward route over the Atlantic Ocean to the Indies, if realized, would allow Spain, in dire need of funds, to enter the profitable spice trade. In hindsight we realize that Columbus' discovery set the stage for the building of a new nation, founded on the principles of equality and religious freedom.

Francis Bacon—To Discover Truth, Serve My Country and Serve My Church

Francis Bacon was born on January 22, 1561. Biographers believe that Bacon was educated at home in his early years because of his ill health.  At  twelve he entered Trinity College, Cambridge, and lived there for three years with his older brother Anthony. Francis Bacon studied mostly Latin and the medieval curriculum common at the time.

For the next three years, Francis traveled extensively, visiting Blois, Poitiers, Tours, Italy, and Spain. His three goals were to discover truth, to serve his country, and to serve his church. Under the reign of James I, Francis Bacon translated the King James version of the Bible. An increasing number of scholars also believe that he was secretly working with a group of some of England’s best poets and writers, creating the plays now credited to William Shakespeare. Perhaps the most accepted and celebrated of Bacon’s own literary works is The New Atlantis.

Francis Bacon’s works popularized the inductive method of scientific inquiry. His demand for a planned procedure of investigation established the approach to scientific research still in use today. Knighted in 1603, he was given the title of Baron in 1618 and Viscount in 1621. He is recognized as one of England’s greatest philosophers, statesmen, scientists and authors.

The Wonderman of Europe

After he had already made his ascension, Saint Germain received an unusual dispensation. The Lords of Karma allowed him to return to Earth. As the Count Saint-Germain of the House of Rakoczy, he attempted to prevent the French Revolution and to form a United States of Europe. In befriending European royalty, he hoped to guide them into positive alliances, creating a United States of Europe. But his guidance and warnings failed.

He left no stone unturned to capture the attention of those in power—removing flaws from their diamonds, creating verse and writing it with both hands at the same time, entertaining them with his vast musical talent, wit and humor and his ability to speak with expertise on any subject. They enjoyed the show, but they dismissed his prophetic words. Count Saint-Germain's presence at court throughout this lengthy period—over one hundred years—is recorded in the diaries and correspondences of several monarchs and several members of their courts. 

Messages from Saint Germain

Saint Germain      March 10, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Darshan (overshined by Saint Germain and Jesus)
March 10, 2016   8:00 ̶ 9:30 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

Darshan with Saint Germain and Jesus

Good evening, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being with us tonight. It's eight o'clock here in Livingston, Montana, and seven o'clock in California. We have contacted those who recently contacted us at our booth at the Los Angeles Conscious Living Expo just a few weeks ago, and we would love to hear from you, any questions that you may have for the Master Saint Germain.

We call this a darshan, where the Master's presence is over me and over you. I would be happy to field any questions now that you may have. And hopefully some of you have already sent them in, and if not, you can text them and then I will respond. We already have one question ready to go.

Boyd:  This is from __________. “What can I do for the people around me, most of whom show no real interest in spiritual things? Does karmic law allow me to make any intervention in their lives; for example, removing entities from their auras?

David:  Great question. Thank you. Your shining example of a spirit of grace, of beingness and of compassion already influences those around you with the conscious presence of your Higher Self. The divine light that you have shared through your auric emanations and the spiritual life that you have led, both in this and in past lifetimes in which you have sought God, the Divine, have been a means by which—through devotion, a path of introspection and inner dynamism—souls could be raised, enlivened, set free, delivered from their own human momentums and past karmic entanglements.

Your understanding of the wisdom teachings of East and West and your inner gnosis already dance and play upon the ethers as your quintessence shines forth and blesses every person in your environment and community with whom you have interactions, with whom you enjoy some sort of collaboration. Those in your immediate environment are the most blessed, and those in a widening circle also receive the ministrations of your Higher Self, so long as you remain true to your divine path and sustain a disciplined life of divine love, and so long as you consecrate and dedicate who you are to the holy purpose of this mission of enlightenment, joy and eternality.

Sometimes our silently shining forth our example is actually a greater inoculation of those souls against evil and darkness than if we were to speak words that they may not understand or fully intuit when, in a sense, we confront their darkness. We, of course, do have to have permission from people to directly intercede in their lives. And yet we can seek that permission from their Higher Self, silently, when we notice things—entity attachments, as you mentioned. And therefore that light that we bear and that we invoke, both outwardly and inwardly, orally and silently, can do its perfect work with divine intelligence and go forth to disentangle that one from inharmony and negative effects.

The entities that play upon people also have free will. And you can speak directly unto those binding forces of darkness and command them to the light without the outer personality's permission, because those beings are beings. They were originally of the light and chose in some way to entrap themselves in darkness, and therefore they have to seek someone of light or with light to draw energy from. When Jesus commanded demons, discarnates and entities to come out of people, he spoke directly to those negative forces, challenging them to go to the light to resolve their issues and to come up higher. And the more mastery you have in this dynamic, the greater the effect will be on behalf of the souls whom you feel compassion toward and loving-kindness for.

When you are at your best spiritually, are fully integrated and have the light flowing through you and your chakras, that light is an affront and a danger to the darkness itself. And so that darkness may actually try to seek you out and attack you. So you have to have the armaments of the Spirit in your repertoire, in your spiritual tool kit to deal with those energies. Of course, the calls to Astrea and Purity, the calls to Archangel Michael and his legions, the calls to great hosts of light—Melchizedek, the Lord of the World and other great beings, including the Elohim—are essential in addressing the exigencies of this situation and in dealing swiftly and surely with cosmic effect so that the soul may be free.

Now, some people desire their entities because they have gotten accustomed and used to them through habit patterns. So you have to be careful that you do have their permission in certain situations, even on the outer, because if you were to do that work and clear those forces, those people—not understanding the dynamics of what is occurring—could go right back to their habit patterns. This is why Jesus said, “Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.1

Teaching a man or a woman to fish so that that one can take care of himself/herself is similar to helping someone understand the spiritual path to help themselves. It may be just as important as temporarily relieving their duress and their issues with the lightning of the mind of God and a charge of divinity from Archangel Michael and his hosts. So it takes attunement. It takes discernment of the Holy Spirit to know when to act, how to act and for whom to act. When you have the Holy Spirit and you invoke it for that discernment, discrimination and attunement, you will know in every instance what is spiritually legal, when it is opportune for you to assist that lifestream and also to help clear dark forces, impinging energy fields and negative traits that are carried down through generations through the DNA.

There is a lot that you can do spiritually through inner alchemy to allow souls to gradually access more understanding, more light and more wisdom. Planting just one or two simple alchemical seeds within their consciousness as engrams of light—outwardly, if possible, and also inwardly—will allow for those opportune moments to come to their souls, in time, whereby they can make right choices and ultimately be self-delivered of destructive and negative forces.

When people are invested in their own self-elevation, or salvation, they will be more victorious than if someone else does it for them, and that's true of all of us. When we seek to be educated, to be knowledgeable about the facts and figures, what is occurring in our world and about higher truth, that search, that inner impulse, that desire moves us into the field of beingness whereby eternal truth, divine wisdom can emerge magically, mysteriously and miraculously. And in the alchemy of that dynamic, in which the wisdom is there for the enlightenment to occur in moments of cosmic connectiveness, the soul is free, unencumbered and liberated from binding forces, negative habits, traits and patterns of all kinds.

So again, whenever there is a question of whether to act or not, whether to speak up or not, you can simply utter under your breath a sacred call to the Holy Spirit, to Shiva, to any ascended master, because they all have the Holy Spirit. If you wait and then feel the answer within your heart, within your soul, you will know exactly what is optimal, spiritually legal and opportune. Thank you, __________, for this wonderful question.

Okay, do we have any others?

Boyd:  Yes. This is from __________. “I have been hearing a lot on alternative media, ‘Coast to Coast AM' and others, about Planet X, or the Twelfth Planet, incoming, which would correspond to the three days of darkness, as written about by Padre Pio, and would cause the pole shift that Edgar Cayce talked about and that was written about in Revelation, chapter 12, with mass earthquakes and the destruction of most living on the Earth. Next year is also the hundredth anniversary of the Fatima prophecies. Is it coming in, or are there calls that can be made about it or other preparations? Or is it inevitable?”

David:  We have been hearing about Planet X, Nibiru, for quite some time, many of us for decades. We know that there is a sun that is a twin of our sun, because most stars in the heavens and in the universe are dipolar or are, in effect, twin-flame suns or stars. So it is very possible that there are planets associated with the twin star of our star, that orbit that star, and that when that star comes closer to ours in this orbit, there can be great gravitational and other solar and interplanetary influences at play. And, of course, those who have studied this issue feel that there is a plot or a strategy to keep this information from mankind because of control factors and that we may all be influenced by this great planet, which is very large and has a lot of magnetic energy and will have an influence on all of the planets in our system.

I believe (this is David now, and Saint Germain will answer it more fully) that there is a lot of fear around this subject—a lot of fear of the future, fear of cataclysm, fear of what if, what the effects will be, whether it will it happen in one's lifetime. These are the same types of fear we've been hearing about in terms of cataclysms of all kinds—polar shifts, influences of comets and possibly even an object hitting the Earth—which have all brought many people to this intense sense of potential calamity. In God, there is no fear. And now Saint Germain will address this.

In God, there is no fear whatsoever. God created the universe, the galaxies and solar systems through the Elohim and put into motion certain cosmic laws within the very structure of the universe—the dynamics of the movements of the heavenly bodies—to manifest the ideal of harmony, balance, cosmic collaboration. It is not God's way that these bodies, when there are evolutions upon them, will smack into each other and cause the destruction of everything. However, man and other evolutions who choose the left-handed path or who choose darkness actually draw, through their negativity, an outer manifestation of that darkness unto themselves, and this may result in cataclysmic forces coming.

The answer to the question of whether Planet X, Nibiru, will actually come during our lifetime and influence the planet and cause cataclysm is ultimately up to us. Now, that may seem almost impossible—how can I, we, influence these heavenly bodies? I can assure you that you are a very powerful spiritual being. All of us are. Our consciousness influences the stars and the planets just as they influence the tides and influence our emotional bodies. We are solar beings in our essence, in our Divine Selfhood. And you, one with God, have infinite potential and power to direct streams of light and energy anywhere within the cosmos to influence what you so desire with love, so long as that energy is borne of a pure stream of holy intention, of right motive.

We do influence the planet by our consciousness through what's been called the butterfly effect. Unless anyone thinks that what we do in private does not influence every lifestream upon Earth, think again, because your consciousness, your emanations, your energy field is there right where you are. And those emanations actually impinge upon or bless other life-forms and even other planets and star systems.

If you accept this reality that you, as a conscious being, as a Buddha being, as a son or daughter of God, can actually influence things, then how about trying, through alchemy, to so influence Planet X, all the planets, all the stars, all the suns in the universe with your love, divine affection and glory and feel the return current, the echoing back from those stars, planets and beings, of their message when you send them love. Love is the greatest power in the universe. Love conquers all and love can correct the course of a heavenly body so that it does not impinge upon our planet and destroy it.

The consciousness of Sanat Kumara, Gautama Buddha or any ascended being is so great and the power that they wield is so amazing that they can address these planets, these comets and even entire systems of worlds. And when they address them through the Word, the Logos, the power of that Word influences them.

You mentioned Fatima and the hundredth anniversary. Remember what happened at Fatima: seventy thousand people witnessed the miracle of the spinning sun and there was rain and everyone was drenched in that cold, dank rain. And then suddenly the sun seemed to spin in the heavens and descend, and then everyone was dried. It was a miracle and they all saw it.

Prayer to the Virgin, our Mother Mary, through the holy rosary provided the opportunity for that miracle to occur, whereby the known physical laws of nature were abrogated, whereby this amazing alchemical feat was performed at the behest of the Blessed Mother. So if Mother Mary can influence heavenly bodies and cause this dynamic to occur upon Earth in Portugal, think of what we collectively upon the Earth can do when we pool the resources of our hearts' fire, our wisdom, our love and pray, meditate, give glory to God and ask for and accept the reality of the shift in awareness that will make Earth safe from any body that could be detrimental to our evolution, to life upon Earth.

We have the God-power to do this when we surrender our human and accept the Divine fully manifesting within our being. We cannot do it humanly. It is not a mental construct or a mental action; it is a spiritual action. It is born of God, through God. You may have read many books about miracles, what has happened during near-death experiences when people died and came back. All of these are, in a sense, miracles. Regular science, lower science, does not know why they happen, how they happen, and they try to deny that they happen. Yet spiritually minded and hearted people know that miracles do occur. If you are one who accepts and believes in miracles, you will know that there are higher laws that we tap into when we access the divine light through love, through prayer, through divine acceptance and collaboration, and through surrender. And these higher laws act through grace in the lives of initiates and those whom God blesses through those miracles.

Expect miracles; call them forth. Call to the miracle angels to deliver you and everyone that you know from imperil of any kind, and accept that every moment of your daily life is more important than the fear of the future. What you do right here, right now, every moment—every morning, noon and evening—has much more influence upon your spirit and your soul than the fear that many people are creating through these constructs that you find on the Internet. And many of them are originating from quasi science and quasi spirituality. They do not originate from God. Fear never comes from God. Therefore put aside and beneath your feet fear and fear of what could come, and enter, through love and an overcoming spirit, into a new presence of divine joy, harmony, peace and the co-creative life that you are destined to live completely outside of fear.

When we accept fear into our world, what happens? We become stultified. We become, through duress and through even a type of derangement, limited in our ability to access light, virtues and graces. We feel a constricting energy impinging upon us and making us more brittle and apt to accept all kinds of ideas floating in the atmosphere that really do not serve us. It would be better for many spiritual aspirants to get off the Internet completely for a week. Don't look at the news. And if you try it for a week, try it for a month, and then try it for six months, and then try it for a year. Feel the shift in your being when you are connected to God from within your heart and you don't give credence to so many things outside of yourself that you are empowering by your focused attention and consciousness.

Try empowering God within your heart to perfume love to the cosmos, to bestow upon every sentient being love, light, joy, divine radiance. And if you enter into this alchemy whereby you can truly disengage from unreality, a new reality will be born in your life. You will feel more fulfilled, have less burdens upon your mental and emotional bodies and be less erratic in the way that your aura emanates from your heart chakra, from your crown, your third eye, your throat, et cetera. And you will be healed of so many things, because when our emanations are flowing from a point of centeredness and oneness in God, there is a beautiful stream of action that occurs, that provides the resources for our pure and complete healing.

This is why many mystics go into nature. They go into seclusion and they have retreats, such as we are having in Hawaii next week. We can retreat from all cares, concerns, burdens and situations that drag us down. And we can engage with heaven and the higher spiritual forces and divine powers to refresh ourselves in light, to allow the rebirth of our spirit in divine joy, and to feel interaction with our true Self in such a powerful, momentous, alchemical new wave pattern of living that we literally become new creatures. We are ensconced in the radiant field of pure joy, pure Buddhahood, pure grace. So thank you, __________.

Boyd:  This one is from __________. “How can I be of service, a clear and perfect channel to more deeply bridge the collective consciousness between each dimension to each individual's own unique discovery, growth and unfolding self-love and empowerment, respecting their personal initiation and integration and agenda without causing harm or creating karma for them or myself? And how do I protect myself from taking on other people's karma or pain? How do I discharge that unwanted energy or close the portals in my being that allow this energy to move through me?

David:  Thank you. Your question itself bespeaks your inner wisdom and your understanding of all the dynamics of cosmic law, of the aura, of the path. The Master Saint Germain says that you know the answer because you are already, through your understanding, your wisdom and the truth that you've incorporated in your life, doing this work.

I believe that the answer to the first question also answers much of your question. However, to elucidate a little bit more, Saint Germain is showing me your spirit and the dynamics of your life and how you influence people, and how you can influence them in an even greater way through your desire to be a better servitor. He's showing me that by utilizing all of the seven rainbow rays, through a rainbow stream of awareness, together with the higher frequencies of the five crystal rays, which are moving and morphing and ever changing, you can use all of the twelve rays. And by invoking these twelve rays throughout your day—especially early in the morning in your meditation and in nature, and then right before you retire at night— and allowing these rays to perform alchemy through their own innate divine intelligence, you will rise in awareness and be shown how to utilize them in any given situation, at any time in your life.

All of these twelve rays are living realities. They are not just something we conceive of or try to visualize or feel. All of us can understand that the seven rays are gifts of God. They are divine frequencies that, when understood, utilized, talked to, accepted and allowed to act in our worlds, bring their cosmic energy, their joy, their enlivening spirit into action exactly as required, because each one is intelligent. Every ray that we utilize in our spiritual work, through prayer, invocation, mantra, tantra, sacred dance and movement, gardening, service and activity of any kind that is spiritually motivated, allows these rays to act in our world through our consciousness.

So if you manifest the rainbow awareness, what does this do for you? It makes you completely whole. It enriches every avenue of your life. It allows that rainbow awareness of hope, which rainbows symbolize; and of joy, which they obviously are, because whenever you see a rainbow you're instantly happy. It allows all of these to play upon your soul, your spirit and within the lives of those whom you care for and desire to help, influence or assist.

We can become rainbow beings. How? By being centered in the prism of our true Christic and Buddhic essence and allowing God's light to shine through us universally and expressively in all situations, because when we are that clear prism, then there is nothing that clouds that light or darkens it in our world. We are simply there as a crystal-clear prism through which light can shine forth and do its perfect work of blessing, healing, amplifying the good, accelerating the light, giving birth to new creative energies and works of the Spirit.

Our goal in this incarnation—all of us—as we move toward the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius is to be those prisms, to be those crystals 24/7 and to allow the light to fully utilize us as instruments. And the purer we are in consciousness through our spiritual work—including fasting, prayer, meditation, pranic breathing, being in nature, gardening, loving, serving, being a helping individual towards life—the more our prism will shine, will glow. There comes a point on the path when that prism actually expands and the crystal of your being becomes greater in its effulgence, in its cosmic density of light so that you can amplify more and actually express the light that shines through you in greater glory. You can visualize yourself as a crystal being now in a certain dimension or a certain circumference of being and conceive of and accept that day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year that crystal is growing as you season who you are with God's love and allow that crystal to expand.

You can study how crystals are made in a medium, often with liquid; how an initial crystal is then seeded with certain chemicals and then actually expands and grows; and how cubic zirconias are made in laboratories. If you study this science, you will have keys for how you can be on behalf of God, the Divine One, in expanding Crystal, yourself. See what chemicals are used and what they represent in terms of spiritual energies, virtues that you can incorporate in your life so that your crystal nature expands. Many of us love crystals, we love to wear them on our being; we love to utilize them in healing work. Crystals are now everywhere in our culture, and every crystal has consciousness.

So when you talk to the crystal, or maybe talk to yourself as a crystal being, and allow God to speak through you, love through you and light the world through you, you will intuit in every given situation what is opportune and beautiful and how to do what you do to glorify God. And you will do it creatively, powerfully and dynamically.

So this augments the answer to the first question with this understanding of our crystal nature. In our Hearts Center movement we have a lot of prayers that talk about crystals. The very first prayer is the “Diamond-Crystal Tube of Light.” We used to just call it the “Tube of Light,” and the masters added the words diamond and crystal. Why? Because the crystal amplifies the light and allows our tube of light to become more spherical, not just a tube but actually all around us in multidimensions of being. And this tube of light now is a sphere, kind of a geodesic and cosmic sphere of light around us, which allows us to move, through the Merkabah that we are developing, into multidimensions and planes of being to do our spiritual work.

People have told me that they have felt me helping them at night or have seen me here and there. The same is true with many initiates. They may come up to you and say, “Hey, I saw you in a dream and you were doing this. Thank you.” And then you say, “Really? Okay.” And yet it happens, because we give the authority to our Higher Self to act in these multidimensions of being and other parallel universes. So accept the reality of that, believe it, dream it and allow it to be, and you'll be amazed at what transpires.

Okay, Boyd, any others?

Boyd:  Yeah, I have another question here. It's from someone who's already asked one. Is that okay?

David:  Are there others beside this?

Boyd:  No.

David:  Okay, then go ahead.

Boyd:  This is from __________ also. “Recently David mentioned that judgment calls are no longer needed in this new dispensation and one thing mentioned was that it was reactive energy. I still do them and I have felt Jesus overshadow me while doing them, and I do not feel the way I do them is reactive, but proactive against the forces that must be held in check. So I want to say that I think Jesus still wants us to call forth the judgment, as he said: “For judgment I am come,”2 and he wrote the call himself and it doesn't have an expiration date on it.”

David:  So it's not really a question, just a comment. To each his own or her own. When you do that call in the right spirit it does have a powerful effect. However, I've shared that the reason that we are not focusing on this in our movement is because when you set up a dynamic of dualism, whereby you even observe darkness and you focus on evil, you are engaging with that and, at a certain level of beingness, drawing it to yourself. What we focus on, we become; what we put our energy upon, we draw to us.

The Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov has shared that by being light, by increasing our light, we automatically consume darkness around us. I would rather focus on being the light than on going into places of darkness and, through the lens of my awareness that is less than perfection, trying to judge and utilizing the judgment call to take care of that situation.

I did thousands and thousands of judgment calls in the previous movement. What I found was that I, as well as many other people, would often enter into this dynamic of dualism when we were not completely 100 percent centered. We are moving into the nondual state of the unified field of beingness in the center of the circle, where there is no reactivity. Now, if you can live, move and have your being fully embodying the Christ Spirit, the Buddhic essence, the Divine Mother and you know that there is absolutely no reactivity in your being and then you utter those words that Jesus gave to Elizabeth Clare Prophet to countermand darkness, then praise God. What Jesus and Saint Germain are showing me is that very, very few people have the ability to maintain cosmic equipoise, presence and heart-centeredness and live in that nondual state, being perfectly centered.

When anyone comes from a space of thinking that they know what is best for others, what is perfect or politically most opportune, watch out, because God will test you. God will allow situations to arise that will actually draw out of you ancient records of darkness and things that are acting beneath the surface in your world that you know not of because they are often from either the subconscious, the unconscious or a space that you have not dealt with.

Very few people upon Earth can aver to God that they are nonreactive. There are very few initiates on the path, Buddhic beings who are so centered all of the time that there is not one iota of vibration or emanation coming from them that is dark or of the energy veil. There may be some who feel it is their calling to be at the tip of the sword and that their mission is to move the legions of Astrea or Archangel Michael to actually outpicture the action of that sword. Watch out, however, because if you lower your energy and feel that you are doing any of this rather than that God is doing it, just the coloration of your ego and your aura will allow all manner of energy fields to come unto you and move through you that are not in alignment with your highest calling and evolution.

This is what I saw in the lives of many people who did not truly have the balance in their beings. They utilized this judgment call and set up such an out-of-alignment situation that they actually became consumed by that very darkness that they challenged, to a certain extent. And they lost equilibrium and many of them left the path.

Saint Germain's words to you and to all of us are “Know yourself.” If you can truly say that you know yourself, that you know every aspect of yourself—your lesser self, your Higher Self, the true you, the unreal you—and you can stand before God and aver who you are in your true reality, then praise God.

I think we are all learning and growing to the point where we know who we are and know ourselves. And there are past dispensations and there are new dispensations. Our movement is a more Buddhic movement, whereby in a nondual state of beingness we realize enlightenment. And if we try to do things from a point of saying that we know all the dynamics involved and that we will call forth the judgment upon this or that individual, situation, or whatever, we are, in effect, almost trying to play God, and it can be a very dangerous situation.

I do not know in any given situation what God's will is regarding politics or this or that country. We observe things and we don't know all the reasons for the dynamics of it. We view it from a certain vantage point and the coloration of the lens of our observation and our experience. How can we totally know everything that surrounds any given issue or individual? We see from the slice of our perception. Therefore be careful, because one day you will find that your perception may not be God's perception or conception of the way life in the entire universe is. I've had many awakenings throughout my life whereby I have realized that my former reality no longer served me. And it was only when I let that reality go and accepted new possibilities and higher realities that I witnessed the transformation of who I am and who I was in a new moment of the Now.

Someone said to me recently that they perceived that the HeartStreams somehow changed in the year 2009, that I had changed. What I observed is that it wasn't me that had changed; it was the person who had changed. And so their perception of what was occurring changed by what was going on in their consciousness. I am still who I am, and I am evolving, just as you are evolving. And for one person to judge another or a situation based on a slice of their perception is very dangerous.

Remember the scripture that you quoted: “For judgment I am come.” Remember this also: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”3 There is a Zen aspect to both of these scriptural quotes, and I would say Jesus came in that incarnation for the judgment of certain individuals. I am not here to judge anyone—God does the judgment.

I feel safer in a nonjudgmental state, loving everyone with complete compassion, even those who may seem to be enemies of light. For I know that love resolves all, and if I set myself in the mode of being in the judgment seat, I would have to learn the lessons of love again and again, because only God can judge righteously. Jesus said that no man or woman can judge righteously. That is why the scripture says “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

Boyd, do we have any more? That's it? Well, we can open it up for other people to ask questions. I have two ladies here and people online, so those who may be listening or watching at home, you are also free to ask.

Jesus just appeared to me and shared another teaching on this judgment call situation, and that is that if we feel that we are worthy to be the instrument of the judgment, we have to realize that whatever we call forth the judgment upon within others or in a given situation is first judged within us. [See Romans 2:1-2 and Matthew 7: 1-5.]

The statement “Judge not, that ye be not judged” means that as we judge, so we are judged. If there is no darkness in us and we are like Jesus, we can be a righteous judge. Jesus is the righteous judge who sits on the throne in the Holy City, and through his pure perception and crystal being, he can judge righteously. Few of us can do that, because how many of us are completely crystal clear?

So if we call forth the judgment upon this or that situation or feel that we even have the ability or the calling to judge certain individuals that we perceive as dark, beware, because what we call forth on their behalf or in that given situation must first move through the stream of our being—because as we judge, so are we judged.

I know that if I utter words of criticism of another, I am immediately judged by those same words of criticism. Why? Because this is the law, and the dynamic is instantaneous. Melchizedek warned us again last summer and spring to never judge or criticize others because of this very dynamic, that what we criticize or behold as imperfect in another is highlighted and accentuated first within us. And we know the law of karma; we know the law of the cosmic return. Therefore I would rather be in the mode of loving everyone, sending love, because I know ultimately that love is the greatest transformational power in the universe. Jesus said, “Love your enemies,”4 and that statement has never expired either. And to me, that has more power than uttering judgment calls on others, because I know that love is the greatest power in the universe for transformation.

If you feel that there is a certain politician who is evil or corrupt, put yourself in that person's position. If you were that person, would you rather receive acrimony, hatred, judgment, criticism from many, many thousands of people, or would you rather receive love, and even tough love? I know what my answer would be. I would rather receive love because I know the love would make me a better person and that hatred, anger, criticism, judgment would weigh upon my being and be a burden and make me even more angry or dark.

The law of love is so important for us to embrace, become and model in our lives that all the alchemists speak of it. Saint Germain said in his advanced alchemy book that the path of alchemy is the science of divine love practically applied. And even Buddha told us to have compassion for our enemies and to love our enemies, as Jesus also said.

Just because something came in one dispensation, for whatever reason, does that mean it is necessarily the word forever, for all generations? Similarly, things changed in the Bible. There was mercy, there was grace. Jesus came and changed the law. He also fulfilled the law, and he brought a new law of love and forgiveness.

We've learned about Ho'oponopono and how powerful that is. I suggest that you really study that science of Ho'oponopono and utilize it. I have found that whenever I observe darkness within others, there is a seed of that, an element of that in myself, and you will find this too. And I go after that through love and forgiveness: I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you. And I speak to God: “I love you, God. I'm sorry for what I've done that has allowed me to view darkness in another. Please forgive me for this view of them and what I hold inside myself that has to be let go of. And thank you, Lord, for forgiving me as I let go of this darkness within myself.”

I have proven that that alchemy and that science works, because I have seen its effects. I would rather use this ancient science, which the masters have told us originates from Lemuria—and even before Lemuria on Venus. I would rather use that law than place myself in the position of even uttering the judgment call. Why? Because I feel better doing that. It's a simple thing, I'm a feeling person. I am an angel incarnate, as many of you are. And I cannot, in my true Self, sanction being in the seat of judgment of another, even if I invoke Jesus to be that judge. God will, in time, judge everyone according to their karma, and they self-judge themselves. We know how it works. So this is a very sticky issue, and people in previous organizations feel that there is a disrespect of it in ours.

If you will remember, in the I AM movement they had the blasting call, and the people that utilized that to blast others in other movements created great karma. Saint Germain, Jesus and Mother Mary say tonight that those who have used the judgment call, from the human, against others whom they perceived were psychic or dark or whatever will first have to answer to God from within themselves for the unrighteous use of that call.

So this is the Master's answer, and I can assure you that I have thought long and hard about this. The way that I deal with perceived darkness is to emanate light and love, and that is the safest way for initiates to deal with it, to emanate light and love.

Boyd, are there any others?

Boyd:  __________ asks, “What does it mean when you say you are being overshadowed by a master?”

I use the word overshined now. We've upgraded that term because when you say the word shadow, you think of something that's dark, just as the shadow is the dark part of oneself. So I say a master overshines me, and their Presence is right over me. Their electronic energy field is right over me, beside me, behind me. People who are clairvoyant actually see the masters standing right over me. I feel the energy field of their being. I hear their words telepathically spoken through a mind communication that's beyond human words. And when I speak, it's the thoughtforms that they project, the essences that they emanate, the love that they bestow and what I call the radiation that's there as a very tangible divine frequency.

So when a master overshines me, they are inspiring me, just as you have a muse, a guardian angel and sponsoring masters who overshine you to be your best, your highest, your most creative self. We all have this ability to have a master overshine us. It's not just me; it's all of us. When you call for the Presence of Jesus or any divine being to overshine you, see what happens. See how you feel, how you experience the light. You will feel something from outside of your own mind and being that plays upon you and blesses you, charges you and inspires you.

You know that it's not just your words that you're speaking. Many people have told me that before they gave a talk or shared something, they prayed to a master and they knew that the words coming through them were not just theirs because they were so amazing. Many of you have had this experience. That is the overshining presence of a master, a guardian angel, a guide—many people call them guides—a muse, a divine being. We all have them as our mentors, our collaborators, our spiritual guardians, and they're very important for our protection and for our mission to be completed. I hope that answers the question.

Boyd:  The next one is from__________. “In the teachings of Plato and Socrates they spoke of how mankind were ignorant of the cycles of destruction that occurred over and over again every 25,000 years, which the gods manifested, and how lightning from the sun, or possibly sun spots, created these cataclysmic events. Can you tell us more about this and if it is truly ongoing every 25,000 years, or will we eventually ascend into higher realms if people raise their consciousness?”

David:  Well, the goal is always the latter. My understanding is that it's about 26,500 years, the precession of the equinoxes through the zodiac. So at the end of every age and the onset of the new age, there's always a shift. It's a shift in energy, in consciousness. And as we move through the cycles of the manvantaras and the yugas, as the ancient Vedic teachings express them, we move through the bronze age, the gold age and other "mettalic" ages. And when we move into a golden age, or what we would call the Golden-Crystal Age, there's a lot more light released, a lot more energy, a lot more wisdom.

Hopefully we're coming out of the Kali Yuga into a time when we're waking up and affirming our reality, our truth, our divine nature. And by this affirmation and by this acceleration of consciousness, we can move toward the ascension as a collective, as humanity. Not everyone is embracing all these changes for the good and they're reacting to them and not allowing the new frequencies to raise them up. So we have to help people. We have to model divine life and teach them what is transpiring, why they feel so much energy. Some people can't deal with it and so they react and they do terrible things, while others are glowing and making great progress.

We always have free will to either enter the Golden-Crystal Age—first in our own consciousness and then to facilitate it manifesting throughout the world—or do something less than that. And I choose to do the former.

The opportunity for the ascension of the Earth is built upon the enlightenment of the hearts and minds of every sentient being throughout the world. So we must teach, we must share, we must get out the message of higher truth, because when more people awaken, then the collective consciousness increases and there is a greater action and a greater ability for many more people to awaken. And this is why we came to Earth. Most of us are teachers, presenters, sharers of this teaching and this word. And we know that we came to this Earth for a purpose and a mission, which is to help others, to awaken them, quicken them and enliven them.

There doesn't have to be cataclysm if we awaken and quicken ourselves in the new reality. God always prefers the gentler way. However, if people are embodying so much darkness through ignorance, with all of its effects upon nature, to the point that nature has to shrug it off, then they themselves are creating the conditions that transpire as cataclysm. It's not just because of the nature of the cycle that this has to occur. The nature of the cycle is that it's a shift in awareness. If people are ready and awakened, then the shift can be gradual, beautiful and harmonic. If they react to the changes and the new frequencies by not being willing to transform themselves, then cataclysms can occur.

We can abrogate them; we can transmute many of them. We already have transmuted many of the prophecies of Edgar Cayce over the last few years of the twentieth century. A lot of what could have transpired did not because people were doing a lot of spiritual work. And the great teachers East and West have shown us how, especially with the use of the violet light. So keep on keeping on and invoking that light, especially the violet-laser light. Keep invoking all of the rainbow rays, emanating them and loving and loving and loving. And then we will see the ascension of many, many thousands.

Boyd:  This is from __________. “We've been told that we can pray for and envision the wholeness of places and people. Can you expand on that, please?”

David:  Every city, village, community and home has its perfected etheric blueprint, which the divine world is always attempting to manifest through our awareness, if we are open to it. Remember, Jesus said, “Thy kingdom come…in earth, as it is in heaven.”5 We could also change the words to say “as it is already in heaven.” So our job is to facilitate the drawing forth of heaven upon earth. When we say yes, we have the ability to bring wholeness to any village or family or community. We simply tap into what heaven already has in play and in place and draw it forth into our world. How? Through love, through prayer, through invocation, through meditation, through our collective work. We visualize it through alchemy, we accept it, we feel it and we coalesce that light in our plane consciously by actually seeing the perfection of it manifesting.

In any given situation—in a community, a family, a state, a nation, a planet—visualize perfection and emanate that perfection through your feeling body. Conceive of it as already realized and physical. The activity of the alchemy of your doing this actually coalesces light as physical substance to make it more dense and real in our plane, even as particles of this plane ascend to become more ethereal. It's a dual action. What is of heaven is becoming more physical, and what is in our plane is becoming more etheric simultaneously. How? Through your Christ consciousness, through your at-one-ment, or attunement, with God. You become a vehicle, a nexus for this alchemy to manifest by your awareness, one with God.

When there are people walking around the Earth who are one with God in consciousness, they become the nexus for this alchemy to occur. So wherever you are, when you are in love with God, you are pure light and you are allowing the light of heaven to coalesce into the earth and spiritualizing matter where you walk. It's a beautiful alchemy.

To give you an example, on the property where Mona and I live, we had to do a lot of cleaning up of stuff from the previous owners. We found stuff all over the property that had not been tended to, things decaying, things buried where they shouldn't have been. They buried stuff, so we unearthed it and then we got rid of it. And we planted lots of trees, bushes, berry bushes. We have been working with the elementals. By doing all of this, we are coalescing the divine blueprint of that property into reality, and we are allowing nature to take hold of this property again as nature desires. And the elementals love it. I mentioned the bunnies this morning. The bunnies are bounding all over the place. The geese are coming; the ducks are coming; the birds are here and there. We gathered some voles too, but we've talked to them. And the deer love our property. They just can't go in where we don't desire them to go; they can go other places. And we love them too.

So think of how you can coalesce something divine and beautiful right where you are in your home, in your neighborhood, in your community. And by doing that and visualizing and accepting it, you are actually performing alchemy, and it's beautiful. You are an alchemist in that case. And thank you for being an alchemist.

Any others?

Boyd:  This is from __________. “Beloved Saint Germain, will you sponsor the retreat here in Vista?”

David:  In addition to Lady Clarity? By your words, the action has begun. So how can it be completed and fulfilled? The sponsorship is 100 percent because that's what you desire, right? You desire the full energy field of Saint Germain to be there overshining your property as a retreat. While you can intuit the answer, how do you allow Saint Germain's Presence to be there all the time and to bless your property, to charge it with the violet light, to radiate through the entire neighborhood in Southern California? You know the answer, and that is to do violet flame together, to study the lives of Saint Germain, to read the book.

So the first thing that you do, __________, is to have a study group, which you already have, where you study the books. You study Saint Germain's HeartStreams. First you study Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy. Then you systematically go through the HeartStreams and print one or two and study them each week. Probably one would be acceptable. Make this a regular practice and invoke Saint Germain in the magic circle of your living room; visualize the magic circle there.

We had a Meru University class in which we talked about the magic circle. And, finally, the Master says to sponsor the replay of Meru University classes where he has taught, because this is the most recent teaching that he's released to the planet, at least through our movement. That's beautiful. He's saying that the ideal is to have at least seven people there. And you can see why—the seven rays, the seventh ray. Get people to come, at least six others plus you, and have a Meru University course one day a week for maybe an hour, for a cycle. And then go to the next Meru course in which he taught. There are a number of them on alchemy. You start with the book, then you do the courses and then you go through the HeartStreams. That will last you about four or five years, I can assure you. The other thing is to invite him to come and deliver a new teaching on alchemy, whether it's next year, the year after or whenever.

You can invite a master to deliver a class in any physical retreat of the Universal Brotherhood. When I say brother I mean brother/sisterhood. We've used the terms Great White Brotherhood, Universal White Brotherhood, yet we kind of require an upgrade to be a little more politically correct so that people don't misconstrue who we are. We can say Universal Brother/Sisterhood of Light. We know it's the Great White Brotherhood, yet we do not desire to turn off African-Americans or other people who may misunderstand who we are. And we don't desire to turn off the female gender, because what is a brotherhood? It's a brother/sisterhood. I think you all know this.

So, __________, I'm seeing that if you really do this that Saint Germain will come and deliver a seminar in your home in 2018 on new advanced teachings on alchemy. And if you do it all this year, if you complete all of what he's just shared this year, he will even speed it up and come next year. So it's really up to you guys, how disciplined you desire to be to fulfill this. I'll tell you what, you ask a question and you get a pretty intense answer, and now it's up to you to do the work.

Well, God bless you all. I think we are at the end of our time together. Were there any more, Boyd? One more?

Boyd:  This might be a fast one. __________ asks, “Do sophisticated technologies, such as satellite, cell phone towers, et cetera, ever interfere with angelic presences or the masters in their communicating or helping people?

David:  The masters are above all of this in vibration. However, there are negative frequencies going all over the place through radio, television transmissions, frequencies of all kinds, where unconscious people do things that are not of the light. So whenever there is a stream of something through a current, of course it influences everything. And that's why we have our Hearts Center Radio now, so we can put out good vibes 24/7.

What the Master would like us to focus on is the positive, as I said earlier. Yes, there is negativity; however, now we have all kinds of new opportunities to engender and generate positive energies. So utilize everything that we have in our movement and let the energy vibrate and emanate by playing this radio program all the time on your computer at low volume or play it where you won't hear it while you're sleeping and it won't be problematic for you, and watch the effects.

So, yes, the masters have power over all of this. They're not influenced by it; however, we are influenced by it. They can overcome it; they have the power and the energy field and vibration way above our frequencies. They're so far beyond where we are that it's hard for many people to imagine it. Yet we can also generate that same energy frequency through love and wisdom and truth. So do it.

Thank you, everyone, and thanks to those who came tonight and for being the witness and a flowfield of love and light and appreciation. For those of you who met me and some of us at our booth in Los Angeles, thank you for being here tonight. And for those who may not have heard it live, we have recorded it, and at some point fairly soon we hope to put it on our website, so that those who were not able to be here can view it or listen to it.

And just a reminder, tomorrow evening we have our once a month Diamond-Crystal Purity Service here in our Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart, 7:00 to 8:30 pm. And for those in Livingston, we have our wonderful pot fortune, where we gather and dine together and share. So that's it. I believe it's at 5:30. So thank you, Boyd, and thank you, all, for being here tonight. God bless and good night.

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5. Matthew 6:10.


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