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Who Is Afra? An Awakener of the Soul

Afra, having ascended many years ago, is the ascended master patron of Africa and represents unity and the true understanding of universal brotherhood. His teachings if embraced by the people of the earth would truly cause a spiritual awakening.

Once long ago, a golden-age civilization of the Blue and Violet Races lived in Africa. At a certain point, dark souls among the people sought to drive a wedge into the established culture of harmony. Peace was overturned and the stage was set for the downward spiraling of this civilization. The basic sanities and civilities of life were eventually lost as brother warred against brother.

Africa in violet flame heartFrom the realms of Spirit, a Great Soul saw the plight of the Blue and Violet Races and sought entrée into the earth in order to help. Cosmic councils governing the destinies of nations granted this compassionate individual the opportunity to embody on the continent of Africa to teach by example the way to dissolve conflict through the sacred fires of Brotherhood. He traveled extensively, filling the ethers everywhere with the memory-traces of Unity. He was the living spirit of brotherhood in embodiment at the time, descending from realms of Spirit to save Africa from self-destruction. His message of “we are brethren” hallowed the space through which he passed and charged the atoms of man and nature with an energy field that contributed to the spiritual awakening of all within the proximity of his divine aura.

Afra’s emanation of love is a universal solvent for all conflicts between peoples, organizations and nations, or any disturbances on the delicate web of life. Like the universal Tao, the Chi of Brotherhood flows through the ten thousand things.* Only harmony and unity can exist between people when Afra's presence is invoked, and his holy reverence for each soul is perceived, accepted and permitted to flow. There can be no duality, no “us versus them,” only the harmony of Afra’s Spirit of Brotherhood.

*"Ten thousand things", a concept from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, is a metaphor for infinity.

For more information, read: Afra: Spirit of Brotherhood and Living a Soulful Life

Audio Sample Chapter from Afra's Book
Read by Author, David C. Lewis

Brothers and Sisters of Afra


In April of 2005, the ascended master Afra spoke through the messenger, David Christopher Lewis, to a small group of devotees in Detroit regarding the possibility of resolving conflict—whether within a city or among nations—by embracing the spirit of brotherhood. His message also suggested that the people of the Blue and Violet Races (people with links to Africa) have special gifts to share with other races that will be invaluable for this resolution. The themes of Afra’s messages have always been to live and breathe in the light of brotherhood, and to love one another. He asks us, as followers of the ascended masters, to lead the way in spreading brotherhood throughout the world.

In October of 2006 during a pilgrimage to Luxor, Egypt, Hearts Center pilgrims heard Afra and other ascended masters calling for a more active effort to bring violet-fire prayers to the African continent. Afra and the masters told of the struggle of the people of this land. They requested that those who resonate with the souls in Africa come together and pledge to be the light—the violet fire—to heal this continent through their daily prayers. Records of human discord throughout Africa can be transmuted by those willing to commit themselves to coming together regularly for prayer to assist the masters in consuming these records.

Since that trip to Egypt, a group of ascended-master students have engaged in internet prayer vigils for the healing of Africa. Prayers are now being offered weekly to lift the people of Africa from a tumultuous path and to bring new possibilities to the continent. Through these vigils, we dedicate our energy, assisting the ascended masters and the angels in the elevation of Africa to a continent of only light, only the Spirit of Brotherhood.  

As we heal Africa, we heal the world! 

God bless you. Always and only Victory!  —The Brothers & Sisters of Afra

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Afra Speaks to Awaken Your Soul
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Messages from Afra

Afra      September 17, 2012

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Beloved Afra)
September 17, 2012   3:30–4:45 pm MST
Autumn Equinox Tour
Detroit, Michigan

True Learning: Intuiting Higher Wisdom through the Christ Mind and Heart

Unity in Diversity: Embodying and Manifesting Brotherhood/Sisterhood in Practical Ways

Conscious Language: Speaking the Truth with Diplomacy and Love

This darshan, I'll explain what a darshan is. There are a couple of different aspects to a darshan. One aspect is when you're just in the master's presence and it's obviously the master, not me. That's an important distinction. Another aspect is that in our darshans within The Hearts Center, there's an opportunity for you to ask questions of the master and receive a reply. Sometimes the master asks you questions in order to draw out your wisdom, because that's really one of the best ways to learn, the Socratic method. You ask the student a question and the student has to mindfully think and then they intuit higher wisdom through their own Christic mind and their heart.
            This is really the true way of learning in the New Age, where the children already have an amazing wisdom inside of them—and we had it, too, as children. And yet, many people consider that children are dumb or don't know things and that they have to be force-fed information. In the New Age, teachers will be trained to ask clarifying questions and then draw out of children what they have experienced and what they can teach us.
            In fact, the children are really the greatest teachers of us adults, because they come fresh from the retreats and they have this inner wisdom. So really, the way education is today is kind of twisted. The children have the newest information from the retreats of the Brotherhood, fresh from heaven. You know how children are better at using computers than most of us? Well, they learned a lot of this in the retreats. I'm not talking about texting; it's a lot more than that.
            So, part of the darshan today will be that you will get to ask a question. Some of you asked last night, so today another part of our darshan will be the master asking you questions. So which would you like first? [Various responses.] Okay, Afra will ask you questions and draw out your wisdom. And at the point where people raise their hand and would like to speak, we'll turn the camera so we can get you. And for the viewing audience today, it would be great if you could just come up here and sit in this chair, and then the camera will be trained on you so we can hear you. Please speak clearly and as loud as you're comfortable with, because then we can pick up the audio very well.
            Okay, Afra's question is this: “How do you see yourself embodying the flame of brotherhood/sisterhood?” And he's using a slash in that term because brotherhood is really brotherhood and sisterhood together. We're not distinguishing between men and women; we're all one. So: “How do you see yourself embodying and manifesting the flame of brotherhood/sisterhood in practical ways in the Detroit area? Or how do you see yourself embodying the flame of unity? Or how do you see yourself embodying in practical ways the flame of soul freedom?”
            And Afra is asking us to be very specific and kind of concrete. In other words, it's not just about doing something only for yourself and your home. How can you do this on a grander scale involving more people? And as you envision it and speak it forth, he is ready to empower you with support from angels of brotherhood, unity or soul freedom. So that's Afra's question. Okay? It's an alchemy; because as you say, “This is how I see myself doing this,” there is an empowerment; and it's a blessing, a protection, and a charge of light.
            So that's the question. Anybody can just come up here. And if you are ready, you can sit there. And if you want to be ready to be the second person to speak, you can sit in the second chair, and then that person moves over when the first one's done. So, I'll repeat the question once more:
            How do you see yourself embodying and manifesting the flame of brotherhood/sisterhood—or the flame of unity or the flame of soul freedom—in practical ways through your life for the Detroit area?

Participant #1: Well, I see myself manifesting all three. I've been a visiting nurse in the city for over thirty years. I was born in the city and I've moved out so many times and it always brings me back, Spirit brings me back. But now I appreciate it. I didn't always, but I appreciate the fact that by living and working and being in this area, I've had to manifest through the Spirit all of the unity. I feel it every day—the unity and the brotherhood—because there's so much diversity in this area. I mean, all nations pretty much are represented here in this area. And so I have many, many opportunities every day. On a daily basis I have plenty of opportunity to manifest that. And I appreciate it and I feel it in my soul and my spirit. And I feel the violet flame energy coming through me every day. I kind of project it into the city, and I've been doing it for a long time.

David: So you're already doing it.

Participant #1: I've been doing it for a long time.

David: Nursing, conscious nursing, as a visiting nurse.

Participant #1: And opening to the Spirit and finding the love. And you know, I've also been a member of Unity for a long time, over thirty years at least. And finding the Spirit living through all of us in many different cultural aspects and in different religions, different cultures—all of it is there. But I unite in the heart flame, in the Spirit, with people all the time, every day.

David: So, Afra is inviting you to consider sharing his image, right here [shows image of Afra]. In fact, we should put Afra's image front and center here because this is his darshan. He is inviting you to consider sharing his image with people because it will cue them into the beautiful reality that he is and that he can share through people throughout the Detroit area.
            We have wallet cards. It could be as simple as sharing a wallet card. They're beautiful. And also we have the booklet on our website. And there's also a CD of a prayer session that the Brothers and Sisters of Afra do every Sunday. Well, it's different each Sunday, but there's a CD available from one Sunday's session. And there are many, many HeartStreams on the website that you can listen to.1 So, Afra is inviting all of you to consider sharing his essence. It's not just a picture or the booklet or whatever—it's his essence.

Participant #1: I have never felt really connected with Afra. I have with Saint Germain and Jesus and Mary.

David: Or you can do Saint Germain. But see, this is Afra's darshan, so consider even with people of African-American descent that they may resonate more with Afra's image than you may. But he is a man for all cultures, he says. Just like Morya, Thomas More, was a man for all seasons, Afra is a man (a divine being) for all cultures because he embodies true brotherhood just as Saint Germain does. And if you love Saint Germain, you've got to love Afra. I mean, they're almost like flip sides of the same coin, and they work really closely together. So, you could have a wallet card of Afra and one of Saint Germain. And then depending on who you meet you could say, even in Unity, something like this: “This is Saint Germain, my master; and this is Afra, a master that I revere and that I've gotten to know, and I'm just offering this to you as a gift.” Great. Thank you.

Participant #1: Thank you.

Participant #2: My name is _____, and Afra is actually my ascended sponsor. I was baptized at The Summit Lighthouse and he was the one that came forth as my sponsor that day. So I have a lot of love for him, for his mission, if you will, through me. And what I envision is what I have taken on in the last several years—sharing that level of consciousness with those who are not familiar with him, bringing them into the brotherhood. So I would employ his assistance with that process. My life mission and purpose, I feel, is to raise consciousness. And I moved to this part of the country ten years ago and it all started then. It started back before that when I was living in Maryland, which is where I'm originally from. Then I moved to Detroit and now I live in Ohio, but I'm still merging the two, Ohio and Michigan now. So, I haven't been granted permission to leave this area for some reason and now today it's crystallizing in my mind that that's why. So I would love his help with that.

David: So you know it's your mission to promulgate the message of brotherhood and what Afra represents. And you're going to continue doing that and bring people to understand who he is. Because a lot of people have never heard of him and it's time the world knows about Afra as well as Saint Germain. A lot more people know about Saint Germain. Not as many know about Afra, and yet they work together. Great. Thank you.

Participant #2: Thank you.

David: Anybody else?

Participant # 3: It is and has always been my mission to teach. But I was given that. And being in this Detroit area, it has been my desire to bring forth Afra's teaching, hoping that it would bring a grid of love and appreciation with someone that they can identify with. So that is my goal. And I would say the challenge has been, how do you bring them in? What is the mechanism or the vehicle to bring them in? You know what I'm saying, to reach people.

David: So that's the challenge. And if you spend just a couple minutes each morning meditating, there can be a download directly from Afra's heart and from Saint Germain's heart to your heart and mind on practical ways to do that. Maybe you haven't discovered them yet, or maybe your plans just need a little tweaking or just a little more oomph or fire or whatever. You're already doing it and you're seeking opportunities. So I'm imploring the masters Afra and Saint Germain to bring souls to you, through miraculous ways and means, who are ready for what you have to share and to teach. So, masters, let it happen. Amen.
            In fact, I pray for this both for you and for everyone here, because I think everyone here is a teacher. You all have great wisdom; you wouldn't be here if you didn't. So you all have wisdom and you're all nursing souls either practically, physically or spiritually through your heart fire and your wisdom. Part of it is just keeping on keeping on, doing what you're doing. And yet there are ways to employ just a little bit more consciousness, as _____ said, raising consciousness.
            I think the masters raise our consciousness gradually so that we are more capable, in a more refined way, of helping others specifically with their needs. Right? And it's matching their needs with our ability through our sensitivity to bring exactly what they require right at the right time and at the right place, and that's what the masters and the angels are so good at. Angels are masterful beings at specificity, of being able to bring to people exactly what they require in the moment that they need it. And so the more you invoke the angels, they are delighted to answer prayers. Do you know that many of you are embodied angels and you came here to volunteer your service? You already know this internally, that you're here to be an answer to prayer.
            One of my prayers each morning internally is this: “Let me be an answer to prayer, someone's prayer, tangibly, either through giving them something or putting someone in my way or through whatever means, in order to let me come into proximity with someone who requires God's help through me.” So you could just say each morning, “Lord, let me be the answer to a prayer.” And then, when you are that prayer answered and the person says, “My God, I just asked God for help and you're an angel,” then you'll say, “Thank you, that was my prayer this morning. You see, the angels just kind of went like this, and here we are. I love you.” Give them a hug and you're on your way to the next person. Okay, who else would like to share?

Participant #4: I have felt as _____ expressed. How do you bring people together who are in disciplines where they express the Holy Spirit in their spiritual buildings, however they do not quite get it yet that they are divine beings and they just believe that Jesus is the only one in God?
             And then, in relation to what I learned about myself today about being a nurturer, and along the elemental line, there is an African-American woman here in the city of Detroit that is a naturopathic doctor and she is very sensitive to the I AM Presence. She provides an opportunity for people to come to a seminar and she then ends up giving the information about I AM THAT I AM. She says that every time you say “I AM” and words after that, you are creating. And she literally points to the crown chakra. And she shares herbal tea and she raises you up in consciousness. So she has been seeking for divine health—there it is, right there.

David: Wonderful. You know, you who are here could have something on the Internet or you could have an advertisement in some journal. Sometimes they will do free ads—PSAs, public service announcements, for free. You could create a public service announcement and just say: “Free (whatever). Hearts Center of Detroit.” And it could have more than one phone number listed. It could have a number of your phone numbers or e-mail addresses. Because you are The Hearts Center, all of you are The Hearts Center.
            I mean, even if this is your first time at an official Hearts Center function, you're already doing Hearts Center work through your heart's center, your chakra, and loving people and giving guidance and help. So why not maximize the name Hearts Center by advertising in some way. And you could take turns. You could say: Okay, this month, or for two weeks, it's going to be you; and the next two weeks, somebody else. And people could call a number, or respond, and you could all pool your resources and say: Hey, this month we're going to provide tea, or we're going to provide free something or other.
            And The Hearts Center will get to be known as a viable movement, not just decrees on Fridays. Although I have to tell you, because of _____and _____ and others of you who travel to her place when you're able to, you've done a phenomenal job of keeping the flame here. And there's more that can be done.
            So, you all have talents and gifts. You all have something to share. If you come together after this meeting, come together at the follow-up and strategize, you could, Afra says, come up with means by which all of your talents and gifts could be shared—in a very directed way through the name Hearts Center—that is beautiful and honors each of you for your gifts. And it could just be for a short period of time so that one person is not burdened for twelve months or even an entire month. Because it's a big commitment, right?
            But if you divvy it up, each of you could provide something, whatever it is. And if you pool your resources, you can decide what that offering is in a beautiful way. It could be teaching. You could have some sort of a regular type of offering of teaching, and each of you could teach something for just a two-week period or something, or provide your resources. So, thank you so much.

Participant #5: What I want to add to what she was saying is that right next door to _____ is a chiropractor and a healing arts center…. And there's a vegan and vegetarian café and he does teaching there. And so it's a place where people want to meet.

David: Wonderful…. And we have the name Hearts Center, but it means more than an organization. It's a way of life. It's a movement of anyone who is heart-centered, who is doing the work of God in a beautiful heart-centered way. Just so you know, when we say Hearts Center, it's inclusive. It's not exclusive and there's no membership. I explained last night, for those of you who weren't here, in The Hearts Center there's no membership. You don't have to pay dues to join. We don't have a list of people that are in The Hearts Center. We have a mailing list, an e-mail list, but it's not like you're in or you're out. So you can be participating in whatever works for you, based on your level of interest and your gifts. And that's what's beautiful about this movement. Isn't it great to feel that you don't have to join something and then commit to, for example, being there every week forever for the rest of your life?

Audience Comments: It's freedom. Spiritual freedom.

David: It's freedom. That's the New Age. Okay, who else would like to share something? You have what you're committing to, right? Soul freedom, unity or brotherhood—those are the concepts. These are all qualities that Afra represents.

Participant #6: There is an organization, “Bridging 8 Mile,” that is active several times a year with an all-day event usually. And it's an exercise in learning about each other's cultures and diversities and it's exceedingly powerful…. And the symbol of another organization that is active in the city of Detroit, called Focus Hope, is from a 1970 poster of theirs—a black hand and a white hand…releasing a dove. This organization is ongoing and viable and always looking for volunteers….

David: But what are you going to—

Participant #6: I am actively engaged with an interfaith organization that is presided over by the only female rabbi in the Detroit metro area, Rabbi Dorit Edut, who reached out to an imam of a Muslim temple in Dearborn and created an interrelationship between her folks and his folks. And there are now something like forty or forty-five organizations that meet on a regular monthly basis. This past month they had a picnic at Belle Isle. And it's ongoing and intertwining and it's marvelous.

David: Great. There's a large Muslim contingency in this area, right? Isn't it one of the largest in the United States?

Participant #6: It is the largest.

David: The largest. And it's imperative that there be collaboration and brotherhood between all faiths. So interfaith is great, and especially when it's Judaism and Islam, because of the problems in some of the rest of the world with the fanatics. But the true heart people of all faiths are one.

Participant #6: I have a question, Beloved Afra, regarding what David just said. We know that Muhammad has made his ascension. His picture was on all of those little bookmarks that were pen and ink drawings.

David: I never actually heard from Mother [Elizabeth Clare Prophet] that he did ascend. Even though it was in the book Prayer and Meditation where it showed him as an adept with a halo around him, there was never any dictation from him.

Participant #6: That was my question. And if so, what has he—or will he address the fanaticism in this movement?

David: That's a great question. It's something that Afra is concerned about because of the growing influence of fanatical Islam throughout the world. And our desire is to have the true flame of true Islam spread throughout the world. So, it's for another time with another revelation with the being who is Muhammad.
            He is revealing today that he has not ascended. He's actually not ascended. There's a reason why and it's a very important reason. It's not that he wasn't worthy to ascend. He chose not to ascend because his mission wasn't complete to the extent that he desired and that the Brotherhood desired. And because of a lot of the infiltration of dark forces into what have become the fanatical elements of Islam, his work is ongoing and he desires to really rectify that. And there was, there is some error in the interpretation and in the transliteration of parts of the Quran. You know, just as with the Bible there has been some serious misinterpretation and manipulation, the same thing with the Quran.
            So, I'm not allowed to say anything more right now other than that I personally am invested in correcting this because of who I am and my past lives. Some of you may have heard, and I don't have to talk about it today, but I was one of Abraham's sons. So I'm heavily invested in the mission of truth to come forth for the resolution of conflict in the Middle East and throughout the world.

Participant #6: Is there anything that we can do to help Muhammad accelerate his own mission?

David: Well, unity is absolutely essential. And part of the issue that has to be resolved is the brotherhood between Isaac and Ishmael and what the diversion of those two sons and the cultures that resulted from them has resulted in. So, there has to be unity at a higher level that brings these brothers back, so to speak, to true brotherhood at an energetic spiritual level so that then the cultures that have resulted from the offspring of Abraham can resolve their differences and come back into unity.
            The Israelites have one view in general and the Muslims have another view in general. And even the common view is a little bit jaded, based on the cultures that have sprung up from those two sons' lineages. And Abraham, who is now El Morya, sees beyond all the division and is really the one who has to help Muhammad, you see, to help resolve this, because Muhammad came under the lineage of Ishmael. So the key that Muhammad shares is that El Morya is the key. El Morya is the key to all these generations. So you can pray to El Morya.

Participant #6: He's my good friend.

David: And give 10.010 daily. El Morya is the one who will help to resolve the differences and the conflicts. El Morya is one of the founding masters of The Hearts Center. And I don't believe that my mission will be complete until I help El Morya do what he is doing through our movement to bring unity, brotherhood and peace back to the Earth at the highest level that he can through our teachings. And Afra is key for this. That's why he's here today—because most people don't know of him.
            The Muslim influence is spreading throughout Africa and amongst the black community worldwide; and some of it is being a little perverted, in my opinion, through individuals who are a bit fanatical. Fanaticism is not the true Islam. The true Islam is influenced more by the Sufi influence, which is the mystical aspect of Islam that brings love, pure love, into play, as through the influence of the great poets Rumi and Shams Tabrizi. And if you study that lineage you will get the true essence of what Islam should be in the New Age. So we have to bring that influence back into Islam. Love, brotherhood and truth have to permeate everything so that the true Islam is known. That is part of Muhammad's mission. And so he uses those who have heart development, not the fanatical interpretation of Scripture, to bring love back and true brotherhood back. And that's what we require.
            So, El Morya is key. Djwal Kul is key too, he says, because Djwal Kul was embodied as one of the key Sufi masters, one of the original Sufi masters. And so, of course, is Kuthumi. Those three, the Magi, are really key for this mission.
            And by the way, I'll mention that we have two more courses coming up in the series The Mystic Path of Adeptship. We had class one with El Morya in February 2012. We have class two with Kuthumi coming up next month on October 7, 2012; it's a one-day Meru course. And then on December 2, 2012, class three with Djwal Kul. So we have these three masters giving current teaching on exactly what is essential for us to move into our adeptship so that we can anchor the light at a higher level in order to assist them to bring brotherhood and prosperity and peace to the world.
            So, I encourage you to consider attending those one-day classes online. They will be live in Livingston, Montana, but you can attend online. It is beautiful teaching. And when you embody these teachings that the masters are revealing, it helps Muhammad, El Morya, Djwal Kul and Kuthumi in resolving these ancient disparities and conflicts and in bringing true unity and brotherhood back.
            So, thank you for everything you're doing to anchor the light of true Judaism and true Islam, mystical and true.

Participant #6: That was never my intent.

David: I know, but you do it through who you are and through understanding diversity—unity in diversity.

Participant #6: I heard Morya say in Chicago that there was a teaching, through Lanello perhaps, that it would take thirty-three embodied Buddhas to bring peace to the Middle East.

David: Because of the amount of conflict there is. Yes.

Participant #6: Which gives us an impetus to work harder on ourselves.

David: On our Buddhahood. And Buddhahood doesn't mean you have to look like a Buddha; it means you live in your Buddhic essence. You embody the flame of the Buddha, which is perfect peace, compassion and kindness at a higher level. And you work on what are called the crystal-ray initiations. There are the seven rays and then there are the five crystal rays that are anchored in the hands, the feet, and the area near the heart.
            And when you understand the dynamism of what those crystal rays are, it's amazing. They involve healing, they involve higher consciousness and what's called the siddhis, which are these higher spiritual powers similar to what Padre Pio had. The saints who have received the stigmata were actually initiates of the five secret rays, or crystal rays. Each and every one of them was an initiate of that. They wouldn't have received the stigmata had they not had the balancing of karma and the ability to be anchor points for those rays in the Earth. And they have to do with the ruby rays and these special frequencies that flow through them to bless humanity, to transmute karma, etc. So, thank you.

Participant #6: Thank you.

David: Anybody else?

Participant #7: I'm just saying that living in this area, we have a really strong opportunity to become heartfriends with people from all different, diverse cultures. That's what I was thinking of. The company that I work with now is owned by a Muslim family. And personally I feel that I had a little prejudice against Muslim people because I didn't know them. And this is always how prejudice keeps itself going; it's because we really don't get to know people.
            Once we get to know people and we establish connections from the heart, that's when all of this nonsense goes away. We begin to realize that we do all have the same heart, that we are all one…. You know, we can read it in books and things like that, but when we actually get involved with other people and just be good neighbors and just be friends, heartfriends, that's when these things go away.

David: I love the term heartfriend. Isn't that a great term? That's what friendship is supposed to be—from the heart. I've told this story before and so I won't tell the whole thing today, but the holiest man I've ever met was a Muslim. He came into my art gallery back when I had an art gallery. He walked in the door. I was forty feet away and my whole body was vibrating when he walked in the door—his aura was that big. And I went to him and I dropped to my knees and kissed his feet because he was a holy man.
            He had darker skin, and I found out later that he was from Mauritius, an island off of South Africa. He is Muslim and he has traveled all over the world.
            He meditates every morning from 4:00–6:00 in silence. He fasts regularly. And he had the ability to leave his body and travel to the retreats of the Brotherhood. And he would give the typical Muslim prayers and then call to Muhammad, to Issa (Jesus), and to Jibril (Gabriel). He would go to the retreats in the heaven world, he'd receive their nectar, and then he'd come back to Earth and share it with humanity. So he explained that that was the mystical interpretation of these prayers. If you hear Muslims saying them, and you will hear them, you may think, oh, it's just some prayer they're giving. But that is pretty profound: He transports himself. And I tell you, in his presence, the light emanating from him was the most powerful of any man I've ever met.
            I invited him to our house. He had a vegetarian meal, he stayed overnight, and the next morning he meditated. I meditated in another room so I wouldn't interfere with his meditation. And the peace in our home while he was there was the most profound I have ever experienced. So here's a Muslim. I don't know that he was necessarily a Sufi, but he had practiced the purity of his religion and become it and manifested it.
            So, if a lot of Muslims are like him, they pray five times a day, turning toward Mecca, kneeling, I bet there's a lot more that are wonderful spiritual people than we know. It's just that we have this prejudice in the West toward them. And we have to overcome that and find those who are the true advocates of this level of spirituality. And we will find them. And then they can be with us the advocates for reconciliation, understanding, teaching and sharing, and true brotherhood.
            When we went to Egypt, we were there during Ramadan and all the people were fasting during the day. We were eating and we felt kind of guilty, you know, those of us from the West. The people were beautiful, absolutely beautiful. They were very holy. But what do we see in the media? The media tries to hype everything up, to make it look like the people are all angry. That's just a very slight minority. And 99 percent of the people are absolute devoted, wonderful human beings. So that's our predicament.
            Okay, who else? I did promise you that you could ask a question, right? So at this point, if you have a question for Afra, you can ask it here. And we'll reserve the last thirty minutes for Mother Mary. [Pause.] You know it all, so there's not much more to be said, right? We could begin preparing for Mother Mary and Raphael if you feel that you've had enough from Afra.

Participant: There's never enough from Afra. [Laughter.]

David: When I went to New York the last time, I believe, we had a class that was all on soulfulness.2 It was amazing—great teaching on the soul. And Afra gave one of the most beautiful dictations I've ever received on the soul.3 Some of you may have heard it in New York. Oh my gosh. If there's one HeartStream you have to listen to if you love Afra, that's the one. So I'm trying to think of when I was in New York last.

Participant: A year and a half ago for the economy vigils?

David: Yeah, I think it was around that time. And I'm going there again. After I'm done here, I go to Philadelphia and then New York again. So, I remember standing there at the podium and Afra's presence was so physical in the room through me, it was like a sermon. It was so beautiful, it was like the most beautiful sermon. It was like being in the presence of Jesus when he gave the Sermon on the Mount. It was that holy and that epic. So I'd like to share that with you because it's something so profound that you will be moved to tears, as I was.

Participant #7: I have a question. I think I have a question and a comment.

David: Okay.

Participant #7: So, I'm actually learning that I do talk a lot, so I'm learning when to not talk and when to talk, that kind of thing. But I have to say this: Okay, so _____ was an angry man, but he has transformed. I want to say that on his behalf, because there's room for all of us to transform.

Audience Comment: Amen.

David: Just like Malcolm X. Malcolm X had his issues, but that guy was amazing.

Audience Comments: Yes.

David: And the true him that came out later was right on.

Participant #7: Yes. So, the same thing goes for _____. He's shifted in how he expresses himself. And I think that at the time he had to express himself like that so that he could be heard. So I want to say that.

David: Okay.

Participant #7: Then, the thing I want to speak with Afra about is that very thing. You know, there's speaking the truth. And when you speak the truth you tend to alienate people, you tend to not have a lot of people who want to be your friend. They just like having that experience of joy and love around you. Because people tend to avoid you when you're someone who's outspoken and speaks what's so. So I'm actually learning, how do you temper it, you know. Because I find myself going in and out of relationships with people, you know. I say the truth and they don't want to talk to me for a couple days because they didn't like what I said to them. So then, you know, I miss the relationship with my friends or with people I have camaraderie with. Because, you know, I am definitely not one of those really soft-spoken spiritual people who talk really nice and sweet all the time. I'm not that kind of person. So, you know—

David: Well, here's Afra's guidance for all of us.

Participant #7: Okay, good.

David: When you have friendship and a relationship with others, you have a foundation of principles by which you communicate. And there has to be compassionate communication at the core and also conscious language. We've learned these two sciences in The Hearts Center. One is called nonviolent communication, or compassionate communication; and the other is called conscious language. This raises our ability to communicate lovingly with words that edify and raise.
            If we're using caustic language—even if we're speaking the truth—people will hear the caustic language and then they'll react and they won't get the core of the truth. When we speak the truth and we house it in words that edify and raise, they get it because they feel valued and understood, and they feel like you're listening and they're listening.
            So we can all do a little bit better with the language that we use so that the truth, the kernels and the nuggets of powerful truth, will come through and yet they will be heard. Because, believe me, I have learned this lesson. I think I shared last night that when I became a vegetarian it was as if I tried to ram it down everybody's throat, you know, initially. Or “Stop eating sugar; it's bad for you.” Well, we have to say it nicely.
            Now, if your momentum and your fire are there, it can still come forth in loving ways so long as there's compassion housing it. So your challenge, and I think we also talked about this with the other gal who was sitting up here the other night, is how to lovingly couch and house that truth so that people do hear. Because you don't want to alienate people so they'll never deal with you again, right? I mean, I don't desire to do that. I like people to hear the truth.
            So the challenge for you is to learn spiritual etiquette, because Afra and Saint Germain are masters at divine etiquette and diplomacy. Diplomacy is one of the seventh-ray aspects of freedom, and you can be beautifully diplomatic without compromising the truth. It's all how you use those words to bring your message to bear with love and with understanding.
            And you don't have to be like those diplomats that are so compromising that they never speak the truth and they compromise everything out of existence, like some of the America diplomats who will never get anything done because they've abused the truth and they've compromised so much that they will never be focused and directed toward what is real and righteous. I'm not speaking of that false diplomacy.
            We all can learn conscious language. We had a whole course on conscious language and there's a book called Conscious Language.4 And Afra is recommending that those of you that haven't read it secure it. Because it is absolutely wonderful to use words that key us into our I AM Presence, and a lot of that book deals with the I AM teachings.
            And then we avoid saying things like “I want” and “I need,” because that speaks of lack, you see: “I want this.” What does the Twenty-Third Psalm say? “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.” So even David, an embodiment of Jesus, was saying, “Don't use those words, because that's not the real you. You have everything you require right here, right within you.” So don't even say “I want.” Don't say “I need,” because that indicates lack.
            So we can upgrade our language and we can use nonviolent communication, or compassionate communication, so that the truth that we are ready to give to even our loved ones and our friends, that we see clearly, will be said and disarm them to see our way with such love and compassion and kindness that they can't help but agree with the fire that we have. So, Saint Germain is fiery; he's also very diplomatic. Afra is super fiery; he's also extremely diplomatic.
            I heard the diplomacy of the masters and the Maha Chohan during the baptism by fire.5 I felt their diplomacy. The Maha Chohan was honoring each person in the room that received that initiation by the beautiful words that he spoke to each one, which were magnificent, honored who they were, and yet also delivered the fire. Did he condemn anybody in the room? No. I didn't hear an ounce of condemnation or saying “you're unworthy” or “you've got problems.” You know, when people feel as if we're saying to them “you've got issues, you've got problems,” they feel that we're judging them. So just be careful, when you're conveying what you perceive as the truth, that it's lovingly housed in the most carefully crafted, diplomatic words. Just like—

Participant #7: Okay, so if something is rising up in me, as you say, that seems so inauthentic to me.

David: Okay. But you know what? It may feel inauthentic right now. It may be your initiation for this life to develop diplomacy, because it's a seventh-ray quality and a quality of blue-ray masters.
            I started out as an A-type personality in my youth. I ran roughshod over people when I was supervising thirty women in a department. I was gung ho and I wanted the work to be done bam bam bam bam bam. My initiation was to learn diplomacy. And I had to, because people don't respond well to inauthentic, judgmental speech. They deserve and they desire leadership by example and by compassion and by grace. They respond much more to grace than they do to fire that is couched in terms that may be a little caustic—even if it comes from the heart.
            So, you can be authentic and yet grow and transform yourself into the most loving and amazing communicator of the truth. And that may be your initiation in this life.
            I had to master CCJ (criticism, condemnation and judgment) and move from being a type A personality to a type C, which is compassionate, because people respond to that. And I couldn't begin my mission and what I'm doing now until I had understood who I am and mastered myself to move out of the caustic type of communication and into the abundant life and compassion.
            So I hope you can hear that with my love for you. Because it's important to have fire. I'm not saying to temper your fire, okay? Don't temper your fire. House it in the pink flame of love and it will have more impact. It will have just as powerful an impact. It will do everything you desire to do and it will spark people to transform themselves. But remember, you're not the person that's transforming them—they are. And the most profound way to get through to them is by your example of love.

Participant #7: Thank you.

David: Thank you.

Participant #7: Thank you.

Participant #8: I have a question for Afra, please. I feel that our government in Detroit needs Afra's image, and I—

David: The government in Detroit requires Afra's image?

Participant #8: I feel that it would benefit from having a picture of Afra. And I feel that our Mayor Bing has taken on a huge task and I feel that Afra would be a support to him. So is it okay to write a letter and include a picture and say, “I support you, Mayor Bing, and—”

David: I don't know Mayor Bing. I apologize that I don't know the local politics. Is he African-American?

Participant #8: Yes. In fact, he was a basketball player.

Audience Comment: Dave Bing.

David: Oh, Dave Bing. [Various audience exclamations.] Okay. Well, if the little instruction on the back of the card is too esoteric for him, it may be too much. Is he on a spiritual path? It's for God to determine whether he's ready to receive what's there. Ray forth Afra's image to him through your third eye so that on the inner he can make contact with Afra. That's more important than sending him a physical picture.
            A lot of times heartfriends and devotees will be so fired up about our spiritual path that we want everybody in the world to have this, that and the other thing. Not everybody's ready. Now, are we the judge of whether they're ready? No. So you can err on the side of sharing, but just make sure you ask the Holy Spirit and Afra beforehand. And if you have an absolute confirmation in your heart that this is right, then act. Okay?
            In the case of politicians I urge caution because, as a blanket generalization, most of them are not on the same level of spirituality as we are. They're in an industry that's all about ego and about power and about money—as a generalization. I've known people who have sent politicians things, and in 99 percent of the cases it didn't really result in the effects that they had desired.

Audience Comment: Okay, so it's grassroots.

David: Grassroots is pretty good. If you have something in your purse and you happen to bump into him and the Holy Spirit speaks through you and says, “Well, talk to him,” I don't know if he'll have time for you but you could flash the image. Or you could use it as talismanic magic and go downtown and stick an image of Afra somewhere where no one will ever see it—behind something, like in a crevice or a crack somewhere, as a talisman—and that will do great work. Okay? Go downtown to where his office is, and if there's somewhere around the buildings where you can just hide an image somewhere in the cracks, a wallet card or chart, use that as a talisman. Okay?

Participant #8: Thank you.

David: Great.

Participant #9: Has Afra seen brother _____'s Montford Point Marines medal?

David: Well, Afra would love to see it. Do you have it with you?

Participant #10: Yes, I do.

David: Can you show it? I want you to come up here. [Pause.] He's not going to sit, so I'm going to stand, so you're going to have to raise the camera.

Participant #9: For those of you who don't know, the Montford Point Marines were the first African-American Marines. And at that time they were called Negro troops in the Marines. In 1941–1942 they were formed, and _____ joined at age 18 in 1942 and trained in Montford Point, North Carolina. And the Congress issued a Congressional Gold Medal to honor all of them who are still alive. A replica of that medal was given to each of them a couple of months ago.

David: Show it to everybody.

Participant #10: The Montford Point Marines emblem that I received from the government June the twenty-eighth was for valor in service. We gave service that was—I wouldn't say unparalleled, but I'm so excited about this, and, oh my gosh—it was for service we rendered to our country, for our valor. We faced discrimination, prejudice. But in spite of the prejudice and discrimination that we received, we strived on because of our country, our love for our country. And because of our valor, because of our service to our country, the government said that they were going to give the Montford Point Marines a Congressional Gold Medal of Honor for their service, for their valor. We were at Saipan, Guam, Okinawa, and we were in some of the fiercest battles in the Pacific.

Participant #9: Iwo Jima.

Participant #10: Iwo Jima—some went to Iwo Jima.

David: Where were you?

Participant #10: Well, I went to Hawaii. I went to Hawaii and I encountered a little action on the way between California and Hawaii. Some of the enemy's airplanes, their reconnaissance planes, flew over our area, over our ship. I was on the USS Bladen. It was a World War I ship and they were using it to transport us to Hawaii. But while we were on the way over, almost to Hawaii, we spotted these aircraft. And I was assigned to one of the 40mm Bofors. All the black Marines were stationed as gunners. And one of the planes came over the ship that I was on and I fired at him. And I didn't hit him, but the concussion made the plane waver, so that's close as I came to getting him. But I just wanted to tell you that it was indeed a great honor that we received and I'm glad that I was able to receive this honor for service to our country.

David: So you were at the White House on June 28?

Participant #10: June 28 we received this Congressional Gold Medal from Congress. The President was tied up at the time, but we got it from the officials, high officials.

Participant #9: Otherwise the President would have heard about Saint Germain! [Laughter and conversation.]

Participant: And how old are you, may we ask?

Participant #10: How old am I? Eighty-seven. [Applause and comments.]

Participant #9: And you served on Okinawa.

Participant #10: Yes, I did.

Participant #9: And you went to China.

David: So, this medal says: Montford Point Marines, 1942–1949. It has an image of three marines on the front and then three other marines with bayonets above their heads. And on the back it says: For outstanding perseverance and courage that inspired social change in the Marine Corps.

Participant #10: I showed my medal so much until the bandage around my neck—I mean from the sweat—made it impossible for me to keep wearing, because it was getting lots of pressure.

David: It's in a plastic case, and on top it says: Semper Fidelis, which means?

Participant #10: Always faithful.

David: “Always faithful.” In Latin, right?

Participant #10: Yes, it's in Latin.

David: Oh, and then it says: 2011 Act, or is it 2012?

Participant #9: The act was 2011.

David: 2011 Act of Congress, at the bottom of this medal. [“Wow.”] And it's heavy. It's got to be three to four ounces, maybe five ounces. It's awesome. [Applause.]

1. See Afra's Web page for a biographical sketch of Afra and a listing of his HeartStreams, quotes, news, booklet, CDs, meditation video, and other tools to connect to Afra's presence.
2. Spirit of Soulfulness 2010.
3. Afra, October 31, 2010,
“I Am Radiating Forth from the Base of Africa Now, to the Crown, a Spiral of Soulfulness and Calling to the Souls of My Heart to Ascend Daily,” available on The Hearts Center website.
4. Robert Tennyson Stevens,
Conscious Language: The Logos of Now, available through The Hearts Center's online store, item # 3200-2-0001.
5. Matthew 3:11; Luke 3:16. For more on the Holy Spirit baptism by fire, go to

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