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About El Morya

An Ascended Master Who Embodies the Will of God

The name “El Morya” may be unfamiliar to some. But it is more than likely that millions have heard about one or more of his past lives. Because of his tenacious love of the will of God lifetime after lifetime, El Morya has come to embody the quality of obedience to holy will. Today he serves from heavenly realms as the Chohan1 of The First Ray2, the blue ray of God's will, faith, protection and power.

Obedience Brings Blessing

Abraham. His story is told in the first book of the Old Testament. Both Jewish and Christian children alike have heard the tale of God’s call to his obedient son. “Get thee out of thy country…and from thy father’s house unto a land I will show thee.”3 God promised Abraham that his obedience would lead to blessing. He would be the progenitor of a great nation. Abraham left the house of his father. And God did bless him. Called the Father of Nations, Abraham, even in his advanced age, was sired a son, Isaac. From this lineage the Twelve Tribes of Israel emerged. El Morya was Abraham.

Camelot—a Vision of a Golden Age

In the fifth century, a ruler of mythical proportion enters life’s stage. Arthur was the creator of the Table Round, a culture of brotherhood whose rallying cry was, “All for one and one for all!” His holy knights were reputed for their bravery in battle and service to their monarch and his kingdom. No myth, this noble soul forged a glorious society where respect, justice, courage and truth prevailed—the mystical Camelot. El Morya was King Arthur.

The Price of a Principled Life—Thomas Becket and Thomas More

Twelfth century England finds the soul of El Morya incarnated as Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, defender of the church and at odds with King Henry II. Conflict regarding the influence of the church in the political affairs of the realm rise to a fever pitch. And Becket pays for his stand with his very life, brutally slain within the environs of his own cathedral by four knights performing the king’s bidding.

Three centuries later, El Morya returns as Thomas More, Chancellor of England, during the reign of Henry VIII. And once again the soul of El Morya finds himself at loggerheads with the king of England. The same conflict of church and state arises, clothed in different circumstances. Separation from his family, years of imprisonment and finally a sentence of death by decapitation bring to a dramatic end in 1535 yet another embodiment of this unflinching soul. Thomas More’s final words to all who witnessed his execution were, “I am the king’s good servant, but God’s first.”

Akbar, Mogul Emperor—An Attempt to Foster Spiritual Brotherhood

A mere seven years later, El Morya returns—this time to embody in the East. He is Akbar, the greatest of the Mogul emperors. A ruler with refined qualities and varied talents, Akbar increased his kingdom through decisive action in battle but also diplomacy. He raised its culture through art, literature and architecture. Interested in all religions and religious practices but not the conflict they aroused, he desired to unify believers into one religion which he called the “Divine Faith.”

Service from the Heavenly Realms

In the nineteenth century, El Morya, while residing in the spirit plane, collaborated with two other unascended masters4Djwal Kul5 and Kuthumi6—to work through Madame Helena Blavatsky7 and others in order to teach occult mysteries to a larger body of mankind. The founding of The Theosophical Society8 by Blavatsky in 1875 would be a major vehicle for this purpose.

Lifetime after lifetime, love for the will of God was the driving force of El Morya’s soul, even to the laying down of his physical life as Becket and More. The striving of this “Man for All Seasons” won him his ascension9 in 1898.

Today, El Morya is the chief of the Darjeeling Council, a heavenly governing body who serves in an etheric retreat over Darjeeling, India. He works with many other ascended masters—Chananda, Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Jesus, Mother Mary, to name some—for the upliftment of mankind and an instilling within their hearts of a similar love for the will of God.

El Morya Teaches Us the Way to Know Life’s Purpose

In a HeartStream10 from June 13th, 2008, El Morya said, “Many desire to know their life's purpose. Few desire to know that purpose within the context of the will of God. And fewer still are able to let go of the human will fully to be absorbed into the heart of God's will through the sacred science and art of surrender. Those who meditate on God's love, wisdom and will within, day and night. create a sacred portal for their life's purpose to be fully outpictured."
Read now the words of this beloved master as he expounds on such topics as the nature of God, the Buddha, heartstreaming, the purpose of the rosary and the meaning of darshan.
1. “Chohan” is a Sanskrit word for “chief” or “lord.” A chohan is the spiritual leader of great attainment who works with mankind from the ascended state. There are seven chohans for the earth—El Morya, Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Nada and Saint Germain.
2. The first ray is the ray of God’s will. The ascended masters teach that the seven rainbow rays are the seven qualities of God that compose the color rings or spheres which surround the Solar Presence. The attribute of each color, or ray, is vital to our wholeness. The seven rays are God-qualities that appear as color vibrations. Each person in embodiment is meant to master these qualities:
    Blue—the first ray: the will of God, faith and power
    Yellow—the second ray: wisdom and understanding
    Pink—the third ray: divine love and compassion
    White—the fourth ray: purity and holiness
    Green—the fifth ray: wholeness and abundance
    Purple/gold—the sixth ray: service to life
    Violet—the seventh ray: forgiveness, mercy and soul-freedom
3. Genesis 12:1-2
4. An unascended master is one who could ascend but has chosen to remain close to the earth in order to assist more directly its evolutions. In the East such a being is termed a bodhisattva.
5. Djwal Kul, also called “Master D.K.” or “The Tibetan,” is known in esoteric circles for his embodiment as a Tibetan master and also as an ascended being who assists planetary evolution. He was introduced to a wider audience through the writings of Madame Helena Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society. Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, revealed that Djwal Kul had been embodied as one of the three wisemen, Caspar. Through The Summit Lighthouse and The Hearts Center, Djwal Kul has taught the importance of the holy breath and forms of breathing that promote spiritual and physical well-being and progress.  To hear the entirety of Djwal Kul’s message on union with the God within, click Djwal Kul, February 18, 2008.
6. Kuthumi, an ascended master serving on the yellow ray of illumination was embodied as Saint Francis of Assissi. Master psychologist, his assistance may be invoked as we work on subconscious as well as conscious patterns of behavior that limit our ability to outpicture our true nature of compassion for all life.  He serves now as World Teacher with Jesus.
7.  Madame Helena Petrova Blavatsky (1831-1891), born into Russian aristocracy, was an occultist possessing from early childhood psychic abililties. During one of her sojourns in Tibet, she was commissioned by certain masters to share occult knowledge with a larger body of students East and West. 
8. The Theosophical Society was established in 1875 in New York City by Madame Blavatsky with the assistance of Col. Henry Steel Olcott (1832-1907) and William Q. Judge (1851-1896) for the purpose of compiling and teaching the occult sciences. The name of the society is derived from “theosophy,” a Neoplatonic term meaning "Divine Wisdom." The Theosophical Society currently has its international headquarters at Adyar, Madras, India. The Theosophical Society of America has its headquarters in Wheaton, Illinois and its British affiliate in London.
9. The ascension is complete liberation from the rounds of karma and rebirth. In the ascension process the soul becomes merged with her Solar Presence, experiencing freedom from the gravitational, or karmic, pull of the earth and entering the bliss of beingness within God’s eternal presence of divine love.
10. HeartStreams are up-to-the-minute messages from the ascended masters through their anointed messengers in The Hearts Center movement. These messages vibrate with the masters’ love and wisdom and anchor light in the earth as they are being delivered and when they are replayed in audio or video format. They teach, exhort, bless, uplift and direct us in specific actions needed to assist not only ourselves but our planet.

Messages El Morya

El Morya      September 04, 2009

Beloved El Morya (Discourse)
David C. Lewis
September 4, 2009   8:00-8:29 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 

Become Eloquent Speakers For the Masters
Master Your Speech by Conscious Effort

            Good morning, everyone. This morning El Morya impressed upon me his desire to speak to us of right speech and specifically [on] the topic of eloquence. There is a word called ‘elocution,' and I'll read to you the dictionary definition: “a style or manner of speaking or reading in public; the art of public speaking or declaiming.” And ‘eloquence': “speech or writing that is vivid, forceful, fluent, graceful and persuasive; the art or manner of such speech or writing; persuasive power.” I thought it was interesting [that] the third definition of eloquence [is] persuasive power.
            El Morya would like us all to be eloquent. Therefore we must have right speech as Buddha has commended us. This eloquence comes from and through the power of the Holy Spirit. And there is much that we can learn through the study of elocution to become fluent, persuasive and vividly expressive. But the third factor within eloquence is the power that comes when you are sure of yourself through your words, you are true to your words, you are the Word. And because you are that Word, the power of persuasiveness flows through you, through your voice, through your speech and the patternings of light that emanate through your throat chakra, which is the power center of our being.
            We must first know grammar and use correct syntax and the appropriate nouns, verbs and phrasings that allow for the higher concepts that we wish to convey to be spoken. Therefore it is incumbent upon all aspiring adepts who would enter into a greater delivery of power through your being to become greater masters of the Word itself. 
            Now we study the words of the masters themselves and they are our examples. And their words are fluid, expressive, dynamic, persuasive, vivid in the declarations and the delineations of the specific message that they wish to convey. And as we have heard, their words are cups of light. There may be a number of words within a message that is being conveyed that could express some nuance of the message. And yet the masters often use a specific word that keys us into the exact vibration, quality, tone that is so distinctive that it pinpoints with God-accuracy the secret ray or the specific ray that the master wants to deliver at a given moment.
            Because the masters are masters of time and space and of their personal astrology as well as planetary astrology and they know the karma of each lifestream to whom they are desirous of conveying the light, they draw forth from the Universal through their mind-power the very specific orientation of that light that can deliver to us in that cosmic specificity what we require in that particular moment to move us higher on our path.
            Morya was one of the magi and he had great understanding of the cosmos, of the interplay of the vibrations and the tones of the various planets and the stars in the heavens. And the celestial song that the planets sing, the true mystic, the true magi or magus understands. And because of their attunement with these higher frequencies they could absolutely tune into the fact that a Christic being, namely Jesus, was preparing to embody in Bethlehem. And they were magnetized by his Presence as well as their own understanding of the astrology of that day and that time such that they could be there to proclaim him the Son of God, the imminent Christ.
            Morya has spoken of goal-fittedness in the past. And recently I delivered the first portion of a message about training. And we have heard the story of Mark Prophet feeling that he was unprepared to truly be a messenger. But, El Morya said, “Well, if I waited for you to get fully trained [or become perfect], there wouldn't be time because you'd never be ready.” Humanly we're never ready, but our divinity is always ready and willing and able to provide for us the exact lesson, teaching, instruction that we require moment by moment because our divine Presence has our best interests in mind and wants our soul to be subsumed and merged into the Oversoul, the perfectionment of God.
            And so, when we realize our estate as prodigal ones through humility, and [we] desire that divine merging and union, that true yoga, we can through goal-fittedness and through a very specific application of these sciences that we are learning prepare ourselves for that ultimate day of holy union with the Divine.
            So, right speech is important for all of us. If you find yourself using words, phrases and colloquialisms that are not expressive of the highest aspect of your awareness as an adept and a master in the making, then you may need to take measures to appropriate some of your time, your energy and your study to this beautiful subject matter of eloquence, elocution. I was in a bookstore at an airport recently and picked up a couple [of] books on right speech and right writing. 
            And in my job and responsibility I absolutely have to be there for the master by having a certain vocabulary that they can ray forth through me at any moment the correct word that they want to convey. And if I did not have a little bit of a mastery of the English language, I don't think that I could be the best messenger for their deliveries. So I have continued to do crossword puzzles and things that challenge myself to learn new words and to constantly refer to the dictionary, even to thesauruses. And I'm really desirous, actually, of going back to school so that I can study the English language as well as other languages, of which the English language is partly composed, because we know that it originated through Latin, through the Old English, and there are elements of many different languages within our language─French, et cetera.
            The English language is a difficult language to learn if it is not your native tongue. And even if it is, there is much more that we can learn to become proponents of the Master Morya and his service to life through this dispensation, as really the key sponsoring master, with Lanello, of this movement along with Mother Mary, of course, [and] originally Kuthumi and now Lanto and Mother, one with Lanello, and the Great Divine Director.
            So, each of us has an opportunity to discipline ourself  in some way, to first watch our speech, study our own thoughtforms that come through our speech, and at times listen to ourselves and actually record conversations that we may be having. And then, often we may be surprised at phrases that are in vogue today, such as “you know,” which is not really expressive of what we probably want to say; it's just a habit. And the ‘ums' and the ‘uhs' and the pauses can be problematic if we are attempting to convey with eloquence higher concepts, the masters' vision and mission, et cetera.
            So, every heartfriend can enter into the mastery of right speech through further study, [and] at times through silence, enter into no speech, no emotion, no thought and simply into beingness. For, from beingness better speech, higher elocution will come. From presence, from stillness you will be able to feel and discern the very specific patternings of light that may need to be conveyed through your speech to assist others and to do your job in the world if you're still working at a regular job or just in conversation with people.
            I have told the story a number of times of the mystic Islamic gentleman that came into my gallery and of how his speech was absolutely beautiful and expressive of the divine world; and every word was carefully considered and crafted into that which he spoke, such that a deep, deep level of heart-mindfulness and presence was always exuded through, not only his voice and his throat chakra, but his heart and his entire being.
            The masters have conveyed to me that next year in 2010, they would like to have at least a four-week class dealing with grammar, word usage, elocution, and for some, editing─the ability to edit and really look at sentences and make sure that they are in order and expressive of the masters' words. When we have gone back and edited their dictations, darshans and discourses, at times, because of the nature of spoken language, we have had to correct that which I have received because there often are long run-on sentences and the verbiage and the word usage is not always perfect grammar and English.
            So, I am a student of this science as much as are any and all of you. And many of you have greater training in this specific subject matter, such as Carol Wells and others who have gone on to higher studies in college; because in this lifetime I did not go to college. I think that by the grace of God, I brought back with me in this lifetime a certain understanding of English and of this subject. But there is always more to learn.
            For those of you who have studied the teachings through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, you know that they were both empowered by the Holy Spirit. Mark was not tutored so much in the use of the English language as Mother was, she having graduated from college [with] a four year degree. Whereas Mark, I believe, didn't even go to high school. And yet by the power of the Holy Spirit he was able to convey that third aspect of the power of eloquence and elocution, even though maybe not often every word could have been blazed forth through his voice as appropriately as Mother, who had a larger vocabulary. Some of us have heard the story of how at times people would criticize Mark because of this. But, in my opinion, it is really the power of the Holy Spirit that is that which moves people, even more than the words.
            And yet, when you have the fluidity of the command of the language and the eloquence that can come as a Saint Germain, with great diplomacy and tact through the mastery of the seventh ray, as well as the first, then you can from A to Z, in not only your language, but sometimes other languages, utilize phrases and specific imagery through words that are absolutely perfect in conveying the totality of what the master or you want to convey at a given time.
            So, I look forward to this class next year. It will be sponsored by beloved Lady Kristine, who, as many of you know, as Florence Miller was truly a master at editing and finding inaccuracies, errors in the publications that she worked on, for many years within the Summit Lighthouse and was really Mother's right hand person.
            So, there is another book that I have mentioned recently. And next year we will also be having a Meru University class on conscious language and speech. I encourage everyone as soon as possible to secure this book. And I hope that if we haven't already put it as a link in our bookstore or as recommended reading, that we can. It is Conscious Language: the Logos of Now by Robert Tennyson Stevens. When you read this book, which has a forward by Greg Braden, who many of you are familiar with, you will begin to see why we are changing and will be changing things, even within this activity. I had a conversation with Paul Haugen in our Events Team and we are no longer going to be using the word ‘break' for those times of rest between sessions. And so we decided to use the word ‘intermission'.  I thought that was a great word─‘inter-mission;' we're on a mission, and it's almost like it is an inner-mission.
            There are words that key you into higher and more subtle gradations of light and expressiveness. This is what we all want, because we want to be the best messengers for the masters at any moment when someone needs us to speak with eloquence, with persuasiveness, with fluency, with vivid expressiveness and with that power that comes because we have the Holy Spirit, we have called to the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit lives and moves and has her being through us and we can fulfill on her behalf and through our voice, that which the Spirit is speaking to one, to many individuals in a given moment.
            Grammar, elocution, right speech: these are all elements of the mystic path for the adept who wants to master the language of the Logos, who is the Word, who is the second person of the Trinity, the illumined One, Vishnu, the Christ, the Christos. It really is incumbent upon each of us as Christed beings moving toward our adeptship on the Buddhic Path of the mastery of the five secret rays, to have already mastered, by the power of the Logos, the usage of words and syntax and all of the vocabulary that is available to us in this huge compendium of language.
            I think of Chrysti the Wordsmith that some of you may hear on NPR radio, and how she has made an entire mission out of conveying the nuances of the origins of words, phrases, word usage. And it's wonderful to hear some of these stories and the daily offering that she provides because it makes us wiser and more able to utilize this language in the most apt, the most appropriate ways in our daily lives. It brings a certain joy also to our experience of that word when we can share something that maybe most people are not aware of, because we have studied. And not that we want to be egotistical about it, but just that we can be expressive of it and sharing in humility and in love something that could bring much greater understanding to others.
            So, as you are becoming that Word, that Logos, be conscious of your speech, be aware of each word that you speak, of the tonal qualities, the vibration of the word, the feeling that you put into your speech and how at times we need to watch that our words are coming from a point of peace and love, rather than from anxiety or an emotional instability. I find that people within the Hearts Center who have psychological problems or people in the world, when they try to speak often stumble or cannot really find the words and don't even complete sentences because they have an inner problem with knowing who they are, of feeling comfortable within their own skin. And therefore, either in my presence or other people's presence, they seem not to able to convey something clearly.
            So, part of this entire science also goes back to the fact that we must continually work on ourselves, resolve our psychology, become who we are, love ourselves as God, as God loves us, and really know ourselves. So, each and every one of us can come up higher. We can very gently through non-violent or compassionate communication remind each other when we hear the use of language that is detrimental to our spiritual path, for instance, as we all know, saying “I am” and then something negative.
             So when you hear that, or when you hear someone saying, “It breaks my heart that...and then blah, blah, blah,” that's really an intense statement. Or, “I don't understand this.” Well, ‘understand', you will learn in the book on conscious language, that saying that, can help make it so. So what we declare through our speech is creation, is co-creation, is a part of the gift that God gave us to be co-creators. So we must always be careful that we are speaking words that are really what we want in our world, rather than what we don't want.
            So, observe yourself in this cycle. And as we prepare for our next class of Meru University on music, sound, mantra and all that will be shared, we can begin to see how even within music and the decrees that we give, et cetera, we can be more conscious of each word, each phrase, each meaning. And when we do this, I believe that we will really rise in awareness because, through this consciousness of attention to the details of our speech, we are repatterning ourselves to live as a logoic being, as the Word incarnate, as the Christ and as the Buddha-in-becoming.
            This is what the master wanted me to share today. I look forward to hearing from any and all of you who have studied the word and may have recommended reading or videos, et cetera, that can help all of us to come up higher in this regard. So, if you have something to that effect, don't send it to me personally, send it to Carol and I both get those and we can work together to craft a beautiful syllabus for our class next year. God bless you, each one.
            In the name of the Father, the Mother the Son, the Daughter and the Holy Spirit, I call for the sealing of the session this morning and for the sealing of every heartfriend in the light. Let them be protected, let their lives be sustained in the presence of the ascended hosts always, for their victory. Amen. Thank you, everyone.

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