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About El Morya

An Ascended Master Who Embodies the Will of God

The name “El Morya” may be unfamiliar to some. But it is more than likely that millions have heard about one or more of his past lives. Because of his tenacious love of the will of God lifetime after lifetime, El Morya has come to embody the quality of obedience to holy will. Today he serves from heavenly realms as the Chohan1 of The First Ray2, the blue ray of God's will, faith, protection and power.

Obedience Brings Blessing

Abraham. His story is told in the first book of the Old Testament. Both Jewish and Christian children alike have heard the tale of God’s call to his obedient son. “Get thee out of thy country…and from thy father’s house unto a land I will show thee.”3 God promised Abraham that his obedience would lead to blessing. He would be the progenitor of a great nation. Abraham left the house of his father. And God did bless him. Called the Father of Nations, Abraham, even in his advanced age, was sired a son, Isaac. From this lineage the Twelve Tribes of Israel emerged. El Morya was Abraham.

Camelot—a Vision of a Golden Age

In the fifth century, a ruler of mythical proportion enters life’s stage. Arthur was the creator of the Table Round, a culture of brotherhood whose rallying cry was, “All for one and one for all!” His holy knights were reputed for their bravery in battle and service to their monarch and his kingdom. No myth, this noble soul forged a glorious society where respect, justice, courage and truth prevailed—the mystical Camelot. El Morya was King Arthur.

The Price of a Principled Life—Thomas Becket and Thomas More

Twelfth century England finds the soul of El Morya incarnated as Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, defender of the church and at odds with King Henry II. Conflict regarding the influence of the church in the political affairs of the realm rise to a fever pitch. And Becket pays for his stand with his very life, brutally slain within the environs of his own cathedral by four knights performing the king’s bidding.

Three centuries later, El Morya returns as Thomas More, Chancellor of England, during the reign of Henry VIII. And once again the soul of El Morya finds himself at loggerheads with the king of England. The same conflict of church and state arises, clothed in different circumstances. Separation from his family, years of imprisonment and finally a sentence of death by decapitation bring to a dramatic end in 1535 yet another embodiment of this unflinching soul. Thomas More’s final words to all who witnessed his execution were, “I am the king’s good servant, but God’s first.”

Akbar, Mogul Emperor—An Attempt to Foster Spiritual Brotherhood

A mere seven years later, El Morya returns—this time to embody in the East. He is Akbar, the greatest of the Mogul emperors. A ruler with refined qualities and varied talents, Akbar increased his kingdom through decisive action in battle but also diplomacy. He raised its culture through art, literature and architecture. Interested in all religions and religious practices but not the conflict they aroused, he desired to unify believers into one religion which he called the “Divine Faith.”

Service from the Heavenly Realms

In the nineteenth century, El Morya, while residing in the spirit plane, collaborated with two other unascended masters4Djwal Kul5 and Kuthumi6—to work through Madame Helena Blavatsky7 and others in order to teach occult mysteries to a larger body of mankind. The founding of The Theosophical Society8 by Blavatsky in 1875 would be a major vehicle for this purpose.

Lifetime after lifetime, love for the will of God was the driving force of El Morya’s soul, even to the laying down of his physical life as Becket and More. The striving of this “Man for All Seasons” won him his ascension9 in 1898.

Today, El Morya is the chief of the Darjeeling Council, a heavenly governing body who serves in an etheric retreat over Darjeeling, India. He works with many other ascended masters—Chananda, Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Jesus, Mother Mary, to name some—for the upliftment of mankind and an instilling within their hearts of a similar love for the will of God.

El Morya Teaches Us the Way to Know Life’s Purpose

In a HeartStream10 from June 13th, 2008, El Morya said, “Many desire to know their life's purpose. Few desire to know that purpose within the context of the will of God. And fewer still are able to let go of the human will fully to be absorbed into the heart of God's will through the sacred science and art of surrender. Those who meditate on God's love, wisdom and will within, day and night. create a sacred portal for their life's purpose to be fully outpictured."
Read now the words of this beloved master as he expounds on such topics as the nature of God, the Buddha, heartstreaming, the purpose of the rosary and the meaning of darshan.
1. “Chohan” is a Sanskrit word for “chief” or “lord.” A chohan is the spiritual leader of great attainment who works with mankind from the ascended state. There are seven chohans for the earth—El Morya, Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Nada and Saint Germain.
2. The first ray is the ray of God’s will. The ascended masters teach that the seven rainbow rays are the seven qualities of God that compose the color rings or spheres which surround the Solar Presence. The attribute of each color, or ray, is vital to our wholeness. The seven rays are God-qualities that appear as color vibrations. Each person in embodiment is meant to master these qualities:
    Blue—the first ray: the will of God, faith and power
    Yellow—the second ray: wisdom and understanding
    Pink—the third ray: divine love and compassion
    White—the fourth ray: purity and holiness
    Green—the fifth ray: wholeness and abundance
    Purple/gold—the sixth ray: service to life
    Violet—the seventh ray: forgiveness, mercy and soul-freedom
3. Genesis 12:1-2
4. An unascended master is one who could ascend but has chosen to remain close to the earth in order to assist more directly its evolutions. In the East such a being is termed a bodhisattva.
5. Djwal Kul, also called “Master D.K.” or “The Tibetan,” is known in esoteric circles for his embodiment as a Tibetan master and also as an ascended being who assists planetary evolution. He was introduced to a wider audience through the writings of Madame Helena Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society. Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, revealed that Djwal Kul had been embodied as one of the three wisemen, Caspar. Through The Summit Lighthouse and The Hearts Center, Djwal Kul has taught the importance of the holy breath and forms of breathing that promote spiritual and physical well-being and progress.  To hear the entirety of Djwal Kul’s message on union with the God within, click Djwal Kul, February 18, 2008.
6. Kuthumi, an ascended master serving on the yellow ray of illumination was embodied as Saint Francis of Assissi. Master psychologist, his assistance may be invoked as we work on subconscious as well as conscious patterns of behavior that limit our ability to outpicture our true nature of compassion for all life.  He serves now as World Teacher with Jesus.
7.  Madame Helena Petrova Blavatsky (1831-1891), born into Russian aristocracy, was an occultist possessing from early childhood psychic abililties. During one of her sojourns in Tibet, she was commissioned by certain masters to share occult knowledge with a larger body of students East and West. 
8. The Theosophical Society was established in 1875 in New York City by Madame Blavatsky with the assistance of Col. Henry Steel Olcott (1832-1907) and William Q. Judge (1851-1896) for the purpose of compiling and teaching the occult sciences. The name of the society is derived from “theosophy,” a Neoplatonic term meaning "Divine Wisdom." The Theosophical Society currently has its international headquarters at Adyar, Madras, India. The Theosophical Society of America has its headquarters in Wheaton, Illinois and its British affiliate in London.
9. The ascension is complete liberation from the rounds of karma and rebirth. In the ascension process the soul becomes merged with her Solar Presence, experiencing freedom from the gravitational, or karmic, pull of the earth and entering the bliss of beingness within God’s eternal presence of divine love.
10. HeartStreams are up-to-the-minute messages from the ascended masters through their anointed messengers in The Hearts Center movement. These messages vibrate with the masters’ love and wisdom and anchor light in the earth as they are being delivered and when they are replayed in audio or video format. They teach, exhort, bless, uplift and direct us in specific actions needed to assist not only ourselves but our planet.

Messages El Morya

El Morya      October 09, 2010

Beloved El Morya Darshan
David C. Lewis
October 9, 2010   12:03-1:00 pm CLT
Hotel Leonardo da Vinci
Chile Pilgrimage 2010
Santiago, Chile

Quips from El Morya

            David:  El Morya would like me to read some quips. How do you translate quips? [inaudible response]

David:  —quips in this book called Now, Zen and Always. It's been translated into Spanish, however not printed yet. Would you like to print it in Chile? [inaudible responses] We can send you the file. OK. [applause] So, we'll take a collection sometime for that, OK? But he desires for me to read some of these quips, and then we'll talk about them, because some of these have double meanings or they're puns. Do you have a word for pun? [inaudible response] It's a play on words. It's a play on words. OK. So I'll read them and _______ will do her best to translate. [laughter] OK.

22.  Qualify your thoughts with the radiance of love.

            Now, normally we think of thoughts as being of the mind. So why is El Morya saying to qualify our thoughts with the radiance of love, which is an action of the heart? Why is he asking us to do that? Anybody?

            Heartfriend 1:  When you put together the blue ray and the pink ray, what do you have? You have the violet flame.

            David:  But thoughts are yellow.

            Heartfriend 1: But if you put those two together and you've got—

            David: Golden-pink—

            Heartfriend 1: —dynamic action. [laughter]

            Heartfriend 2:  We create with thoughts. We should always create with love, so loving thoughts [inaudible] creating love.

            David:  Let our thoughts be lovely. Let our thoughts that we create through our mind be infused with our heart and not just come from a place of the brain, right? So he's asking us to engender loving thoughts, kind thoughts, compassionate thoughts. “Qualify your thoughts with the radiance of love.” Yes.

            Heartfriend 3: What just came to me was it's the heart-mind connection [inaudible].

           David:  OK, we've got two people speaking. First _________, then __________. OK, go ahead.

            Heartfriend 4:  I think what he's asking us to do is to connect our heart to our thoughts. And therefore what we emanate would be loving and compassionate rather than brainy.

            David:  Only from the brain. So he's asking us to connect our hearts with our minds. OK, __________.

            Heartfriend 5:  Amen. [laughter]

            David:  OK, so we've heard a lot in The Hearts Center movement about the heart-mind connection, and there's an organization called HeartMath, and they talk about how the heart is actually more powerful than the brain. It puts out an electronic field, an energy field, that is actually bigger than what the brain puts out. We think that the brain controls the functions in our body, and yet the heart has more intelligence than the brain. So science has proved this.

            30.  Blend your mind into the stream of infinite grace.

            So what does this mean?

            Heartfriend 6:  [Spanish, translator inaudible]

            David: OK, __________. “Blend your mind into the stream of infinite grace.”

            Heartfriend 6:  [cannot hear translator; inaudible]

            David:  There is divine intelligence, and Buddhists talk about everything being Mind. And there were also movements early on in the 20th century, and they talked about the Mind. And even Christian Science talks about everything being of the Mind. So the Mind that they are talking about is a capital M, which is the Mind of God, which is infinite intelligence. So if we blend our mind into the stream of infinite grace, we blend our mind into the cosmic Mind, the infinite Mind of God's mindfulness, which is everywhere intelligent. And then we partake of the grace that flows through that Mind, that is Buddhic mindfulness, that is Buddhic beingness, and we access it in order to share it. That's what I see in this quip.

            33.  Release your hold on the past and experience life.

            What does that mean? I think you all know.

            Heartfriend 8:  Stop revolving thoughts and emotions and experiences from the past, because otherwise your energy will go there. Instead, just be present in the now.

            David:  And we only really live when we're in the present, right? He says “and experience life.” That's where we experience life, right now. And when he says, “Release your hold on the past,” that's this clutching, grasping energy that's not Buddhic. It's not releasing, it's not accepting, it's not allowing us to realize who we are.  It's when we are in ego that we grasp and hold on, right? And when we have opinions about ourselves or others, that's grasping, that's holding.
            Free others in our own mind and heart by allowing them to be God, because they are God. When we hold a concept of another person as imperfect or that they've got a problem, that's holding on to the past of that person rather than seeing [him] in [his] divinity and beauty and glory. So when we hold a concept of another as imperfect, we are imprisoning ourself, aren't we? So by freeing others, by holding a beautiful concept of them, we actually free ourselves. We liberate the part of them that is within us, because we're all one. And we have particles of others within ourselves, and others have particles of us within them, because we're all part of God. So let's learn to let go and let God be within everything and everyone.

36.  Rhythm in the midst of chaos is my song.

            So, what does that mean to you? Yes, __________.

Heartfriend 9:  [Spanish, translator inaudible]

David:  Thank you. Anybody else? __________, up here in the front row.

Heartfriend 10:  [Spanish, translator inaudible]

David:  Absolutely, thank you. __________.

            Heartfriend 11:  What came to me was the rhythm of breathing. And when we panic we tend to accelerate our breathing and our thoughts. Once we slow down and we get into the rhythm of the heart, then we are not in that place where God can't talk to us. We are actually in a place where we can listen and know what to do and hear the voice of God.

            David:  And it's interesting. He says it is his song. Now, do you think of Morya singing? [laughter] We don't normally think of Morya singing, do we? [inaudible responses] But he's a great composer, and he was Thomas Moore, with two o's. He was a great poet, and he wrote songs, too. And Morya is a great lover. And I can imagine his songs to the cosmos, to the Great Central Sun, because he's such a master of the first ray. The first ray is the first ray of the dawn that you see when the sun comes over the horizon and that very first gleam you take into your eyes. And those of us who do solar gazing are really beginning to understand more of what that first ray really is. And it is pure energy. It's pure love, pure light. And I can imagine El Morya every morning catching that first ray and singing to God his love for God.
            Now, this talks about rhythm in the midst of chaos. There's really not chaos at the first morning ray, yet in any situation that is a trial for you, a tribulation, really a test, or where there's confrontation, when, as __________ said, you slow down, you breathe, you create that rhythm through your breath that allows the song of God, the celestial song, to be heard by your inner ear. You can only hear Morya's song when you're at peace within yourself and when you feel the rhythm of your heart.

39.  Invest in the infinite possibilities of love.

            I love this one. So, what does that mean to you?

Heartfriend 12:  [Spanish, translator inaudible]

            David:  Gracias. Thank you. And__________ in the back.

            Heartfriend 13:  [Spanish, translator inaudible]

            David:  Thank you. So if we invest in something, we are adding our energy, the energy of our heart, to that situation, to that creation that is creating an asset, because an investment—in finance, you take your money and you put it into an endeavor or project, right, an investment. You're expecting a return on your investment at some point. You trust in some project or someone who has come to you and said, “I desire to have your money so that I can multiply it. I'm going to create something and multiply it.” It's like a talent in the Bible, the parable of the talents.1 [One] hid [his] talent under the ground and didn't invest it. [The] others used that money, that talent, for good and then it multiplied.
            So when we invest, invest in the infinite possibilities of love, we are reaching up to heaven and saying, “I am investing my energy in the ascended masters' words, their wisdom, their teaching. And I'm going to use that teaching and become it and then share it,” like Saint Germain said today, “with many people.” So when we invest in love, we invest in the infinite, because love is infinite. And it's continuing to expand and grow and multiply throughout the universe, because that's the nature of God; it's love. So I just love these words, because the Master has obviously meditated upon God so much that he captures these little essences and just uses words to bring us to a new mindfulness in Spirit.

            42.  Ventilate your mind with new wisdom.

            So, what does that mean?

            Heartfriend 14:  Like cleaning out the attic. [laughter]

            David:  Cleaning out the attic. [laughter] Do we sometimes allow our minds to become calcified by the concepts that we believe in that are outdated and outmoded? So sometimes we have to allow new ways of thinking to penetrate into this grey stuff and make it gold—infinite possibilities. And it's called a paradigm shift sometimes, right? How many people have had a paradigm shift to where something that you thought was absolutely true, you realized was not—maybe a belief system, maybe an opinion of someone? And you judged them and then you found out they didn't do what someone else said—because someone [had] gossiped about [them]. Let's ventilate our minds.
            Now, how can we ventilate our minds? __________, how do we actually bring more air into our minds?

            Heartfriend 15:  First by prayer.

            David:  By prayer.

            Heartfriend 15:  Then by allowing tolerance around our own indoctrinations. If we hear an item and we respond, we observe our own response. And if it's a traditional belief, we should, or we can be aware and then be open to just allow it to flow through us as a new wisdom. Even our decrees, even our concepts of the masters, our ideas that we're receiving in Meru University, all bring freshness to our concepts and even our movement.

            David:  Great. We've recently studied Conscious Language, and we've realized that we've been programmed by society, by environment, by our parents, by our school systems to use words that are not the highest words that bring us to our divinity, to God, like saying, “I need this” or “I want this.” Need—when you say “I need,” [you] recreate lack. When you say “I want, I want a beer,” no [laughter], “I want something,” we're saying “I don't have it and therefore I'm grasping for it.” Right? So just these few shifts of saying “I desire” or “I accept” rather than “I need” or “I want” creates a whole different atmosphere in our being, and we realize we have everything we require right here and now. We just have to claim it and accept it and be it.

            Saint Germain teaches us about alchemy. And in the universal, there is everything that is necessary for us. And he draws it out of the universal and precipitates it by his great desire, by his great love and by his understanding of science and the science of precipitation, where you visualize and you clothe what you visualize with substance, with your feeling, with your knowing. I believe that we are all alchemists and that we can precipitate greater abundance when we get rid of words like need and want and we say, “I accept. I AM. I AM the manifestation of my abundance now.” So we can learn a lot from the Master.

Heartfriend 16:  May I say something?

David:  Yes.

            Heartfriend 16: [Spanish, translator inaudible; heartfriend continues in English:] I need nothing. My Father is the owner of the universe. I need nothing. Yes, I spend like a millionaire because my Father owns this planet. [laughter] Thank you. Live in your abundance.

            David:  Good.

            51.  Why ask others when the answer lies within?

That's pretty obvious. You have the answer to every problem, situation, question right here, right? Now, if you require someone to help teach a little bit, that's OK because other people outwardly understand more. Professors, teachers have mastered a certain understanding and we can learn from them, but, ultimately, whatever we learn from teachers, professors, masters we must incorporate into our own being by our own testing of that understanding and knowledge by assimilating through our experience.
            So, even though I'm sharing with you concepts, you know everything already, and you're just remembering, right? You know. Every truth that you hear that resonates in your heart, you already know. It's just a point of remembering and bringing it back into awareness. That's what spiritual teachings are all about. And every true master or true teacher will lead you back to your heart rather than saying, “You must get it from me.” OK? If any teacher says “You have to come to me to learn,” that's ego, and flee from that teacher. A true teacher will always lead you back to your heart, because therein lies all truth, all wisdom, all love.

            43. Impeccable must be your desirelessness.

            So what does that mean? Why must our desire or desirelessness be impeccable?

            Heartfriend 17:  If you desire the wrong thing, you're going to get it. [laughter] If you are trying to be desireless, any hole in that idea, any flaw in your field of awareness of desirelessness, whereby you do allow some desires in, will have effects. And so you can't fool God or light or the alchemy of desire and fulfillment.

            David:  And when you enter the true realm of desirelessness, it is powerful, because when you enter that realm of Buddhic beingness, if there is a flaw in your awareness, it will be magnified by the power that is inherent in that level of Solar Presence. So, you know that when you rise on the path, the tests get more interesting [laughter], right? The tests get more subtle, subtle, very subtle. And so, impeccable must be our consciousness when we rise higher on the spiral, because we get to a point where we are fully God. And then everything must be pristine, pure, beautiful, because our thoughts create at that level instantly. And so let our thoughts be perfect, serene, beautiful and impeccable. Let them be pure. Impeccable means, basically, pure at that level. __________.

            Heartfriend 18:  In Conscious Language we also learn desirelessness is living from your outcome. It's already done. You already see it. There is no requirement to desire it. It is accomplished. And that's the impeccability of the position that you take to receive it.

            David:  Excellent. And when you're working with others in a mastermind alliance or a master-heart-mind alliance, when one person has an impeccable vision [and] say[s], “Seventy people will be at our event,” and somebody else says, “Oh, I think that's unreasonable; let's say forty,” be careful, because if one person can hold the field of belief and acceptance of seventy, then the person who's only visualizing forty has to rise in their awareness to accept and believe in seventy and see it manifest already. Work from the point of realization rather than, “Oh, that's undoable.” See what I'm saying? It's a very powerful thing.
            Now, I have a story to tell you, because __________ had a vision for a certain number of people at our Conscious Language event, and she was holding that. And I said forty.  Well, you know how many we got? Forty. She had a higher vision, so I have to be careful because the power of my intentions held it to forty, whereas we possibly could have had seventy. So that's why I'm sharing this with you, OK?

            Heartfriend 18:  And the other point is, when we can conceive something, it's immediately created in form in another dimension, and we just fill it in then. So if you understand anything you conceive already exists—you just created it or it already exists—so it's possible.

            David:  And we know this from the teachings of Anastasia, because we are co-creators. And so when we think and ideate, it already is a thing in a higher dimension. That's why the masters, when they ideate, they create, it is already instantly. There's no time and space between their conception and its manifestation. It simply is. That's why we have to be perfect before we are ascended masters, in the sense that our hearts are perfect. Jesus said, “Be ye therefore perfect even as my father in heaven is perfect.”2 Because if we brought imperfection into that realm and we thought thoughts that were not pure, can you imagine? Well, I don't desire to imagine what we would create in that realm. It would be like dinosaurs and ugly things. Now, that's why you have to perfect your heart before you're ascended because then every creation is pure, is beautiful, is of God. It's a safeguard for heaven to only allow perfect thoughts, perfect emanations, perfect ideations in that realm. Otherwise heaven would become clouded with man's inhumanity.

            55.  The realms of glory are hidden only by your own shades.
            So the realms of glory are all about us all the time, aren't they? We just have to raise our vision and uncloud our vision so we can feel and see it.  Heaven is here already, right? But we sometimes are in this mode of “Woe is me” or we have blinders on our vision.

            57.  Rewrite history today through forgiveness.

            I love this one. What does that mean for you? __________.

            Heartfriend 19: [Spanish, translator inaudible]

David:  Excellent. Si.

            Heartfriend 20:  I have to say this.

            David:  In English? OK.

            Heartfriend 20:  I have to say it in English. I have to say this, because it comes to my heart, because it cost me so much to forgive.

            David:  It cost you so much?

            Heartfriend 20:  It cost me in the past so much. It took so long for me to forgive things that were done to me, that when I realized that it was my freedom, when I truly forgave, it made me a better person. I had a life where my husband beat me terribly and I couldn't forgive him. I divorced him. Ten years later he was very ill and we brought him to live with us and took care of him until he passed.  I didn't know the level of my love for him until I saw him in that state.
            I went to a conference and Miss Collier gave the teaching and said, “Remember, in order for there to have been a crucifixion, there had to have been a Judas.” And God allowed me to see that. He had been the Judas that sacrificed himself so that I could come up higher, so that I could be freed to do this work, to liberate myself and reach the levels that I am able to reach. So I bless him and I thank him and I am grateful for the teachings he brought to me through his actions. God bless him.

            David:  Now, that is Buddhic beingness, to forgive the tormentor. So what I see in this quip is that when we forgive, we change the past, rewrite history. So we are all time travelers when we use the violet flame, the violet light. We actually go back and undo, unwind, transmute, consume past karma. Now, if we're rewriting history, we're recreating ourself now, too, aren't we? So the “we” that was here yesterday is not the “we” that is here today when we forgive others and forgive ourselves.
            The hardest person to forgive is usually ourself, right, because we are hard on ourselves. My wife just told me—I mentioned that I had this sty in my eye yesterday—“David, you didn't have to mention that. Forgive yourself. It is what it is. Don't worry about it.” I learned a lesson, [laughter] OK, from my wife. I was thinking that when you were going to come up here and Mother Mary is looking you in the eyes and everybody's beautiful eyes—when she looked at your eyes, I felt her love, total love of Mother Mary for you, each one, and it was an amazing feeling yesterday. So, that's what I should have concentrated on, not worrying about something else. __________.

            Heartfriend 21:  Well, in reality there is no time or space, so time and space is an illusion that we have in our lives that we've accepted. So if there's no time or space, we can change it. We keep the past as it is by our clinging to it, that we're told to let go of. And so we can change it by our attitude, by our knowledge and by knowing that we've forgiven, we've changed and the past is no more the way we thought it was.

            David:  __________.

            Heartfriend 22:  Again, in Conscious Language we learn that because there is no time or space, because the subconscious does not know time or space, if you lie in bed at night, review your day and recreate your day, re-imagine and activate your imagination with great detail and feeling how you would like to see the new outcome, it will be. And we've changed our past.

            David:  That's a beautiful feeling, and it's more than a feeling. It's a reality. And when you awaken in the morning, maybe someone that you had interacted with that day before, where there was a little charge on your feelings, emotions, it can be completely wiped clean and there can be just total understanding, love, compassion.

            Heartfriend 23:  Since several times we've kind of hit on this subject, I just would like to tell a little story that is about being in our present moment. It's about creating from where we want to be. And there was a story about a woman. She was probably 50, 60 years old. And in this DVD I was watching, she stood up. And the gentleman that was helping her with problems and where she was stuck in her life said, “How long have you been looking for your divine partner? Because that's the issue that she was dealing with. And she said, “Forty years.”
            And so, as David said earlier, if we want or need something, we're always in lack. So she was in lack for forty years, searching, not feeling very good about herself. And then when he helped her and assisted her, she said she had the realization, “I am my divine partner.” And when she had that realization, her voice changed, her whole demeanor, everything. She was full. And she said, “I am my divine partner.” And then he asked if you need your divine partner, and she said no, because she was already one. And as __________ mentioned, when we come from already having, when we're already there, when we see what we want, what we desire—there's that word—when we see what we desire and we're already in the place of having our divine love, being in God's presence every single moment, we're totally full and fulfilled.

            David:  Thank you. __________.

            Heartfriend 24:  __________'s comment made me think of two things. I hope I don't forget the first one, but just piggybacking on what you said, __________, I saw that video, too, which was Bob Stevens. That change didn't happen for this individual until he stopped what was happening and said, “Is everybody in this room voting for her victory?” We would say, “holding the picture-perfect presence for her victory.” “Are you thinking of your own stuff? Are you thinking about lunch?” He wanted everybody in that room to vote her victory. The minute that happened, she got it. You could see the shift in the conversation they were having. This is an important point.
            Getting back to what __________ was saying, it took Bob Stevens two hours to recreate his day when he started doing this at the end. And what this was was an observation, a very Buddhic teaching on observing. He said to himself, “I don't want to lie here in bed for two hours and recreate my day. [laughter] I'm going to do it right the first time.” So he noticed in his life that he was observing in the moment and not when he got to bed, when he'd rather sleep than recreate his day. And it got less and less until he could just look things over and go, boom. [inaudible comment; laughter] Interesting translation there. So the point I wanted to make was [that with] the observing happening in the now, we don't make the mistake as often, which is a great opportunity.

            David:  Thank you. So another one.

            1114.  Sun cities are my vision of the future.

            To have a golden age, we have to have lots of sun cities, don't we? Yes. Si? Would you like to create a sun city here in Santiago? [Audience responds: “Si!”] Si. It already is.
            Now, this is very interesting. We could have a whole hour of discussion.

            1129.  Know the midpoint between relative good and evil.

            That's a mindbender. What is midpoint between anything that's relative—any two points that are relative, what's that midpoint? God. Perfection. It's no longer relative. It's absolute, it's perfect. So, to erase our karma, the fastest way is to be in Presence, because when you're not in Presence, where are you? On the periphery. When you're in Presence, you're in the central point of being. You're in your I AM Presence. You're in the center of that causal body.
            If you're living on the periphery of life, that's where drama and karma happen and you're in duality. You're evolving. You're not in the unmanifest, perfected state. So, we can cut through our karma more quickly when we are living in Presence, because then we are in cause and we are the cause. We're not just in the effect. We are the cause. We are God. This is a very high concept, a very Buddhic concept. When you truly understand it, then you don't create more negative karma. Everything that you create is good karma. That prayer that we gave this morning—when God created the heavens and the earth, on the seventh day he rested. He said everything is good, everything is good.
3 And when we say that prayer in the morning, we're recreating that goodness of the universe that God created in the beginning, and we're imagining it in perfection as it originally was, and we are returning to that essence of beauty and grace.           So, the midpoint between relative good and evil—there's no more good; there's no more evil; there simply is God. It's a very interesting concept. We think of good as good, but relative good is not the ultimate God-good. It's still human goodness, and Mother taught about human goodness and human badness. We don't desire either one of those. We simply—we're not Goody Two-Shoes, as we say in the U.S., trying to be do-gooders from the human. We simply live in our eternal goodness, or Godness, and therefore we transcend this dualistic thinking of good or bad, darkness, light, et cetera. We are in the center of beingness. Do you understand that? I think you know it.

            It's one o'clock and we're ready for lunch. So do we have any announcements now? Thank you, El Morya, for being with us, for sharing these quips for our understanding.


1. Matthew 25:14-30.
2. Matthew 5:48.
3. Genesis 1:31-2:2.


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