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Meet Mother Mary
Mother Mary serves on the fifth ray, the ray of healing, abundance, vision and truth. The vibration of this ray appears as the color emerald-green. 
So Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is from the angelic realm. She is a being of great power and authority and the perfect choice for the role of the Mother of a World Saviour. She and her twin flame, Raphael, have their retreat over Fatima, Portugal.
When we are in need of healing, if we desire to shine the light of truth on any situation, if we are wanting financial abundance for our families and to serve others or want to enhance our ability to hold a strong, positive vision for a personal project or the future of this planet, Mary and Raphael are the names to have on our lips and in our hearts. 

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Feminine Aspect of Divinity

In the West, Mary has held a similar role for the Christian world as the feminine goddesses of Hinduism have held for devotees in India, as Kuan Yin, the merciful-hearted bodhisattva has held for the Chinese Buddhist. Mother Mary is worshiped as the Mother of God, as a Savioress among Christian Catholics. Who is this feminine icon, loved and worshiped by millions of devotees? 

Yesterday’s Choices Become Today’s Reality

Each soul has a story to tell that spans eons of time. We are what we are today because of choices made yesterday and throughout the yesteryears. Many millennia ago, we emerged, issues of our Father/ Mother in heaven, created equal in every way. Some to whom we look for guidance today, like Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint  Joseph, and other saints and initiators of religious movements have simply made more selfless choices, allowing them to now be of world service, assisting us to become like them, like our Father in heaven. We owe these beings, now ascended, immeasurable gratitude.
The soul of Jesus, through lifetimes of surrender to God’s will, prepared for his final and glorious embodiment as our Savior. And the soul of Mother Mary also prepared herself in the same way to play her role as Jesus’ Mother in her final embodiment 2000 years ago.
The ascended masters teach that there are 3 kingdoms—the sons and daughters of God, the angelic kingdom and the elemental kingdom, meaning the beings of nature such as gnomes, undines, fairies, sylphs, salamanders. Mother Mary is of the angelic kingdom. She is an archeia, a feminine archangel. Her twin flame is Archangel Raphael, and they serve together today on the green ray of healing and truth.

Preparation for the Role of the Mother of Jesus

In addition, the ascended masters have told us through their messengers that the soul of Mary had served in the early days of Atlantis as a temple virgin, a priestess even then on the same emerald ray. In her rounds of incarnations, she had become so one with the Cosmic Virgin because Mary had fine-tuned her ability to hold the immaculate concept for all souls and situations. She was able to see only perfection in each individual, each circumstance. 
Among her preparatory embodiments, she had been mother to Jesus’ soul on at least one other occasion. As the wife of Jesse, recorded in the Old Testament, she gave birth to eight sons, one of whom was David, an embodiment of Jesus. David was a shepherd boy who adored his heavenly Father through songs of praise as he tended sheep on the hillsides. Later in that lifetime, he was anointed by the prophet Samuel as the king of Israel.

This lifetime wasn’t so much a karmic repetition of their relationship as mother and son, as many of us experience within our family relationships, but more like a practice run for the time when their two magnificent souls would work together with the soul of Saint Joseph to impact the world so profoundly that a new religion would be created, a calendar would be divided in two and from that time on, Jesus, Mary and Joseph would be referred to as “the Holy Family.”.


In her final embodiment as Mary the Mother of Jesus, her parents, Anna and Joachim, initiates of the Great White Brotherhood, dedicated her to God at her birth. And as was said of John the Baptist, Mary was filled with the Holy Ghost from her mother’s womb.


A Vow to Serve God as a Temple Virgin 

At three years of age, Mary was taken to serve in the temple once again, this time in Jerusalem. It is said that when Anna and Joachim brought her there, they placed her on the first of fifteen temple steps, symbolic of certain initiations, and little Mary climbed the steps with ease, demonstrating her preparation for the mission that lay ahead as the mother of Jesus in this lifetime.
As a temple virgin from ages three through fourteen, Mary enjoyed communion with the angels and great protection from them. She spent her time in contemplation and the holding of all of the earth in her immaculate vision. Day by day she became the spirit of humility and beauty that shone like the sun from her being.
At age fourteen, when the temple virgins were to be given in marriage, Mary requested that the rest of her life be dedicated only to temple work. But God had other plans, as we know, and she was betrothed to Joseph, who was himself a rather reluctant player in this drama of the ages. Considerably older than Mary, he was taken by surprise at being chosen as her husband. And it was not until an undeniable sign from heaven—a dove descending upon Joseph’s staff—that he surrendered to the will of God, taking Mary to be his wife.
The teachings of the ascended masters emphasize the desire of both Mary and Jesus that they not be worshipped. Instead, Mary desires that those who look up to her and Jesus be themselves examples of holy living and service to mankind. For all are meant to walk and talk with God, to become a Christ, a Buddha. Divine potential lives in each child of God. 


The Importance of Devotional Singing

Mother Mary asked that we sing our decrees to create a harmonic release which will powerfully accelerate and amplify the work that we and the masters do together. She said the power released through engaging of our hearts through singing is tremendous.  Harmony accelerated through the scales of the chakras is a sacred science that Mother Mary and Raphael teach at their retreat. Read more

Below is an example of lyrics adapted from prayer 50.016 and set to a lovely melody.  And now it has been made into a video with soundtrack of that original song.



Teaching on the Via Gloriosa and the
Christ-Centered Life

Mother Mary comes to tell us that holiness is the need of each soul. If we are to return to God, we must no longer think that we are sinners but that we are joint heirs with Christ. She reminds us that Jesus did not come simply to be worshiped, but that he sought to teach mankind the way whereby they could ascend back to the heart of God.


She says every soul is made in the image and likeness of God. And therefore, each of us is pure in the eyes of God. No one is a sinner! With Jesus, she asks us not to grovel upon the ground but to stand forth as sons and daughters of God, proclaiming the glory of the Son of God within us!
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Mother Mary--Our Lady of Cosmic Abundance

Mother Mary serves on the fifth ray, the ray of healing, abundance, vision and truth. Mother Mary is a cosmic alchemist, just as Saint Germain and Jesus are, and is able to precipitate anything that is required—anywhere, for and on behalf of anyone—for the spiritual upliftment, support and joy of lightbearers. 

Key Teachings on Abundance

Abundance and the Mastery of the Emotional Body
An Emerald Vision of My Healing Retreat
Hold the Stream of Perfect Vision
Compassionate Communication
Friendship with Archangel Michael
The Flow of Abundance

Mother Mary’s Missions

Mother Mary’s Missions—Messages from the Divine Mother

On Pilgrimage to California’s 21 Spanish Missions with David C. Lewis

Mother Mary speaks to us about life’s holy purpose, our roles as co-creators with God, the importance of sacred ritual, the science of sound and the law of the I AM, secret-ray teachings, our work with the angels, what it means to hold the immaculate concept, forgiveness, the power of silence and meditation, teachings on healing, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the importance of family relationships, and teachings on prayer and fasting.

In addition to the forty HeartStreams by Mother Mary and other ascended masters, find...
  • Descriptions of the 21 missions
  • Biographies of the twelve dictating ascended masters
  • A glossary of terms
  • Prayers
  • Information on The Hearts Center and David C. Lewis

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On the Rosary

Hail, Ma-Ray

In offering the rosary, Mother Mary has taught us that we are invoking the Mother-God in all life, the Mother Ray, the “Ma-Ray.” Yes, Mother Mary is the example of the Feminine aspect of God, the Mother Principle, the Cosmic Virgin, the Woman Clothed with the Sun spoken of in Revelation. And she wants each of us to be that also.



Continuous New Age Rosaries - Play to bring light into your home and to bless the Earth!  Follow along - PDF Booklet


Anchor Light in the Earth

The rosary anchors the light of the Mother Flame within the earth and within the souls of her chelas. For as we honor the Mother Flame in Mary, we also honor that flame within ourselves. And as we revere the light within the one, the Mother of Jesus, she—reflecting back to us that same love and reverence—raises our awareness of self in that Mother Light to the crown.

Raise your Kundalini!

Those who are sensitive as they pray will feel the coursing of this Mother energy known as the kundalini from the base to the crown, nourishing their chakras. It is a washing action of the light; it is a daily cleanse, a bath of divine radiance. It is the Mother’s nurturing of us as we revere her love, her light and all that she did for Jesus but also for us.

More on the rosary

Messages from Mary

Mother Mary      August 25, 2016

David Christopher Lewis Discourse and Darshan (overshined by Mother Mary)
August 25, 2016   7:04–7:54 pm MDT

Livingston, Montana

Teachings on Harmony within Spiritual Communities, among Disciples and within Ourselves

Good evening, everyone. God bless you and thank you for being here tonight for this very important release of light from the heart of beloved Mother Mary: “Teachings on Harmony within Spiritual Communities, among Disciples and within Ourselves.” The following are some thoughts from Mother Mary on these subjects.

Harmony begins at home. Harmony, as we know, facilitates our multiplication of supply, because on the cosmic clock, as taught by Mother Mary, the six o'clock line is the line of harmony and supply. And there's a reason harmony is mentioned first when coupling those two virtues, rather than saying supply and harmony. Harmony comes before supply. Harmony creates the atmosphere for all growth—personal spiritual growth, the spiritual growth of movements of light, ascended-master organizations, the staff within those movements and organizations, and both the personal and financial growth that comes from the attainment that manifests through striving. And, of course, harmony is also necessary in all gardens for plants to grow. There has to be the harmony of the elements that they require—the sun, the soil, the water, and within the soil, the proper elements that nurture those plants.

The reason we have the Round Table matrix within our Hearts Center community is because the circle itself facilitates harmony. There are no jagged edges. It is very even and wonderful—the sacred hoop of the native peoples. And all at the Round Table, all within the circle, all at the sacred hoop are co-equals. This dynamic diminishes the competition that could occur between individual members and thereby increases cooperation and collaboration, which is essential in movements that desire to grow and make their impact on the world. Harmony means that all teams, all community members, all staff, all co-workers, all heartfriends and servitors work as one organism to strive for the goals, the mission, the vision of the entire organization. We are one body composed of many members.

Harmony among disciples occurs when the disciples are on the path—the path of the ascension, the path of Self-realization, the path of enlightenment—and all that is a part of that path. They understand the path and they accept that they are on that path within the context of the movement, the organization, and they live by those disciplines, spiritual rules and regulations, if we would call them that. Some people try to avoid all rules and regulations. They like to be free spirits, and yet are they truly living in the highest level of harmony? Harmony is always tested when we work with others, and this is part of the path.

If one among all the disciples leaves off of following the disciplines of that path, that one becomes a drag on the entire community. And all will feel it at some level of their being, even if they haven't really discerned where it's coming from or why it's happening. It may manifest at the subconscious level, but it is there. So it's important that we self-assess to ensure that we are maintaining that harmony within ourselves so that we can provide the impetus to the movement, to the ascended-master organization to fulfill its highest purpose through us.

Harmony is not acquiescing to nonaction and being limp and passive. Contrary to that, harmony is a very active, energetic coalescing of light, sound, color and creativity within the movement. It's like a beehive, with all the bees doing their specific work on behalf of the greater whole of that hive so that all are raised within this collective work of the individual disciples that are part of that community.

Meditation is great; however, we can't go into a cave and meditate. We have to apply the meditative mastery that we gain from going within and communing with God in a very practical way. Servitorship is one of the bywords of all true ascended-master movements, whereby we work out our salvation—our self-elevation—through service, ministration, aligning ourselves with the active blue-fire radiance of the ascended masters and the will of God.

Harmony and supply pole God-power on the cosmic clock. When you have the mastery of God-power on the twelve o'clock line and the mastery of God-control on the three o'clock line, it is easier to master God-harmony and supply because you've already mastered those blue-ray cardinal points of the cosmic clock. And then you go on to master God-reality on the nine o'clock line. That is where the real tests in the physical octave begin, at God-reality. You can only be real if you walk your talk, you live the path. So you must do that and master the blue ray on those cardinal points, and harmony is one of the essential components of that.

In all spiritual communities there are people who test our harmony—those who are eccentric, who have seeming outward peccadilloes and issues. They think differently, speak differently or act differently than us. This allows for a certain dynamic of initiation for all of us to master compassion, patience, understanding and to be loving and kind. It also helps us to round ourselves out and to learn the science of tact and diplomacy in communication to deal with those eccentricities, which at some level we all probably have. We wouldn't be on the path if we weren't a little eccentric. Many of us were different when we grew up because we knew there was more to life than the status quo and we sought that higher walk with God, that more intimate dynamic of the inner search.

However, if the eccentricities of certain individuals become so pronounced that they interfere with the hum of the teamwork and the harmony of the group that breeds creativity through oneness of purpose, those individuals may be called out by the spiritual leader. And the responsible ones may be asked to either cool their jets, so to speak, or possibly depart or receive some sort of discipline.

It's important that we maintain that harmony, even in the midst of our individual co-creative eccentricities. There is a balancing act in this regard so that we honor the individual creative spirit-spark within the heart, the mind, the soul, the will and the vision (or third eye) of every individual. Yet in subservience to the higher cause of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, the ascended masters and our sponsoring masters, we have to acquiesce to their will because they know better; they've mastered themselves. We're still in that process.

Now, when imperil manifests because of egoic actions, words and vibrations, they have to be checked. They cannot be left unchecked. Imperil creates a dynamic of disturbing the flow, disturbing the force, a la Star Wars. It's important to understand that when we feel imperil that we depersonalize it, because obviously a lot of it can come from the world, from projections, et cetera. And yet we always also go within to root out any elements within ourselves that may be inharmonious, not to the liking of the Divine One and our own Higher Self.

We have to be sensitive to what is working on or within us at subconscious levels, levels that we may not even be aware of. So if you ever feel imperil and you can't get a handle on it, go to the ascended masters for guidance. And if you are not getting the direct response that you feel is the actual cause and core of what is transpiring, communicate with fellow heartfriends, lightbearers and see if you can discern what is at play, where the source of that imperil is. I believe that it will be exposed. You can make calls, prayers, invocations and then move on. Don't devolve into the blame game of naming individuals as responsible for the problem. Depersonalize it. Yet if something transpires that's really bordering on evil, great darkness, it has to come to light so that we can, as a community, maintain that harmony.

Planetary, cultural, national, organizational, as well as family, harmonics, all ensue from the manifestation of the personal harmony of every individual who is a part of those groups. So, as I said earlier, if one person is dragging or pulling on the entire group, we have to understand that dynamic and realize that it could compromise all of us. This has occurred in The Hearts Center, and a number of times the masters have dealt with it as compassionately as they could, given the situations.

Harmony is the byword of all true spiritual communities; of the temples of light that those communities often build, construct, manifest, precipitate; of the sanctuaries within those temples or wherever the initiates do their inner spiritual work and worship God; and also of the individual body temples of the lightbearers, the heartfriends. So this byword is important for us to understand at all of these levels within this greater spiritual community: the temples that are built.

This is why when we go into any sanctuary within a temple we often take our shoes off. We have respect, we observe silence and we show deference to the rules and regulations that are established, the spiritual norms that are practiced, such as quietude and not speaking when it's inappropriate, as when meditating; and being very conscious of our movements, sounds, breathing and anything that could disturb the flowfield. All of these things are very important, as are the decorum and reverence that we display.

Finally, harmony is a Virtue, with a capital V. In other words, there is a being who totally ensouls the flame of harmony. Within the choir of angels known as the Virtues, there is a Virtue known as Harmony. We also have God Harmony, a God being who ensouls harmony at a very high frequency. Harmony is also a virtue, with a small v, meaning the actual God-quality, or essence, that we all desire to embody. And harmony is a spiritual practice and a must for all of us so that the hum of the OM and the AUM within the community, through all the disciples, can truly manifest and we can live as one, serve as one, be one in God.

So these are Mother Mary's thoughts through me on harmony within spiritual communities, among disciples and within ourselves. Mother Mary has been, as a mother figure in early Christianity, one who resolved conflicts. This is in a number of different publications through different sources. This has come to light in the Bridge to Freedom, in The Summit Lighthouse and even through me.

What did she do? She saw all of the individual egoic emanations from every disciple. She observed their motives, their words, their deeds, their expressions, their body language. And because of her deep sensitivity, she was able to tune into what was at play, the conflicts between individuals, how their egos interacted and were ruffled at times. And then she could very compassionately, lovingly and yet very authoritatively deal with these instances of inharmony to set things straight, to bring people back into alignment and to nurture their souls in the process, which is very important—always providing a teaching, always providing her own example of living in complete harmony with the universe, with God, with nature, with her own soul. So Mother Mary was the preeminent example of the virtue of harmony, the light of harmony, the beauty of harmony, the co-creative power of harmony and she demonstrated how harmony must be the byword of the initiates.

I was provided with a number of questions by Reverend Donna Korth, which I'd like to offer Mother Mary the opportunity to respond to now. I haven't looked at these questions. I was planning to, and then, as often happens, it's almost better that I don't see them so that the response can be completely from Mother Mary's heart and cosmic mind rather than coming from somewhere else through me.

Question:  Why are so many young immigrant children suffering currently, even losing both their parents or watching them being murdered if karma isn't involved before age twelve?

There are a lot of seeming injustices in the world. As I've shared a number of times, there is no injustice in the universe. And if you could see the records of every lifestream, as God beholds them and as the Karmic Board, the Keeper of the Scrolls, the recording angels and the sponsoring masters of each individual behold them, you would see how everything happens for a reason. There is no injustice in the entire universe. Now, mankind is unjust one to another, yet God is not unjust to us. The system that is set up is perfectly balanced and harmonious. The law of reciprocity, the law of the circle, the law of cause and effect—karma—is perfect in the way that it is outpictured, because if karma were not the law, the universe would fly off and spin off in some sort of wobbly action and there would be a great disturbance that could basically destroy everything.

The individual karma of children twelve and under is their karma. The greater karma descends at the age of twelve. It does not mean that bad things do not happen, or seemingly bad things, to children under twelve. How many of us had experiences as children where there was pain, suffering, sorrow, trauma? I got hit in the head with a baseball bat when I was about ten or eleven years old. It caused a great trauma, which resulted in a brain tumor, and I almost died when I was in second grade.

If you look back at your life, there were probably things that occurred in childhood that were the outpicturing of karma at some level. As a whole, it's said that the greater karma doesn't really manifest until we're twelve, when we can start to handle it. However, children get cancer earlier than that. So is there karma before age twelve? Yes, there is, though you can't make a generalized statement about it. It's not a matrix that is defined in such a prescribed way that it's only planetary karma if it is before the age of twelve. There is karma involved.

Question:  Are you, Mother Mary, and the angels able to help prevent hate and mental problems from occurring in the hearts and minds of young people who are watching the slaughter and hatred occurring all around them?

Of course prayer always works. The suffering that's occurring is great and very traumatic, and yet everything happens for a reason. However, mercy, grace and intercession can manifest by the action of prayer when it is answered by angels, masters, Elohim or cosmic beings.

Yesterday we had a wonderful HeartStream from a cosmic Buddha from the Pleiades. This Buddha came with six other Buddhas to mitigate certain things that could be occurring on the Earth—cataclysm, earth changes and other major issues that mankind is potentially due to receive based on their past karma, including injustices toward one another, the universe, Mother Earth, nature, et cetera. This was a grace and a mercy because of our prayers. There are a number of prayers in which we call to the Buddhas from out the Pleiades. I think it's in our “Opening Invocation for Prayer Services.”1 So when you call to a being enough, that being has to answer. Maybe it took a while for this to manifest, and yet it manifested and it's a great action.

I was explaining to someone last night how important this intercession is and how it can prevent many, many lives from being lost and souls from being lost as a result. So keep praying; pray unceasingly. Have a part of yourself within that is in a state of constant communion with God and engaging in an inner dialogue and prayer to God to benefit sentient beings—raise sentient beings, free them, seal them, save them, teach them, transmute the darkness around them. We are here to serve, to love and to free sentient beings who are ready to be enlightened, awakened and then involved in the great work of the ages, which is the freedom of all mankind, the enlightenment and illumination of all peoples.

So, yes, Mother Mary and her angels and all angels are able to help prevent hate and mental problems from occurring in the hearts and minds of young people who are watching the slaughter and hatred occurring around them. It's diabolical. It's very difficult to deal with. It's traumatic and it leaves its scars on their psyches, in the subconscious. And yet God is the great healer of all. With God all things are possible. Every seemingly dire situation and crazy manifestation can be mitigated, mollified and actually transmuted by the grace of God, especially through the use of the violet transmuting, singing flame, or, as the the Saint Germain Foundation calls it, the violet consuming flame. It consumes darkness on contact when we invoke it.

Question:  What can we do to work with the angels as onlookers of the planetary changes? Are we really in Armageddon?

Yes, we are in Armageddon. It's ongoing and it will be ongoing for a while. Why? Because the dark ones are attempting to usurp the light and to ensnare the souls and spirits of the lightbearers and of all mankind. Read C. S. Lewis's book The Screwtape Letters to get a little bit of an understanding of the dynamics and subtleties of the work of the dark forces.

What can we do to work with the angels? We pray to them; we collaborate with them. One of the greatest prayers you can give is 10.023 in our prayer book, “I AM Standing Now with Michael.” This is the great collaboration of mankind with the angelic realms: “I AM standing now with Michael defending every soul.” It's a beautiful, beautiful, powerful prayer, where we actually go in spirit, in our Higher Selves, to fly with Michael, to go with Michael, to serve with Michael, soar with Michael. This is one of my favorite prayers. It's among the more recent prayers that have been dictated to me on behalf of Archangel Michael or by him directly, and it's something that is a part of the battle of Armageddon. We know that Michael is involved in the battle of Armageddon. So who better to call to than Archangel Michael to help us through this time of planetary change and the travail that's occurring right now?

So 10.023 is such an important prayer that I pray that you will consider giving it daily, if you don't already, that you will make it real, that you will sing it, strum it, walk with it, march with it so that it enters your subconscious, and sometimes you'll wake up in the morning giving it, or at least part of the phraseology of it. It will start to hum and sing within you, even in your subconscious, so that you are always there, at some level of awareness, supporting Archangel Michael in this battle of Armageddon.

I've explained that we are in the time of the third peril of George Washington's vision. I spoke of this in a recent radio interview with Wayne and Julie Purdin when Julie interviewed me for their local radio program, which originates out of the Phoenix area. You can listen to that. I believe we may have a link to it on our site, and maybe that can be pointed out at some point because it's very important to understand that we are in that time of the third peril. It is a planetary war and it's going on everywhere. It's the warring within our own members, it's the warring within our souls; it's the battle for the actual light, the spirit, the energy of the lightbearers.

The media is corrupt and are involved in this. The powers-that-were (instead of the powers-that-be) have tried to snuff out the light, hide the truth. They can't get away with it forever. The truth is being exposed. Alternative media are telling the truth. So please don't believe what you read in the newspapers and what you see on most of the national TV shows.

Mother Mary is saying through me now that, yes, there is some truth there; there is interesting information. However, to really know the truth, you have to penetrate beyond the veil to see what is really transpiring, which you will not get through the mainstream media as a whole; you'll only get little tidbits. And if you're sensitive, you can read between the lines. However, the lie is very powerful now. And most people are smitten by that lie; they are bitten by that lie. The lie infects them with the lie itself. The liar infects them with the lie. It's a poison and it enters their mind-stream. And once you're infected by that lie, it's very difficult to get it out of your system. Once you believe the liar and his lie, it's very difficult to take that out of your being. It's like getting bitten by a snake and then you have to go to the hospital, in many cases, to receive the antidote so that you don't have the trauma that could result in your death.

They believed the lie and their damnation manifested. In the Bible or somewhere it says this thing about they believed the lie.2 Why do people believe the lie? Because they've made themselves susceptible through their habit patterns and their egoic living, by living for pleasure and without thought of the future—the perversion of living in the eternal Now. They are living only for the now rather than for God's will within seven generations and more in the future, for in doing this we make right choices.

So the Now generation of the sixties and seventies was partly there to expose a lot that was going on behind the scenes that had to be dealt with. However, they were infected by parts of the lie. They believed a lot of the lie, and now that same energy is coming back in the current generation, and we're seeing all of this stuff happening because people believe the lie.

The truth will expose the lie. Mother Mary is invested in that as a green-ray master, along with Cyclopea and Virginia, K-17, Hilarion and other masters of the green ray. We will have the full revelation of the truth, the way and the life in due time. The truth will be shouted from the housetops. And on the housetops are what? Antennas. So it will either be through the Internet, television, radio or the righteous media that we will have the exposure of the truth. Eventually the entire akashic records will be read, and people will not get away with anything. Wouldn't that be nice, to have that now with those running for office so that everyone could see what actually has occurred in the private lives of these individuals and what they've done? And if everybody knew, there is no way they would vote for certain people. So, yes, we are in Armageddon.

Question:  I have a grown child who is an alcoholic suffering from several severe physical problems as a result and who refuses help from others and refuses to talk to me. How can we help these people when they refuse to relate to us or others? I know of other parents with this challenge of alcohol- or drug-addicted children.

You're not responsible for a grown child who's beyond the age of thirty-three. They have their own life to live. If they do not talk with you, why do you keep trying to change them? They are who they are. Can a leopard change its spots? So you pray, you surrender, you let go and you let God do it. If you have tried year after year after year to change someone's behavior and they're not responding, you surrender it to God and you move on. Let them live their life. It's their life, not your life.

I remember talking to someone who was concerned about their child entering college. That person had a great scholarship opportunity, and the parent asked me what to do. I've been told not to give advice, so the only thing that I said was that the child will do what the child desires, in spite of what the parent says and that the best way to model for that child is to give your love, to be the example of what you desire them to do, and then pray and surrender them to God, because they have their own will, their own life.

So if they're an adult beyond the age of thirty-three, you have to let go. If you try to do too much for them, they will resent it and they will turn against you and smite you. Therefore you have to release them into the arms of God, surrender them into the arms of God. Pray as if everything depended on God; work as if everything depended on you. However, if you've worked and worked and worked and you're still serving them in some way or giving them money, giving them a home to live in—in spite of all that they've done that is inordinate and inappropriate and injurious to their own being—I'd say kick them out of the house. Let them be on their own. Are you enabling them? At least twice in the past, masters have talked about people enabling adult children, or even younger children, by giving them too much.

Don't give them what they will resent. And read the book I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams by Tom and Penelope Pauley.3 There is a fantastic chapter in there in which they talk about not giving people money that they don't deserve to receive, because you're enabling them. And that enabling is actually more detrimental to their initiatic path than if you were to just let it go and let them have to earn their own living. This is the disease of this age and of this generation. So are you still accountable for them? No. God is accountable for them and they are accountable for themselves. Love them, pray for them, release them.

Question:  With political problems and disagreements at a peak, plus the shift I hear about and feel, how do we maintain our calmness and love when we feel attacked by friends with different political convictions?

Hopefully we know that we are to avoid politics and religion in discussions, because it can ruin friendships and destroy collaborative work. I was having dinner with someone that I love and respect here in Livingston and we were talking about something and then suddenly the political candidates currently running for office came into the discussion. I found out very quickly that the other party did not like a certain candidate, and it was very interesting what started to ensue. At a certain point I felt the masters kind of draw a curtain down and say, “Thus far and no farther. Don't talk anymore about it because it's just going to exacerbate feelings that are so ingrained in the individual's psyche and consciousness that it's not going to help; nothing will help. Save the friendship by avoiding confrontational discussion items and topics and save your friendship. You can relate to them as an individual without bringing politics or religion into it. These are the great divisive dualistic topics that create conflict and that we can avoid if we are tactful and diplomatic.

So love the person enough to respect their views and don't talk about your views if you know that it's going to create a divisive situation that could result in inharmony and imperil. I think we've all learned this lesson at one point. We've gotten so gung ho about something and wanted to tell the whole world. Well, what happened? We let our mouths run on and then we became smitten by the backlash that was ours to deal with because we weren't tactful and diplomatic.

So how do we maintain our calmness? Don't even broach the subject. Stay away from it. And if people start talking about stuff to you without your permission, just politely, reverently and judiciously release yourself from that discussion. You can diplomatically say, “You know, I really have to go.” Or you could say, “You know, this is making me feel uneasy. Can we talk about something else? I'm really not into discussing my personal views in this way, and I hope that you can respect that, because I love you regardless of your views or in spite of your views or because of your views. I love you as God in you, and I will always respect that and revere that you have the right to believe what you believe in. Yet I'm a sovereign individual. I have my opinions, and let's keep this out of it so that we can talk about something that's constructive, rather than divisive.”

Question:  Can Mother Mary help us to know the truth behind what the media tells us? What is the best source out there for finding out the truth regarding the current world scenes?

Well, there's no one media outlet that has everything. The All-Seeing Eye of God is the greatest exponent of truth, both to expose it and to broadcast it. So go to the All-Seeing Eye of God; pray and meditate with Cyclopea. There are certain media that I look at and I also look at both left and right because I like to know what some are saying. I read between the lines. I see the bias of both sides. I desire to know the truth, and so I ask the masters to show me the akashic records. If people saw the akashic records of all these people running for office, they would be so appalled. I'm not saying everyone, but some of them. They would be so appalled that there is no way they would vote for them.

As part of our 501(c)(3) status, we can't talk about candidates and promote them. So I'm going to stay away from that. However, the way, the truth and the life can be known if you pray and ask to be shown the truth. The Holy Spirit will show you much; Cyclopea and Virginia can show you; Jesus will show you; and your personal sponsoring masters will reveal things. And if you have to spend time looking at the media, look at some of the alternative media and look at more than one source, because you're not going to find it all in one source. Everybody, to a certain extent, is a little biased based on their predilections, their upbringing, their understanding. I listen to media that's as objective as possible. There is so much media that is not objective—they are completely, 100 percent biased. So ask to be brought to the media that's more unbiased by asking others. We as an organization are not going to tell you where to get your news. It's just not part of our mission; it is not part of the dynamic of what we do.

We do prayer, we do fasting, we do meditation, we do world-action decrees, we come together and we have our events. I actually would prefer that people not ask questions about politics because it's not going to go anywhere with me. I may share in private with some people here and there my own understanding of certain situations. In fact, I did that last night with someone who's very politically connected in Bozeman who happened to be at the Livingston Farmer's Market. I revealed to this person what came to me about the most immediate past life of the two major candidates. If people knew these past lives of these candidates, it would be a game changer immediately. I'm not going to reveal that because it's not appropriate. However, I can say that if people really knew, they would be shocked. And the media is complicit in this whole thing.

Question:  A listener once asked Mother Mary if there is any significance to the angelic figure on the Olympic gold medals regarding the harmony required in the world.

Well, the Olympics originally, as we know, was an opportunity to have people from all nations come together for sport. It wasn't political; it was just people competing. Originally they were competing with themselves and not so much against others. There were races where you compete to try to improve yourself. Now it's become very political in some respects and problematic. When you are observing the Olympics, please consider sending light to all the nations that these athletes represent for peace, for harmony, for the end of dualistic thinking and action and for the unity field of beingness to pervade all.

I think it's wonderful that people excel and they excel within themselves and improve themselves. Sports, unfortunately, have now come to the point of being so invested in competition instead of cooperation and collaboration. And the competition can be very traumatic for the losers. If there was a way of honoring everyone for their effort and for their improvement, that would be awesome. Yet I'm not saying that we shouldn't have competition. I think it's good to learn teamwork and to develop skill sets. Teamwork is something that's very important to the ascended masters. They work in teams and have councils. I don't have a gold medal or a silver or a bronze medal, so I don't know what that image looks like. Sorry, but it symbolizes what it symbolizes. Every Olympics may be a little different and Brazil may have helped to choose the image on there. If it does relate to harmony, praise God. I think it's wonderful.

That's what I had to offer tonight. We have five minutes before eight, when I know you have some prayers. I'm not able to hear anything that's going on because I'm just talking and Boyd is broadcasting me through the system that we have. So Boyd, if there's anything that Donna or someone else would like to say, fine. Otherwise I think that I will give it back to her and you can take me off the broadcast. And you can just type in the chat, Boyd, if there's something that they would like me to address before I go.

I'd like to thank Mother Mary for the teaching on harmony and for the answers to these questions. Some of you may know that in many New Age circles, Mother Mary was considered to have been born in the cycle of Virgo, which is the virgin, which makes sense because she went to the temple and served in the temple.

Boyd says there's nothing more from Donna or people on the call. So God bless you. Thank you so much. Thanks to all who helped with this broadcast—Boyd, Donna,  Barbara and any others. I love you all and look forward to the next time later in the year when I'll be able to come back and share more from one of the ascended masters. I'm going to sign off now. Good night.

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2. See 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12.

7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
8 And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
9 Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
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