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About Ascended Master Saint Germain

The Ascended Master Saint Germain—Alchemist of the Soul

Ascended Master of Divine Alchemy

The soul of Saint Germain has played brilliant roles upon the stage of life for hundreds of thousands of years. Today Saint Germain is the avatar of the dawning Age of Aquarius. His forté is the recycling of all that binds and hinders the full expression of the soul into liberating light—an alchemy that anyone can learn. It is the alchemy of forgiveness. He is the Lord or the Seventh Ray, the violet ray that emanates freedom, alchemy, transmutation, justice and mercy.

Saint Germain has experienced a number of notable embodiments and a long history of striving in the service of man and God. Some of  these lifetimes included famous historical figures such as the prophet Samuel, Saint Joseph, Christopher Columbus, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon, and Count Saint -Germain, who was known as the "Wonderman of Europe." Each lifetime built on Saint Germain’s mastery and preparation for his current role as the hierarch of the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius.1

The Prophet Samuel: Crowning the Biblical Kings

Samuel’s mother Hannah was the second wife of Elkanah. For many years, Hannah had no children. One year when Hannah and Elkanah went to the temple to make sacrifices and pray, Hannah begged God to allow her to have a child. To be barren in those days was a source of shame for women and was considered an indication that one was not favored by God.

A priest named Eli saw Hannah praying and realized her predicament . He blessed her and assured her that God had heard her prayers. A year later she gave birth to Samuel. And, as she had promised, brought Samuel to Eli as a young child to serve with him in the temple.

The prophet Eli’s time of transition grew near. So God spoke to young Samuel, calling upon him to be the next prophet of Israel. And Samuel accepted this holy work, travelling throughout Israel, urging the various tribes to work together and to cease worshiping idols.

It came about that the tribes desired a king to rule over them. Samuel was urged by them to appoint the one who would be their leader. God had already told Samuel that the results of the tribes desiring a king would be regretted, for their king would take their lands and goods and lead them into wars. They would know only oppression.

Upon hearing this message, the people turned a deaf ear to the prophet's warnings. Their choice was a man named Saul. Unfortunately, Saul lived up to God’s warning and there was much suffering in the land. In response, Samuel secretly anointed David as the true king of Israel. A conflict between Saul and David dominated the remainder of Samuel’s life. Samuel's anointing of David began the Biblical monarchy that formed the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Saint Joseph, Protector of the Christ

In addition to what is commonly known about Saint Joseph from New Testament accounts, information in apocryphal writings and more recent revelations fill in some details. For instance, Joseph and Mary not only bore the Savior Jesus but six other children, both male and female. In contrast to traditional portrayals, Joseph was not merely a carpenter but an artisan in stoneworking and an adept in the spirtual arts. the family lived within a devout community, the Essenes, whose beliefs included  the oneness of all life, that God dwelt within each soul and in his creation, and that striving and purity of motive were the way to God's heart.

Joseph, like Mary and Jesus, communed with the angels. It was Joseph’s faith in his own prophetic dreams that proved to be  key to his role as guardian of this most holy family. From the outset of the coming together of Mary and Joseph, angels had intervened. It was an angel that appeared to Joseph in a dream to reassure him that he should marry Mary although she was many years younger than he. After the birth of Jesus, an angel appeared to warn Joseph that Herod sought the life of the newborn. The family escaped  to safety--the town of Galilee, where Jesus grew to adulthood and gloried in his life's mission.  Joseph made his transition before Jesus entered into the fullness of his teaching and healing ministry. But Joseph had fulfilled his inner vow to protect Mary and to nurture and instruct the Christ in Jesus.

Roger Bacon, Scholar and Scientist

Roger Bacon was born in Somerset, England in 1214. Bacon pursued a life as a scholar and was engaged in academic and theological studies for decades. He became a professor at Oxford, specializing in philosophy. Eventually he became a friar in the Franciscan Order, but this prevented him from holding a teaching post. His activities were further restricted by a Franciscan statute in 1260 forbidding friars from publishing books or pamphlets without specific approval.

Bacon’s friendship with Cardinal Guy le Gros de Foulques, who became Pope Clement IV, proved to be highly fortuitous. The new Pope issued a mandate ordering Bacon to write to him concerning the place of philosophy within theology. As a result, Bacon sent the Pope his Opus Majus, which presented his views on the way philosophy and science could be incorporated into theology. Roger Bacon also wrote other works on alchemy and astrology.

During his prolific lifetime,  Bacon performed many scientific experiments and documented his work for posterity. These experiments are viewed as the first instances of true experimental science, several hundred years before the official rise of science in the West. 

Christopher Columbus, Discoverer of the New World

Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy. At the age of twenty-two, he began an apprenticeship as business agent for three important families— the Centurione, Di Negro and Spinola families of Genoa. The countries of Europe had been trading with China and India over land, but with the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, this route became treacherous. In response to this, Christopher Columbus with his brother Bartolomeo developed a plan to travel to the Indies by sailing directly west across the Atlantic.

After continually lobbying at the Spanish court for two years, Columbus finally made headway with Queen Isabella of Castille in 1492. Columbus departed from Palos de la Frontera with three ships—the Santa María, the Pinta and the Niña. Columbus' vision that there was a westward route over the Atlantic Ocean to the Indies, if realized, would allow Spain, in dire need of funds, to enter the profitable spice trade. In hindsight we realize that Columbus' discovery set the stage for the building of a new nation, founded on the principles of equality and religious freedom.

Francis Bacon—To Discover Truth, Serve My Country and Serve My Church

Francis Bacon was born on January 22, 1561. Biographers believe that Bacon was educated at home in his early years because of his ill health.  At  twelve he entered Trinity College, Cambridge, and lived there for three years with his older brother Anthony. Francis Bacon studied mostly Latin and the medieval curriculum common at the time.

For the next three years, Francis traveled extensively, visiting Blois, Poitiers, Tours, Italy, and Spain. His three goals were to discover truth, to serve his country, and to serve his church. Under the reign of James I, Francis Bacon translated the King James version of the Bible. An increasing number of scholars also believe that he was secretly working with a group of some of England’s best poets and writers, creating the plays now credited to William Shakespeare. Perhaps the most accepted and celebrated of Bacon’s own literary works is The New Atlantis.

Francis Bacon’s works popularized the inductive method of scientific inquiry. His demand for a planned procedure of investigation established the approach to scientific research still in use today. Knighted in 1603, he was given the title of Baron in 1618 and Viscount in 1621. He is recognized as one of England’s greatest philosophers, statesmen, scientists and authors.

The Wonderman of Europe

After he had already made his ascension, Saint Germain received an unusual dispensation. The Lords of Karma allowed him to return to Earth. As the Count Saint-Germain of the House of Rakoczy, he attempted to prevent the French Revolution and to form a United States of Europe. In befriending European royalty, he hoped to guide them into positive alliances, creating a United States of Europe. But his guidance and warnings failed.

He left no stone unturned to capture the attention of those in power—removing flaws from their diamonds, creating verse and writing it with both hands at the same time, entertaining them with his vast musical talent, wit and humor and his ability to speak with expertise on any subject. They enjoyed the show, but they dismissed his prophetic words. Count Saint-Germain's presence at court throughout this lengthy period—over one hundred years—is recorded in the diaries and correspondences of several monarchs and several members of their courts. 

Messages from Saint Germain

Saint Germain      May 02, 2014

Beloved Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
May 2, 2014   5:16–5:42 pm MDT
Saint Germain's New Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Success

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Through Flow, Enter the Flower of Life

David:  We're ready now for Alchemical Formula #3. This was dictated at 3:33 am, Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

Saint Germain:  Grace is God's pure example of flow. Flow is a key to success in all alchemical equations. If flow does not exist, the Divine may not be fully accessed. Flow opens the portal to higher awareness, where the petals of every divine flower may be seen, smelled and cherished. Each flower is an example of the love of the Divine Mother manifest for her children. You are truly one of her children, cherished from the beginning of your creation in the heart of your God Parents.

David: Saint Germain says, “You are therefore a flower.”

Saint Germain:  Through flow, you may enter the flower of life—God's life, your life. This flower has a perfect design, born of and through God's awareness of beauty embedded in the creation, both in its wholeness and within its individual components. Observing the divine design within the flower of life keys you into a matrix of perfect love, of which and through which all things are created. Notice the interconnectedness of each flower within the greater design of the whole of the cosmic flower, which symbolizes the totality of the web of life everywhere.

            Every advanced alchemist learns to penetrate into the essence and beingness of life in each domain, or level of vibration or frequency in which she chooses to place her attention. Entering this essence allows her to experience God's eternal awareness within that blessed beingness, playing and dancing with it in a perfect interplay of love and light. Learning to meditate on God's supernal thought processes or cosmic ideations hidden within the essences of life itself brings the alchemist into a deeper relationship with the Creator and the creation.

            In your essence, you are a flower of life because you are part of this whole. You are one with the All-in-all, and the creation would not be complete without your unique essence of loveliness, your own flowering of divinity right where you are. To understand your own beautiful God-nature keys you into the divine design embedded within all life and allows you to cherish and understand the uniqueness and importance of every other being or life form that is a part of the whole. While meditating upon the creation, you are drawn into the flower of life—you flow into perfect oneness, beingness in God.

            The advanced alchemist brings this essence of the sacredness of life into every avenue of expression, every co-creative endeavor and activity. It gives rise to the manifestation of grace and the interplay of light betwixt you as both an observer and as a co-creator in your own right. Spiritual scientists have caught fire by accessing the Promethean fires of the creative powers of the universe itself. Yet they always qualify and utilize these forces for the highest good of humanity and of the created whole of life, the flower of life.

            Your unique expression of your divine nature of God-good is essential to the ongoing birth and rebirth of the creation within the eternal Now. This is true re-creation and brings you and others true happiness and inner fulfillment. So long as you do not abrogate the laws of life or disturb the creative process of all sentient beings, you, through your oneness with the whole, may experiment and co-create anything. For it will naturally be expressive of God's eternal nature of love, purity, beauty and joy.

David:  I'm going to pause here and ask Boyd or Maria to find on the Internet the design that is called the flower of life. We saw it in Egypt. Drunvalo Melchizedek has two books entitled The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, volumes I and II, which you may choose to read to learn more about this ancient symbol, which has been imbedded in architecture in Europe, in Egypt and in other parts of the world. It's based on a divine alchemical formula. Within this HeartStream, Saint Germain is actually releasing this formula deep within us. Some of you may feel almost a shift in your consciousness as a result of him imbedding within our being this divine design.

Saint Germain:  I assign you to meditate upon the flower of life, entering the design and intuiting daily more of your own spiritual essence, your own inner beingness. Through understanding sacred geometry and the structure of the universe, you tap into higher resources that will serve you well on your sacred journey. The beauty of creation within the architecture of the antahkarana awaits the initiate's discernment through higher mindfulness and intrepid heart-centeredness born of wise compassion.

David: There you see the image of the flower of life. If you really meditate on this image, you will find all kinds of amazing things within it. You will see a cube within a sphere. You will see the amazing interconnectedness between the points within that cube within the sphere. You may choose to hold your eyes on that image for ten minutes or even longer and see what flows into your consciousness as a result of meditating upon it.

Saint Germain:  Your mind yoked to your heart allows intuition, which is higher inspiration, to flow to and within you always. You are always living in the flow, abiding graciously within the flower of life. The petals of your chakras spin with ease and in resonance with the flow of creation, the natural order of life, the sequential outpicturing of the divine design. Tuned into this design, you co-create lovingly, compassionately and with great affection for all, joyfully and with cosmic abandon, empowered by the Holy Spirit, the great Comforter.

            The advanced alchemist accesses the secrets of the flower of life through love of God. For this is the only way that the eternal truths reveal themselves. The disciple initiates the process through proactive love-charity, the greatest of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. When charity is present, all doors open, all secrets are revealed and the ancient mysteries reserved for true lovers of God and hidden from the profane may be known.

David:  Remember the scripture in the New Testament, without charity all of the other gifts are meaningless.1 Charity must be present as the activator of all of the other gifts of the Holy Spirit. Charity and love facilitate every aspect of higher alchemy for the mystic, the initiate, the master-in-the-making.

Saint Germain:  The flower of life has always been there, though few cognize it within every form of life as the masterful ones do. Though its design has been inscribed for all to see upon ancient temple walls, it was first inscribed within the creation itself as the Tree of Life, the geometry of beingness.

David:  It may not be possible to do this, Boyd, but if you took an image of the sephirot, the Tree of Life, from the Cabbalah and put it next to this image, you would see similarities.

Saint Germain:  
As you continue to meditate on this alchemical formula, you will discover secrets untold and too sacred to be spoken of. During these moments of divine bliss in self-realization, I will be there to observe your ongoing enlightenment and the fulfillment in you of the ancient command “Man, know thy Self.” For truly you are the flower of life.

            Sanctus Germanus

David:  So the first formula was “Abide in the presence of love and light”; the second formula, “Persist on to victory”; and  the third, “Through flow, enter the flower of life.” Here is Saint Germain's first assignment to us, to meditate on the flower of life, on this image. He says that this image was embedded within every part of the creation. Interesting.

            It's a latticework. I believe gemstones, which are, as Eckhart Tolle says, enlightened minerals, often have this lattice of light as the architecture of the field that the atoms within the gemstones outpicture. What Saint Germain is showing me is that these crystals, these gemstones as crystals, having this architecture of the Spirit, do objectify in that latticework of light the creative powers of God.

The highest gemstones actually have a little flame in the center of the gem. Gemstones are the geometrizers of God within the mineral kingdom. They have the sacred geometry of the Divine One within them and they hold a field of beingness for the Earth within the Earth, to bless us, even in a raw state, as within the ore, even unrefined before being brought to the surface.

            It's imperative that we allow much of these gemstones to remain below the surface because they are essential to the maintenance of the balance of the Earth itself. We know that gemstones are compressed minerals that often are formed from plants that have decayed. Over time, the plants return to kind of a mineral state in their dissolution, and then the minerals are, through the power and the force of pressure and heat, compressed into these amazing little alchemical beings.

If you consider the divine design within trees, flowers and plants, you will see the hand of the Creator and the great Comforter, the Holy Spirit, within them too. In addition to meditating upon the flower of life as that image that we put up on the screen, as part of this assignment you could, if you choose, meditate on all kinds of different flowers. You don't have to pluck the flower. You can go out in nature, maybe on a hike, and just sit down and be with a flower. Meditate on its design and see what comes to you in terms of the flow of its intelligence, its inspiration, how it is outpicturing its own level of God-consciousness and Solar awareness. These flowers are in communion with the sun. They don't really come to full fruition or that flowering state unless the sun is present to excite them and to stimulate them and to allow them to emerge from the seed form and then grow into their full capacity.

            Now, if we are flowers of God ourselves, we can learn from flowers aspects of our eternal nature from the way that they live—consciously and gracefully. They are expressive of their eternal nature. And when I say “eternal,” even though they may dissolve and die according to our perception, their essence does live on. The perfume, the aroma that the flowers exude and spread through the atmosphere are aspects of their eternal nature that live on within the wind, within the sky, within the breath of the Holy Spirit as God and the Holy Spirit carry that essence across the atmosphere.

Without the flowers, Saint Germain says, we would have very little joy upon the Earth. If you look at trees, a tree has the flowering aspects of it that produce fruit. Every fruit was first a flower, and that flower housed within it the seed that then became the fruit.

            The universe would be very dry and incomplete without the flower of our being, our essence. So as we discover our eternal nature, our purpose, our holiness, our divine essence, we feel impelled to share and express that essence the same way that the flowers do in nature. And when we abide within our Presence in a loving state of loving God and all life, the virtues of our Higher Self from the tree of life of our causal body are naturally shared and expressed with all life.

Saint Germain asks today, “What are our fruits?” Every alchemical experiment should result in the bearing of some form of fruit. Therefore the flower precedes the development, the full nurturing and the full outpicturing and objectification of that fruit. So as we meditate on the flower and the flower of life, we see the precursor to the drawing forth of our essence in this delectable, delicious and desirous food that becomes the fruit of our being.

            The Master Omraam has said that we are food for higher beings—angels, divine beings. How are we food for them? Maybe it's more than a metaphor. Maybe the virtues that we objectify and that we express—love, kindness, charity, purity, wholeness, mercy, forgiveness, et cetera—are all foods for the angels, for the divine beings, the masters of light and love.

As our chakras spin these little flowers within us, the essence of our being through our chakras is gracing the cosmos with our divinity. This itself is our flowering and the flow of the Holy Spirit moving through us to bless all humanity, all creation. When we smile, when we are joyful and happy, there is the natural ability of our chakras to be open and to perfuse the perfume of their essence to the atmosphere and the cosmos.

            I can see in those who live in a more challenged state, who do not have much joy and are burdened by the cares of the world, that their chakras are more dulled and the flower of the chakras are not fully opened. So to be expressive of our true nature through our chakras, which are these flowers with their beautiful petals, please consider maintaining a state of happiness, because that happiness will engender continuous flow of your essence through the flower of your being to the world.

Higher mindfulness and intrepid heart-centeredness are born of wise compassion, the Master says. Wise compassion is that merging of the mind and the heart in this love-wisdom experience. In our Declaration of Spiritual Freedom, an 800-word document that we created early in The Hearts Center activity, we say we are a movement of love-wisdom. So we do encourage one another to be mindful in heart-centeredness, to be loving in higher mindfulness, in this beautiful cooperation of our minds and our hearts. We have compassionate hearts, which are intelligent hearts. We have understanding minds, which are loving minds.

            As we age through life, through many experiences, I believe we tend to have more compassion for everyone, because the more trials and tribulations, suffering, illnesses, ailments that we go through, the more we can relate to those who have gone through them before us and who are now going through them, and we can be more compassionate and understanding. Had we not been through ailments, troubles, testings, trials, misfortunes, how could we truly be compassionate bodhisattvas? To understand, we must endure, we must be patient, we must persist through long suffering.

1. See 1 Corinthians 13:1–13.

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