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Kuan Yin- Mother of Mercy

Known as the Mother of Mercy in the East, Kuan Yin has been worshipped by Buddhists for thousands of years. She is the greatest of bodhisattvas and embodies the totality of compassion for humanity.

Kuan Yin Rosary of Mercy and Ho'oponopono 

 with Meditation, Prayers, and Songs

Rosary Devotion to the Mother of the East

This 33 minute rosary meditation is a devotion to the Mother of the East and as a way to bring East and West together. 

Follow in the footsteps of Kuan Yin as you join in this rosary of love and forgiveness and let this light flow through you to emanate blessings and compassion to all. This rosary of contemplative prayer was designed to help devotees of Kuan Yin to become one with her compassionate and merciful heart. 

Kuan Yin Shares Teachings on Maintaining a Merciful Heart amidst Duality.

Avalokitesvara's release of Light was delivered through David Christopher Lewis messenger for the Ascended Masters.

Kuan Yin known as the Mother of Mercy in the East, has been worshipped by Buddhists for thousands of years. She is the greatest of Bodhisattvas and embodies the totality of compassion for humanity. She removes obstacles, erases past offenses, dispenses mercy, healing and spiritual graces, while always meeting the true inner needs of the soul.

Kuan Yin by fountain

"Hearer of Sounds"

Her shortened Chinese name,  Kuan Yin, means “Hearer of Sounds.” Her full name, Kuan Shih Yin,  means “Hearer of the World’s Sounds.” According to Eastern tradition, when Kuan Yin was about to enter heaven, as she stood on the very threshold, she could hear the cries of humanity. She did not enter but returned to help all who suffer in the earth plane. The term “Hearer of Sounds" can also be translated as “perceiver” or “regarder” of the world’s sounds. She is known in much of Asia as a divine emanation that answers the prayers of those who faithfully call upon her name.

Kuan Yin removes obstacles, erases past offenses, dispenses mercy, healing and spiritual graces, while always meeting the true inner needs of the soul.
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Bodhisattva of Compassion

One of her many titles is Bodhisattva of Compassion. Bodhisattva is a Sanskrit word—bodhi meaning "enlightenment"  and sattva translated as "reality" or "existence." A bodhisattva is an enlightened being who has vowed to forgo higher realms and full liberation in order to assist those still struggling in the physical world. A bodhisattva cultivates virtue and pursues his/her spiritual career while on a path of self-sacrifice for the welfare of others and gives compassionate, loving service to humanity and to all sentient life. A bodhisattva (P’u Sa in Chinese) can be a person still in embodiment or a celestial being like Kuan Yin. At this highest transcendent level, the title is mahasattva.

Kuan Yin Mercy Prayer

Kuan Yin is a cross-cultural, nondenominational figure revered by many spiritual and religious traditions around the world. She serves the aspirants of all spiritual heritages and paths.Those who espouse a concept of an impersonal, formless divinity see her as an expression of the essence of compassion, or as a symbol of it. Others who acknowledge a personal Godhead view her as a divine embodiment of this virtue. Some view her as both the impersonal and personal manifestations of divine compassion, with no contradiction. She nurtures the growth of this quality in us through our devotions and our interpersonal relationships with others.

—Excerpted from Kuan Yin's Miracle Mantras by Josephine Stark.

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HeartStreams from Kuan Yin
Kuan Yin's Missives of Mercy
On January 13, 2008 Kuan Yin began delivering a series called Missives of Mercy for those who would be bodhisattvas of love. In these releases of light, she desired to direct the currents of mercy into the deepest recesses of our consciousness. By our reverent and respectful attentiveness to this flame of compassion and forgiveness, she will weave a garland of light around the Earth. View list

What Is a HeartStream?
HeartStreams are communications from the ascended masters to their students through a messenger of the Universal White Brotherhood. They contain teachings that help us to understand our true nature and our purpose in life. More


Kuan yins rosary of mercy

Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy Booklet
(folleto en español)

Follow in the footsteps of Kuan Yin as you join in this rosary of love and forgiveness and let this light flow through you to emanate blessings and benevolence to all.


Kuan yin rosary CD

Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy CD


Kuan Yin rosary DVD

Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy (DVD)


kuan yin miracle mantra ebook

Kuan Yin's Miracle Mantras
by Josefine Stark with Christine Meiner

A fascinating explanation of Kuan Yin including famous embodiments, legends, sutra promises, descriptions of her retreat, the secrets of sound and the violet light. Over 70 pages of mantras with pronunciations and illustrations for hand mudras with additional visualizations and meditations!

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 Kuan Yin One-Day Workshop CD

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Messages from Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin      August 24, 2008

Beloved Kuan Yin
David C. Lewis
August 24, 2008  7:03-7:19 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Blessings from the Mother of the East
Embrace Your Buddha Nature, Your Mother Nature Today

Gracious and Blessed Ones,
            I welcome you to the heart of the Mother—East and West. And in this hour I come to support the mission of the mother of the West, blessed Mary. For unless greater numbers among mankind know and understand the essential nature of light that flows from the wellspring of life within their own being, then this Earth cannot be fully raised into the golden-crystal age that you seek.
            I am Kuan Yin. And I come with a retinue of ascended bodhisattvas to anchor greater light within this sacred space for the fulfillment of the mission of light within this environs. One among you has graciously offered an image of myself across the way. And, blessed ones, this day I announce to you that I have placed a very tangible magnetic essence of my being within this sacred talisman of my presence. And those of you who journey here to this valley and make the trek to this image of myself will receive in a very personal way something of mercy, something of my compassionate heart, even as the blessed Mary offers unto each and every one of you the essence of herself, not only through the imagery that you have graciously provided here and across the way, but through the very essence of light that continually flows through this outer retreat manifesting in physicality as a reflection of that which is above in the heaven world.
            Dear ones, Hope, the archeia, has come this day to also grace this retreat with her presence. For some think that the die is cast and that there is no longer hope for the fulfillment of all that the blessed Mother has called forth here. And so she places a very physical and tangible manifestation of the light of hope so that each and every one of you may have, first internally and then abiding externally in your life, that essence of hope, that come what may upon the earth all shall be fulfilled—heart, head and hand—through your holy efforts.
            We have abided in the land of Chin during the Olympics and sought to inculcate within the very planetary body the light of mercy and understanding, grace and the essence of the precipitation of a new world consciousness of forgiveness in every land— even through the media and the games and the athletic events that have transpired. And so, even behind that which you see on your television sets as you partake of these games in visual manifestation, we have manifested light-essences and spirals of cosmic manifestation, sending them through the lens of your vision worldwide.
            Blessed hearts, people are people everywhere. They suffer. They feel remorse. They feel the pain of living upon a planet where the propensity is not fully to embrace the highest truths and teachings and understandings. And so the bodhisattvas of mercy come and seek something of your heart, a space within your heart to move mountains of the unmerciful elements, even focused through the subconscious beams and minds of mankind into new citadels of mercy that may be established heart by heart, city by city, through your Hearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups and through your conscious participation with us in the alchemy of complete forgiveness of all.
            The essence of mercy lives within the earth if you seek it out. The essence of divine intercession may be yours if you allow God to move and stream through your consciousness the great heart-essences of his being, moment by moment. When you partake of these prayer sessions, vigils and even in your own private meditations, dear ones, there may be a greater flow of cosmic frequencies and energies of the spirit if you simply know that God is where you are, that light is your true nature and that Kuan Yin, Mary and the mothers of heaven love you so and will abide within you and around you as you partake within your life the essence of the spirit-world through simply breathing in the darkness and breathing out the light.
            So, we would have you fully embrace your Buddha Nature, your Mother Nature this day. For what is the Buddha without the Mother? And who is the Mother without the Buddha? For you see there is the sacred dance and interplay of light betwixt that which is above and that which is below, that which is within and that which is without. And unless you fully understand the nature of the Mother of mercy and the Mother of compassion, you cannot know fully the Father of light, the Father of cosmic flow.
            Dearest ones, I sprinkle essences of divine mercy-light now within your chakras, within your auras to give you a boost in this cycle of Leo transcending unto Virgo. And even as you have embraced the light of the Mother in Virgo now, you will truly know the virgin spirit of the Mother Light within you to overcome the sense of frustration, anxiety and the burdens of living upon this earth—even as in polarity you see yourself as the great conquerors in Pisces of doubt and fear—embracing God-mastery in all things.
            Be mindful and careful that your words and speech, that your emanations in this cycle of Virgo reflect that which is true, abundant, gracious and kind. For as there are the rumblings within the earth of the mass consciousness, of a sense of injustice of what is coming upon the earth, you must not tie into the subconscious strata of darkness but fully know the totality of cosmic justice from the heart of Portia, from the mind of Saint Germain, his beloved and of all ascended ones who have striven to outpicture the flame of cosmic justice, you see.
             We of the Karmic Board always weigh within the balance scales of justice and mercy that which must manifest such that each of you grows in awareness and consciousness, has opportunity for self-mastery. And so at times, even the prickly energies of that which you bear on behalf of the planet come into the domain of your life. But if you can maintain that harmony and equanimity of the spirit, dear ones, gaining greater God Self-mastery in overcoming the line of Virgo, you will see the dawning of a new world in the physical as you traverse cycles and move into Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius.
            But the rub is to know just what is necessary to know of that Mother frequency in this cycle, transcending all your past misuses of this light to embrace the totality of your Christ Essence, your Buddha Nature and that which sounds true and which is in reality the true you.
            I stand now emanating rings of fire on behalf of the blessed Mother Mary to those within a thirty-three mile radius of this place. Come to the fount of the Mother here, O souls. Partake of the essence of my heart and the heart of Mary. You will know surcease from struggle, from dense desire and from the machinations of the mindless ones in a holy respite in our arms and in our heart. Kneel before the image of Mary, bow before that which is my representation—not to honor our outer personalities, but to embrace fully that Mother Light even within your own soul. We are conscious ones. For we are aware of all that transpires within you and within the world. And we move in the spirit to supplement that which you have learned with new and higher essences of holy truth for your victory in all things.
            So, blessed hearts, let the chi flow here in this sacred space. Let the gong sound that the Buddhas have come, the bodhisattvas continue to abide here and let all know that East and West, West and East the Mother Light abides within the wellspring of life in that Mother flow here below.
            I am your bodhisattva of mercy and compassion. And I seal you for your greater mission which begins today. Yes, it begins anew in the here and now within your heart.

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