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About Ascended Master Saint Germain

The Ascended Master Saint Germain—Alchemist of the Soul

Ascended Master of Divine Alchemy

The soul of Saint Germain has played brilliant roles upon the stage of life for hundreds of thousands of years. Today Saint Germain is the avatar of the dawning Age of Aquarius. His forté is the recycling of all that binds and hinders the full expression of the soul into liberating light—an alchemy that anyone can learn. It is the alchemy of forgiveness. He is the Lord or the Seventh Ray, the violet ray that emanates freedom, alchemy, transmutation, justice and mercy.

Saint Germain has experienced a number of notable embodiments and a long history of striving in the service of man and God. Some of  these lifetimes included famous historical figures such as the prophet Samuel, Saint Joseph, Christopher Columbus, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, and Count Saint -Germain, who was known as the "Wonderman of Europe." Each lifetime built on Saint Germain’s mastery and preparation for his current role as the hierarch of the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius.1

The Prophet Samuel: Crowning the Biblical Kings

Samuel’s mother Hannah was the second wife of Elkanah. For many years, Hannah had no children. One year when Hannah and Elkanah went to the temple to make sacrifices and pray, Hannah begged God to allow her to have a child. To be barren in those days was a source of shame for women and was considered an indication that one was not favored by God.

A priest named Eli saw Hannah praying and realized her predicament . He blessed her and assured her that God had heard her prayers. A year later she gave birth to Samuel. And, as she had promised, brought Samuel to Eli as a young child to serve with him in the temple.

The prophet Eli’s time of transition grew near. So God spoke to young Samuel, calling upon him to be the next prophet of Israel. And Samuel accepted this holy work, travelling throughout Israel, urging the various tribes to work together and to cease worshiping idols.

It came about that the tribes desired a king to rule over them. Samuel was urged by them to appoint the one who would be their leader. God had already told Samuel that the results of the tribes desiring a king would be regretted, for their king would take their lands and goods and lead them into wars. They would know only oppression.

Upon hearing this message, the people turned a deaf ear to the prophet's warnings. Their choice was a man named Saul. Unfortunately, Saul lived up to God’s warning and there was much suffering in the land. In response, Samuel secretly anointed David as the true king of Israel. A conflict between Saul and David dominated the remainder of Samuel’s life. Samuel's anointing of David began the Biblical monarchy that formed the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Saint Joseph, Protector of the Christ

In addition to what is commonly known about Saint Joseph from New Testament accounts, information in apocryphal writings and more recent revelations fill in some details. For instance, Joseph and Mary not only bore the Savior Jesus but six other children, both male and female. In contrast to traditional portrayals, Joseph was not merely a carpenter but an artisan in stoneworking and an adept in the spirtual arts. the family lived within a devout community, the Essenes, whose beliefs included  the oneness of all life, that God dwelt within each soul and in his creation, and that striving and purity of motive were the way to God's heart.

Joseph, like Mary and Jesus, communed with the angels. It was Joseph’s faith in his own prophetic dreams that proved to be  key to his role as guardian of this most holy family. From the outset of the coming together of Mary and Joseph, angels had intervened. It was an angel that appeared to Joseph in a dream to reassure him that he should marry Mary although she was many years younger than he. After the birth of Jesus, an angel appeared to warn Joseph that Herod sought the life of the newborn. The family escaped  to safety--the town of Galilee, where Jesus grew to adulthood and gloried in his life's mission.  Joseph made his transition before Jesus entered into the fullness of his teaching and healing ministry. But Joseph had fulfilled his inner vow to protect Mary and to nurture and instruct the Christ in Jesus.

Roger Bacon, Scholar and Scientist

Roger Bacon was born in Somerset, England in 1214. Bacon pursued a life as a scholar and was engaged in academic and theological studies for decades. He became a professor at Oxford, specializing in philosophy. Eventually he became a friar in the Franciscan Order, but this prevented him from holding a teaching post. His activities were further restricted by a Franciscan statute in 1260 forbidding friars from publishing books or pamphlets without specific approval.

Bacon’s friendship with Cardinal Guy le Gros de Foulques, who became Pope Clement IV, proved to be highly fortuitous. The new Pope issued a mandate ordering Bacon to write to him concerning the place of philosophy within theology. As a result, Bacon sent the Pope his Opus Majus, which presented his views on the way philosophy and science could be incorporated into theology. Roger Bacon also wrote other works on alchemy and astrology.

During his prolific lifetime,  Bacon performed many scientific experiments and documented his work for posterity. These experiments are viewed as the first instances of true experimental science, several hundred years before the official rise of science in the West. 

Christopher Columbus, Discoverer of the New World

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy. At the age of twenty-two, he began an apprenticeship as business agent for three important families— the Centurione, Di Negro and Spinola families of Genoa. The countries of Europe had been trading with China and India over land, but with the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, this route became treacherous. In response to this, Christopher Columbus with his brother Bartolomeo developed a plan to travel to the Indies by sailing directly west across the Atlantic.

After continually lobbying at the Spanish court for two years, Columbus finally made headway with Queen Isabella of Castille in 1492. Columbus departed from Palos de la Frontera with three ships—the Santa María, the Pinta and the Niña. Columbus' vision that there was a westward route over the Atlantic Ocean to the Indies, if realized, would allow Spain, in dire need of funds, to enter the profitable spice trade. In hindsight we realize that Columbus' discovery set the stage for the building of a new nation, founded on the principles of equality and religious freedom.

Francis Bacon—To Discover Truth, Serve My Country and Serve My Church

Francis Bacon was born on January 22, 1561. Biographers believe that Bacon was educated at home in his early years because of his ill health.  At  twelve he entered Trinity College, Cambridge, and lived there for three years with his older brother Anthony. Francis Bacon studied mostly Latin and the medieval curriculum common at the time.

For the next three years, Francis traveled extensively, visiting Blois, Poitiers, Tours, Italy, and Spain. His three goals were to discover truth, to serve his country, and to serve his church. Under the reign of James I, Francis Bacon translated the King James version of the Bible. An increasing number of scholars also believe that he was secretly working with a group of some of England’s best poets and writers, creating the plays now credited to William Shakespeare. Perhaps the most accepted and celebrated of Bacon’s own literary works is The New Atlantis.

Francis Bacon’s works popularized the inductive method of scientific inquiry. His demand for a planned procedure of investigation established the approach to scientific research still in use today. Knighted in 1603, he was given the title of Baron in 1618 and Viscount in 1621. He is recognized as one of England’s greatest philosophers, statesmen, scientists and authors.

The Wonderman of Europe

After he had already made his ascension, Saint Germain received an unusual dispensation. The Lords of Karma allowed him to return to Earth. As the Count Saint-Germain of the House of Rakoczy, he attempted to prevent the French Revolution and to form a United States of Europe. In befriending European royalty, he hoped to guide them into positive alliances, creating a United States of Europe. But his guidance and warnings failed.

He left no stone unturned to capture the attention of those in power—removing flaws from their diamonds, creating verse and writing it with both hands at the same time, entertaining them with his vast musical talent, wit and humor and his ability to speak with expertise on any subject. They enjoyed the show, but they dismissed his prophetic words. Count Saint-Germain's presence at court throughout this lengthy period—over one hundred years—is recorded in the diaries and correspondences of several monarchs and several members of their courts. 

Messages from Saint Germain

Saint Germain      August 12, 2017

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Saint Germain)
August 12, 2017   10:17 ̶ 11:02 am PDT
2017 Meru University Event
I AM the Light of the World: Jesus and Saint Germain Share New Aquarian I AM Teachings with Their Disciples
Mount Shasta, California

Our New Aquarian I AM Teachings

Yesterday we had a beautiful discourse, and that was part of Saint Germain's new Aquarian I AM teachings. I'd like to share more today.

The frequencies that are coming from the Great Central Sun, which are being stepped down through great Solar worlds to eventually move through our solar system and then reach planet Earth through our own sun, are available for our enlightenment, our illumination, our freedom, our Self-realization. When we tune into these very, very intense and yet very fine frequencies as a result of having done a certain amount of clearance with our own being, or we are sensitive enough to feel them, we understand these as cosmic waves. We just did the Ho'oponopono. When you go to Hawaii and you see the hula dancers, what are they doing? Waves, right? They knew in the ancient times about frequencies and about waves.

We're just coming back to the understanding of how important light is. Light travels in waves; consciousness travels in waves; energy from the Great Central Sun travels in waves. And we know that Einstein tuned in a little bit to this understanding of how the universe is curved and of gravity being different than what we think it is. It has to do with the space-time continuum and the curvature of it and how everything in our universe is unfolding and moving and morphing.

The crystal rays are more prominent now. We used to call them the secret rays. We call them the crystal rays because these are frequencies that are constantly in flux, moving and changing. When we surrender to what is coming and what is now through these very refined frequencies that are being stepped down by great Solar beings and the star systems themselves, and we are able to imbibe them and allow them to wash upon us and activate more and more within us of our God nature, then the I AM Presence is fully employed. We like to refer to it also as the Solar Presence, which gives us the sense that in addition to having the name I AM (which is the short form for the name of God in English), it is a solar energy field of the sun.

The culmination of El Morya's book The Advanced Studies of the Human Aura is the understanding that we are all destined to be Solar beings. That is our future. It already exists in our Higher Selfhood, yet we are remembering and becoming more and more of that. And then we are emanating light centers of pure love, pure light, all the virtues of God.

The I AM is not above us spacially, as I explained yesterday; it's really within us. And so the Solar Presence is also deep within us. Allowing, through acceptance, that light to be who we are and to emanate through us is the crux of our responsibility as lightbearers, lightsharers, lightworkers. The word lightbearer, which many of us have used for decades now, is nice. Yet we can't just bear the light—it's one thing to just be that light and bear the light—we have to emanate, share and work with that light. We have to be lightworkers, whereby we facilitate that light—that great Solar energy and the frequencies from God in the Great Central Sun—being anchored in the Earth and work with our Mother Earth. And then amazing alchemical things occur. We have to be practical, Saint Germain says. We have to work with the Earth and integrate these very fine frequencies in this dimensional plane of being in a practical way. Otherwise, we are just will-o'-the wisp, mental, concept-oriented people. We dream about the Golden Age, and we keep dreaming about it, dreaming about it, but where is it? We have to anchor the Golden Age physically through our hands, through our work, through our feet, through our physical temples. This is the work of Now.

Jesus said, “Thy kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.”1 He was giving us an alchemical formula and a command. So as initiates, we have to be practical and ask, how are we going to have the kingdom of God on Earth? We do permaculture. We refresh the earth by eating live, organic, fresh foods from our own gardens, preferably. We walk consciously on the earth, respectful of every creature. We revere all life. We live the I AM THAT I AM understanding and teachings so practically that people around us don't even necessarily know that we are spiritual people. They just see us doing what we do lovingly, with great appreciation and focus. Yet what we are doing is investing all of these higher frequencies through our bodies, through our chakras, touching the earth, anchoring them physically.

The sacred dance known as the Paneurhythmy is amazing, because we're moving, we're morphing. The waves are manifesting right through our body temples as we move. We are making those waves through the motion of our hands, our legs and our arms. And so we are already facilitating through that and other sacred dances and movements these frequencies being birthed upon Earth through us.

So whatever your practice is, think of the waves and how you are using these frequencies through your body temple to consciously, physically ground them, to actually ground them in the earth. We have to ground the light. The light can be up here, (David motions above his head) but unless it's grounded through us, it's still kind of out there. We have these four bodies because we are incarnate in form in order to ground that light. And we can actually, as I understand it from a previous teacher, balance more karma in our physical bodies than we can between lifetimes because we can work things out physically, we can transmute, we can do alchemy and actually work with the clay of the earth.

So don't think that just because you are still in embodiment you are less than these great cosmic beings, because even some of the ascended masters and angels would love to be physically incarnate so that they could do things here that they can't do in the etheric planes. And just as there is the principle of “as Above, so below,” so there is also “as below, so Above.” As we anchor that light in the flesh, in form, there's a concurrent and a correlative manifestation in the etheric. So what you build on Earth, you are also, in a sense, building in heaven.

There are beautiful habitations in the spirit world, which we meditate upon and try to bring into manifestation in the physical world. And when we do, there is a correspondence, where in the etheric there is a great new investiture of light in the crystal cities of heaven. And these are then easier for us to dwell within and to manifest within in that dimension because we have done it upon Earth. What you physically do upon Earth, you never lose in consciousness and in your Higher Selfhood. You take that mastery, that energy with you to the higher octaves, and it's a beautiful thing.

You never really lose the essence of the self-mastery that you gain in any endeavor upon Earth—painting, playing the piano, playing the harp, playing the flute—waves. What does the harp do when you pluck the strings? Waves. What does the flute do when you play it with the air going through your lungs? Waves. Everything really is waves. Life is waves; consciousness is waves; energy travels on waves.

So as we tune into the Great Central Sun and the messages that the pulsing pulsars and stars—each one a sun, just like our sun, some larger, some smaller, some massively energetic—are sending to Earth for now, let us be more sensitive to receive from them the messages that they began sending eons of our years ago and which we are just now receiving in our time-space dimension. Who knows, that message could have been sent billions of our years ago and is perfect for what we require today to resolve our issues. Can you image that? In these spaceless, timeless realms of infinity, faraway stars are pulsing light waves, energies and frequencies that are actually required for us to use to save the Earth.

Now, when we say in the Kuan Yin Rosary, “I AM saving sentient beings,” we know it's not the human doing that; it's God, I AM (the name of God). “God in me is saving sentient beings.” Just to clarify, it's never the little me that's doing that. You all know that. I'd just like to reclarify. So when we, as sentient beings, as enlightened beings, are able, in a sense, to receive—through a receptivity that allows us to draw forth the light and the clarity of consciousness from these waves—messages and engrams within those waves, and then do physical work on Earth, this is how we make the I AM practical. We have to have initiates who are building these crystal cities on Earth, building vastu temples, like the one we are going to see and enjoy this afternoon. You can actually feel the physical energy that that conscious being, the deva within that temple, manifests, because the temple itself has consciousness. And Jackie will speak of this later before we go there.

Everything has consciousness, even the stones, even the minerals, even the soil. They all have consciousness. Are we attuned to all these levels of consciousness to the point that we can commune with them and enter into the spiritual fire, aliveness, beauty and harmony of all these different frequencies? Yes, we can because we're initiates. We can play like little children with the sand or in the soil or on the beach or with mud and be refreshed by Mother Earth in that touch and in that physical experience, which is very graphically there as physical substance. And when we touch the Earth with love, guess what? We touch all of the Earth with that love, because the Earth is connected and we are all connected. When we hug one person, the energy of that appreciation, love, respect and just the enjoying of who they are as a divine being is also extended to every other divine being on Earth, because we are all one; we are all connected. What we do for one, we do for all.

So when you look upon one person, see the divinity, feel the divinity, know the divinity and let there be an interchange and a sacred connection that then strengthens the grid of beingness with every other lightworker, lightsharer, lightbearer on Earth so that we can collectively transform, transmute and transmit light so that this Earth eventually fulfills its purpose as a sun itself.

Now, whether the Earth physically becomes a sun is not important spiritually. As we are enlightened, as all of us reach that illuminative state of Self-realization, the collective energy of the light also helps the Earth to fulfill its purpose as a star, or as a sun. Energetically, the Earth is destined to be a sun, just like our sun, because the planets are like the children of the sun. And of course the planets desire to be sun-like, to evolve to that same point as the sun is and to emanate pure light. Yet it requires the evolutions living upon the Earth to be enlightened for the Earth to fulfill its destiny as a sun. And so it's incumbent upon us, if we desire to help the Earth, to be illumined, quickened, awakened Buddhas and Solar beings so that we feed the energy field of the Earth and we help this process to happen magically, miraculously and mystically, with great, great intention and beauty.

The Master Peter Deunov and the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov spoke of the egregor. And this is one of the new teachings. When we say I AM, we are affirming the I, the monad of our being, in the present moment, I AM in the present moment, present tense, in the Now. In the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius, we are moving more into a collective, a together consciousness. And so we can also begin to say I AM/we are, because that gives the understanding to us that we are a collective. The I AM of each of us combined is magnificent and beautiful. And when we say I AM/we are, we are tuning into that egregor, or collective, which is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

The synergy of our togetherness and oneness is powerful, magnificent. We can do great spiritual work when a group like this meditates. Or on 8/21, when there's the solar eclipse, we can choose to set a time—a half hour before, during it, and maybe a half hour after—and we can be in meditation. And as the shadow of the moon passes over the sun, as we observe it (if you are in Oregon or other places), you can maintain that Solar light so that that overshadowing of the sun doesn't impact the Earth negatively, which spiritually it could if we allow it. But as lightbearers, we are the sun during the solar eclipse. We replace the light that is not coming to the Earth with our Solar energy in our Presence.

So that's our purpose during the coming eclipse, to be that sun on the Earth when the sun is not able to shine on the Earth because it's clipped by the shadow of the moon. That's our purpose during the eclipse. In ancient times when there were solar eclipses, things did happen because the Earth was not receiving those currents and frequencies from the sun, which are so important for life, and people freaked out. Earthquakes happened, et cetera. However, now we are that sun, we are that light and we can emanate it to be the counterbalance for what the Earth is not receiving.

So this collective of the I AM/we are is important for us to understand. When the Earth and civilization—or what we call civilization, which is not always very civilized—and our cultures evolve beyond all the crazy stuff that's happening on Earth and we have the collective Christ and Buddhic awareness and the awareness of the Divine Mother in all of us together as one, that is powerful. That facilitates the Golden-Crystal Age. The collective Christic—whatever you'd like to call it—Buddhic, Krishnaic, if you are a Krishna devotee. I like to talk about Krishnic or Krishnaic consciousness. I go up into other realms when I listen to bhajans; I love them. Bhajans are one of the highest forms of music for me.

So the I AM Presence is within. It's not above us physically; it's within us. We work, we work, we work in the physical plane to draw the light down into the Earth. The I AM/we are is important for us to embrace as the collective of our combined causal bodies. The golden body and the rainbow body are also important for us to understand. The Buddhists talk about the rainbow body. What does it look like? The causal body, what we studied in other movements. The rainbow body, with all the beautiful colors, is the manifestation of our divinity when we have balanced all of the rays, when we have mastered all of the seven rays and the five crystal rays, and then we have the twelve in perfect synchronicity working through us, going through us.

Piano is great because you have the seven white keys and the five black keys; there are twelve tones and musical notes. And there are twelve major rays that we all have to move through, understand and master. So we have the seven rainbow rays and then the five crystal rays. So our rainbow body really is the perfect expression of our causal, or original, body of light in all of its glory, in all of its beauty and harmony, with the full complement of all of these emanations and rays, or colors.

I gave a teaching a while back on “dissolve, transmute, consume.” How many people heard that? Only about six or seven of you remember. We hear this term in some of the I AM teachings in relation to using the violet flame to dissolve, transmute and consume.

Look at the word dissolve and think of chemistry class. Remember solvents? Some things dissolve in water. It's still there in the water, but it's dissolved and spread out throughout the water. I never really thought of water being important in transmutation until the masters gave that discourse to me. And I saw very clearly that water is very important in transmutation, cleansing, the Ho'oponopono.

We're right by the ocean. Why do the hula dancers dance right on the sands by the ocean? Because they're seeing the waves coming in. It's very easy to understand what is going on when you see those waves and you feel the energy of those waves—you tap into those waves; you are the wave; you become the wave.

So in the dissolving, transmuting and consuming, not only is the fire element being used—all the elements are used. Water is part of this process of cleansing, purification, transmutation. Mona and I recently secured these magnets that you put in your washing machine, and you don't have to use any detergent. No more detergent. You put the magnets on the inside of your washer and it cleans because of the magnetism, I guess, and working with the water. It's amazing. Somebody else who knows more about physics can probably explain it to us more, but it works, and the clothes get clean. Think of how much detergent you can save. We were always getting the good stuff anyway, but there are even a few chemicals in those that I don't like.

So dissolve, transmute, consume—work with all the elements when you work with transmutation, not just spiritual fire. Work with spiritual water; work with spiritual air—prana, chi—and then go to ether, which is the fifth element. That is the element that we are evolving into and that we, as ascended masters, will be breathing in. Beyond fire is ether—earth, water, air, fire, ether.

I think everyone in this room is going to ascend, or if you're a bodhisattva, you're going to come back and help. Either way is okay. But if you choose to ascend, you're going to be working a lot more with this higher ether in the etheric octaves of light. And what is ether? It's a more subtle energy or element that higher beings breathe and live on.

You have to start considering what your work is going to be as an ascended being. And this is what Saint Germain would like to share with us, that he is already planning your work for the Earth after your ascension. He's working with various committees, councils and different masters, very often those whom you have already been working with, whom you resonate with and get inspiration from. They're already planning your work, because there is no time and space. We're in the space-time continuum, but really we're moving, morphing and flowing in so many different dimensions of being right now, already.

Some of us have dreams—Robert had a dream last night, and I think it came true already today. Saint Germain says, “Receptivity is one of the greatest spiritual tools for your advancement on the path.” Those are his exact words.

What is receptivity? It is the surrender that allows you to receive without judgment, without human analysis and then allow what God is communicating to you to be and then to activate and energize you for your work for that day. This is why we meditate early in the morning. We get still, without cell phones telling us that we lost the connection. And if they do tell us that, maybe we have. [laughter] So we have to get back into that space. And then we feel the strong connection without Siri and all the artificial intelligence. They call it artificial intelligence. Zadkiel gave this amazing talk through me recently warning us about robots and all this artificial intelligence. The mind of God is so far beyond our conception and beyond human artificial intelligence that that's what we focus on—the mind of God, the cosmic mind. And any true initiate, master, guru or arhat can tap into the universal mind and have any information instantly that he or she requires.

These crystal children have a screen—and this happens to me; this is part of the gift that I've received. At any point in time, if there is a question that somebody asks, or if I have a question, the masters just flash this thing in front of me and I see the answer even before the question is fully asked. Many of you have had this same experience, right? You instantly know the answer before the question is even fully formed in your mind.

That is the mind of God working through you, through the sensitivity that you have, through clarity of consciousness because you've been still and meditated and you have that receptivity. It's like a radio—you have the transmitter and the receiver. God is transmitting. And I think God does receive, so both God and we are transmitters and receivers. And God is really within us, so don't think of God as way out there and that you have to transmit something far. All of this process is going on inside of you.

So we are both receivers and transmitters, and when we are in the receptive mode, we are
in stillness so that we can receive what we require. And then when we desire to share with God within, we are in the transmitting mode. When we give our prayers, such as the rosary, we're in the transmitting mode. The stillness in meditation is the receiving mode. Some of you who prefer the quiescent state of pure silent meditation can do both in that state. And for the Buddhas, it's very powerful to be in the emissive state, emitting through the receptive state of stillness. They can switch and go from transmitting to receiving, and receiving to transmitting. And when there is no interference because the interference has been cleared through stillness, then the transmission becomes more powerful. That's why meditation, stillness is so crucial.

Because of the way we were brought up in the Western world, where we immediately analyze and classify everything with names, and we start judging everything, it takes us out of that receptive inner state of being. The ancient cultures in the Pacific were naturally more receptive and in tune and intuitive because they didn't have the outer accoutrements of Western civilization to dumb them down and inhibit their receptivity. So we have to do more in the West to focus on that receptive state so that we can be clear receivers of what God is telling us inside of ourselves, so that we can hear that still small voice. It's called the still small voice because most can barely hear it—it's a subtle thing.

Maybe for ascended masters it's not the still small voice any longer; it's just telepathic communication. It's very obvious. You don't have to strain to hear it—it just is and you know it. Telepathic communication is instantaneous; there is no interference. It is, and you understand. You've all experienced this, right?

Telepathy is the new etheric form of communication, using ether. Saint Germain says, “Telepathy is facilitated through the element of ether.” Have you ever heard that teaching? I've never heard that. Telepathy is facilitated perfectly, beautifully through the ether element because you are above earth, water, air and fire. You are in this very quiescent, beautiful cosmic consciousness, where the stream of activity is pure and clean, and there is no interference. That's what our natural state of divinity is like, and that's what we desire Earth to be like again. And it's our job as lightbearers, lightworkers and lightsharers to bring that pure state back.

That song that I composed that we played yesterday is one of my favorite songs, “Land of Love,” about going back to Lemuria, because the Earth was pure back in the day. And we didn't have this toxicity. Everything was very clean, our faces were translucent, our bodies were like crystal, and we could communicate instantaneously anywhere upon Earth. We all had sacred gifts. We could teleport. There was no limitation. And we are re-remembering that natal state of our divinity. And whether we physically have it on Earth, it doesn't matter, in one sense. We will get there through our spiritual work, although I would like to see it physically on Earth. Would you like to see it? Yeah, I'd like to see it all physical. It's more like ethereal/physical. In other words, we bring the ether into the Earth so it's so physical that the Earth becomes a star and we have a Golden-Crystal Age.

So are there any clarifying questions on these teachings that the Master is releasing as part of his new Aquarian I AM teachings, that were shared yesterday or today? Yes? Just come up to the microphone.

Question:  Thanks. Hi. This is a little confrontational, but I want to ask you why you believe that no one here is ascended yet?

David:  Well, it's just a definition. You may already be there in consciousness, yet still have a physical body. I had a lady come into our store in Livingston who said, “You've already ascended!” I said, well, I know what you mean, but I'm here and I have work to do. So it's just a matter of terms. You can have the ascended consciousness and actually be qualified to no longer be embodied on Earth, but if you're here physically, you're not really ascended.

Now, some of you may be descended masters—in other words, you were already in the higher octaves and you chose to come back as a bodhisattva. And so in a sense you are descended into the Earth. And then eventually, when your time is done, you'll go back. It's just terms. Does that clarify it for you?

Participant:  Thank you. Well, I would like to have more discussion later with you. Yes, thank you.

David:  I mean, maybe you're qualified to be ascended, and in a sense you've ascended in meditation to those heights; you've experienced those realms and you actually live, move and have your being in that state of consciousness while you are walking in a physical body. I think that's what you mean. I'm not really a big fan of this term walk-in, however, and there is a lot of that around here, because I believe we have to be pretty conscious of who we are and what we are doing. I hear this more in Shasta than in most places: “I'm a walk-in.” I think you have to be very careful when you give into that type of realm. I don't know where that came from, but I think there may be some walk-ins around. [laughter]

Question:  I noticed right away that there's no chart of the Presence on the altar, and I heard you say a couple of times that the new teaching is not to think of the Presence as above us, but within us. Is that why there is no chart of the Presence here, that hasn't been created yet?

David:  We had Tom Miller's Buddha nature chart. Yet early in the activity, one of the masters asked us to have a holographic I AM Presence. But we didn't have the technology to do it yet in 3-D rather than 2-D. Because a 2-D picture does not depict the reality of how powerful that is. So when we have the wherewithal to depict it as a holograph, like in the Star Wars movies, where they have the holograph showing the death star and all this stuff—because holographs do exist—it would be nice to have the image of us encased in light. Instead of a tube of light, we would see it as a sphere, and the emanation would come from within us rather than from up there.

So this is a little different than the Saint Germain Foundation. I just read Peter Mt. Shasta's book on Pearl, and either in that book or one of his autobiographies, he speaks of this very dynamic, that Pearl says that the I AM Presence is within you. So isn't their depiction of it as above and calling it the Mighty I AM Presence almost like making that a God? We have to realize that God is inside of us, and the whole teaching is not that God is outside of us or above us even. God is inside.

We've heard this teaching over and over and over in The Hearts Center in these last thirteen years, that the I AM is inside. Jesus said it, “The kingdom of God is within you.”2 Why do we keep thinking that we have to go somewhere else to reach God? All we have to do is go inside. And every true teacher will point back to your heart as the source of the Divine within.

So it wasn't a conscious choice that we didn't have it because of that. I gave free rein to our staff to prepare the altar. I empower people. God through me empowers our staff to do what they do, and so they chose this setup, and I didn't say yay or nay. I just show up. And it's very beautiful and it holds the light. So it wasn't a conscious choice not to put Tom Miller's print up there. I even had an email last week from one of our board members saying we should change the “Tube of Light” prayer that we gave earlier and call it the “Sphere of Light,” and I agree with that. We will do that eventually. But I'd like to have a holograph.

Can you imagine having a couple of little projectors from different places, where they can holographically project right here, of you as the soul and then light around you. You are a crystal being, and then you see the I AM Presence right here. So that's my vision. I prefer what I already see in the etheric. Okay. Go ahead.

Participant 1:  It's already there. I can see it. [inaudible]

David:  So you're the guy. Since you've seen it, you're assigned to work with Boyd, and maybe next year when we come back to Shasta—that would be awesome. I think it may cost a little money, so we may have to do some fundraising. Somebody will come up with the dough. Okay. And this has to be quick because we're right at eleven.

Participant 2:  Thank you very much. I don't have a question, but I just have an encouragement for all of us. It's in keeping with the I AM THAT I AM, the I AM Presence. Beloveds, for almost forty years I've known God, and I've known the teachings of the ascended masters for about the same time. And the goal of life for me and for all of us is freedom. And in 2013, David, the Holy Spirit came through you and blessed me and gave me my freedom at that time. And I've been very happy for that, that I eventually got my freedom. But then I thought after that, okay, so now I have my freedom—freedom from sin—that is exactly what it was. “I free you from every past sin,” the Holy Spirit said to me. Then after that I was wondering, now I have my freedom, what do I do with it? But as Godfre said in his decree, “I AM God-free, my Higher Self to be,” so I've dedicated myself to pursuing oneness with my I AM Presence and then eventually use it—.

David:  So here's the key for you. Don't pursue it so much.

Participant 2:  I'm being it.

David:  You're trying to become something that you already are. So the whole teaching on receptivity is to dissolve into that. Accept it through the dissolution of even the sense of separation, because you get to the point on the path where there is no separation. And you get there by having the mystical experience of oneness. And once you have that, there is no separation. You don't have to think that you have to become your I AM Presence, by hook or by crook, or by human mind. So dissolve the sense of separateness. How do you know that? Through love. For me, the key is love. That dissolves all sense of separateness from God, because I AM God when I am love. So that was really your question as a statement that you made, so the Master decided to clarify it, and we're done because it's eleven.

Participant 2:  Thanks very much. My encouragement is for us to become one with our I AM Presence. Thank you.

David:  Thank you. You are one with your I AM Presence. It's accepting it, accepting it! So your assignment is to say, “I accept my oneness with my I AM Presence always.” Don't keep saying: “I am going to become one with.” I accept my oneness always. Don't even say it externally; believe it and know it internally.

Participant 2:  I AM one with my I AM Presence.

David:  Yes, alright. [applause]

1. Matthew 6:10.
2. Luke 17:20–21.

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