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Kuan Yin- Mother of Mercy

Known as the Mother of Mercy in the East, Kuan Yin has been worshipped by Buddhists for thousands of years. She is the greatest of bodhisattvas and embodies the totality of compassion for humanity.

Kuan Yin Rosary of Mercy and Ho'oponopono 

 with Meditation, Prayers, and Songs

Rosary Devotion to the Mother of the East

This 33 minute rosary meditation is a devotion to the Mother of the East and as a way to bring East and West together. 

Follow in the footsteps of Kuan Yin as you join in this rosary of love and forgiveness and let this light flow through you to emanate blessings and compassion to all. This rosary of contemplative prayer was designed to help devotees of Kuan Yin to become one with her compassionate and merciful heart. 

Kuan Yin Shares Teachings on Maintaining a Merciful Heart amidst Duality.

Avalokitesvara's release of Light was delivered through David Christopher Lewis messenger for the Ascended Masters.

Kuan Yin known as the Mother of Mercy in the East, has been worshipped by Buddhists for thousands of years. She is the greatest of Bodhisattvas and embodies the totality of compassion for humanity. She removes obstacles, erases past offenses, dispenses mercy, healing and spiritual graces, while always meeting the true inner needs of the soul.

Kuan Yin by fountain

"Hearer of Sounds"

Her shortened Chinese name,  Kuan Yin, means “Hearer of Sounds.” Her full name, Kuan Shih Yin,  means “Hearer of the World’s Sounds.” According to Eastern tradition, when Kuan Yin was about to enter heaven, as she stood on the very threshold, she could hear the cries of humanity. She did not enter but returned to help all who suffer in the earth plane. The term “Hearer of Sounds" can also be translated as “perceiver” or “regarder” of the world’s sounds. She is known in much of Asia as a divine emanation that answers the prayers of those who faithfully call upon her name.

Kuan Yin removes obstacles, erases past offenses, dispenses mercy, healing and spiritual graces, while always meeting the true inner needs of the soul.
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Bodhisattva of Compassion

One of her many titles is Bodhisattva of Compassion. Bodhisattva is a Sanskrit word—bodhi meaning "enlightenment"  and sattva translated as "reality" or "existence." A bodhisattva is an enlightened being who has vowed to forgo higher realms and full liberation in order to assist those still struggling in the physical world. A bodhisattva cultivates virtue and pursues his/her spiritual career while on a path of self-sacrifice for the welfare of others and gives compassionate, loving service to humanity and to all sentient life. A bodhisattva (P’u Sa in Chinese) can be a person still in embodiment or a celestial being like Kuan Yin. At this highest transcendent level, the title is mahasattva.

Kuan Yin Mercy Prayer

Kuan Yin is a cross-cultural, nondenominational figure revered by many spiritual and religious traditions around the world. She serves the aspirants of all spiritual heritages and paths.Those who espouse a concept of an impersonal, formless divinity see her as an expression of the essence of compassion, or as a symbol of it. Others who acknowledge a personal Godhead view her as a divine embodiment of this virtue. Some view her as both the impersonal and personal manifestations of divine compassion, with no contradiction. She nurtures the growth of this quality in us through our devotions and our interpersonal relationships with others.

—Excerpted from Kuan Yin's Miracle Mantras by Josephine Stark.

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HeartStreams from Kuan Yin
Kuan Yin's Missives of Mercy
On January 13, 2008 Kuan Yin began delivering a series called Missives of Mercy for those who would be bodhisattvas of love. In these releases of light, she desired to direct the currents of mercy into the deepest recesses of our consciousness. By our reverent and respectful attentiveness to this flame of compassion and forgiveness, she will weave a garland of light around the Earth. View list

What Is a HeartStream?
HeartStreams are communications from the ascended masters to their students through a messenger of the Universal White Brotherhood. They contain teachings that help us to understand our true nature and our purpose in life. More


Kuan yins rosary of mercy

Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy Booklet
(folleto en español)

Follow in the footsteps of Kuan Yin as you join in this rosary of love and forgiveness and let this light flow through you to emanate blessings and benevolence to all.


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Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy CD


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Kuan Yin's Miracle Mantras
by Josefine Stark with Christine Meiner

A fascinating explanation of Kuan Yin including famous embodiments, legends, sutra promises, descriptions of her retreat, the secrets of sound and the violet light. Over 70 pages of mantras with pronunciations and illustrations for hand mudras with additional visualizations and meditations!

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Messages from Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin      August 27, 2015

Beloved Kuan Yin

David Christopher Lewis

August 27, 2015   2:00–2:24 pm MDT

Livingston, Montana

Kuan Yin Pours a Vase of Mercy Oil over the Earth

Beloved Hearts of Mercy and Grace,

I come this day with a vase containing a special oil, which I pour upon the Earth from heavenly octaves of light and also upon your spiritual essence that you call your soul to anoint you with mercy and grace. For you have invoked many angels today, angels who have come to support your hearts and your mission, your families, your work, your communities, your nation. And with these angels, who have sung with you, I have also sent many bodhisattvas to share their love and to shower their radiance upon you and across the Earth, here, there and everywhere. For mercy is the requirement of the hour. And grace is also that which mankind require to assist them in resolving every conflict; in coming to terms with the past; and in moving upward and onward to a new life of divine glory and holiness through resolution, reverence and understanding, whereby they may utilize every divine gift and every heavenly virtue to win the day for the light and for mercy-love for all.

It has been some time since I have addressed you, and I use this opportunity of your broadcast through Barcelona, Spain, to shower my light, the Buddhic light of the bodhisattvas of love and mercy, throughout the West and especially in Europe and in every nation that truly does espouse love through the sacred hearts of those who love God, who pray and sing to the Divine and whose faces are bright with the radiance of joy, even that childlike spirit that is the vehicle for mercy to dawn upon Earth.

You see, blessed ones, it does not take a computerized mind to access the mind of God. It only requires a heart rich in love and empowered by the Spirit to raise you into those higher dimensions of true understanding whereby you know Buddhic mindfulness, divine truth and the ways of heaven. Many seek human wisdom through memorization and book knowledge. However, precious ones, mercy is wise in the ways in which God extends and expands the creative power of love through forgiveness, through kindness and through the extension of one's heart in a charitable way to bless life. Did you know that when you bless one life through an act of undaunted and courageous mercy, thousands of lives throughout the universe are also blessed because of the oneness of all creatures and the interconnectedness of the cosmos within the one Spirit that inhabits all of creation?

You may not realize that when your one act of givingness raises a soul and allows that one, through forgiveness and understanding, to rise out of the former life of darkness that there is a simultaneous alchemy of light manifest in multidimensions of being throughout the Cosmic Egg, caused by what has been called the butterfly effect. Grace is expanded within the nexus of that givingness, which creates a sacred space of beauty and harmony that then naturally, through the laws governing the cosmos, intertwines that energy in so many different awarenesses and planes of being. This one understanding, lived day by day in a conscious way, will allow you to co-create magnificently whatever you desire to manifest through your hearts, one with God, and through your lives of mercy, which truly are, dearest ones, miraculous in the way in which divine intercession through the angels' presence in your midst allows there to be blessedness, peace and divine progress.

If you seek peace around the world, begin with yourself and feel the emanation of the mercy flame through your soul, through your heart and through the sun center of every chakra. And allow that radiance to wrap its light-energy field around the world—the world that you create first within yourself and then the greater outer world that you see around you. Yes, dearest ones, the saints, the adepts and the great masters of East and West came to this understanding that in order to change life for the better upon Earth, all that was required was that they merge fully with God in the light, first within their own hearts; and then through this oneness, greater light would manifest everywhere.

We know that you know these truths, for this understanding was locked within your soul and heart eons ago in time. And it is only recently, through greater understanding of the higher truths and the mystical paths of light, that you have now reached the level where you feel this understanding, where you know it deep within your soul. And in this knowing and feeling and divine sensing and miraculous experience of oneness, the truth becomes your new norm and you are raised to in turn raise others in the cosmic flame of mercy, love, joy.

Yes, I AM the Bodhisattva of Mercy for the Earth. And though much of my work is done in China and throughout the East, when I am called to serve in the West I am only a breath away, only a prayer in distance from the ones who would be my merciful ones to bless those in their worlds who require God's eternal light.

Now the oil poured out from this vase expands, even as the oil within some ancient urns were multiplied by the power of alchemy by various mystics, including Elisha and Issa, your Jesus. And this oil is an unguent of compassion and healing also this day. For compassion leads to healing, understanding breeds resolution, and mercy precipitates the wherewithal by which a new state of harmony and peace may be born within the Earth for all to experience, for all to truly know. And in this birthing process, the oil continues to flow and grace the lives of all sentient beings evolving here.

Precious ones, some of you may even smell with your higher sensory organs this unguent healing oil in this hour. For it is similar to the sacred aroma, through the merging of various aloes and sacred herbs, that the beloved Mary Magdalene prepared for the anointing of Jesus's feet after the Last Supper, before his passion, before his crucifixion and resurrection. When you understand what was within that alabaster vase, that vessel of light that Magdalene prepared, you will also understand what I have brought this day to each of you as the mercy light, as the light of grace that will, through this anointing, shine forth through your lives for years and decades to come.

Now an aria is sung by a graceful soprano in the heaven world, just as you have heard this divine maiden sing her praises and her mantras for mercy. And in this singing and in the expression of the tonality of mercy and kindness, the angels and the bodhisattvas now use the blending of sound and substance, of harmony and oil, to instill within the aura of the Earth the blazing divine radiance of mercy light.

When you give the Kuan Yin Rosary of Mercy, I am there in your midst blessing you, co-creating through your mind and your vision center a new world of beauty and harmony. I am there musing through your mind divine mindfulness on behalf of all creatures. I am there instilling within the souls of those whom you desire to touch with the light of mercy many miraculous emanations and blessed graces to allow them to fulfill their purpose and therefore to also extend to others this grace of mercy.

I am happy that some of you have a focus of me in your homes and upon your altars. And I also use this opportunity this day to charge these focuses with the living light of mercy, with the divine radiance of compassion and kindness, all born of love, all rich in the Spirit that emanates from the very heart of God in the Great Central Sun.

Dearest ones, thank you for being merciful to all forms of life, your pets, all animals and especially one another, all plants, all angels and especially to God. When you live in the fire of devotion to the One God, you are being merciful to all and fulfilling the law of love, the first and highest commandment; for mercy and love are one. Kindness and love are fulfilled within the oil and the light of divine mercy.

I AM your Kuan Yin. It has been my privilege to speak with you this day. I now take my leave, and yet my essence remains deep within your heart for you to enjoy even as you sing, laugh, dance and pray. I love you, my friends, my precious flowers, my beloved children. Thank you.

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