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Who Is Afra? An Awakener of the Soul

Afra, having ascended many years ago, is the ascended master patron of Africa and represents unity and the true understanding of universal brotherhood. His teachings if embraced by the people of the earth would truly cause a spiritual awakening.

Once long ago, a golden-age civilization of the Blue and Violet Races lived in Africa. At a certain point, dark souls among the people sought to drive a wedge into the established culture of harmony. Peace was overturned and the stage was set for the downward spiraling of this civilization. The basic sanities and civilities of life were eventually lost as brother warred against brother.

Africa in violet flame heartFrom the realms of Spirit, a Great Soul saw the plight of the Blue and Violet Races and sought entrée into the earth in order to help. Cosmic councils governing the destinies of nations granted this compassionate individual the opportunity to embody on the continent of Africa to teach by example the way to dissolve conflict through the sacred fires of Brotherhood. He traveled extensively, filling the ethers everywhere with the memory-traces of Unity. He was the living spirit of brotherhood in embodiment at the time, descending from realms of Spirit to save Africa from self-destruction. His message of “we are brethren” hallowed the space through which he passed and charged the atoms of man and nature with an energy field that contributed to the spiritual awakening of all within the proximity of his divine aura.

Afra’s emanation of love is a universal solvent for all conflicts between peoples, organizations and nations, or any disturbances on the delicate web of life. Like the universal Tao, the Chi of Brotherhood flows through the ten thousand things.* Only harmony and unity can exist between people when Afra's presence is invoked, and his holy reverence for each soul is perceived, accepted and permitted to flow. There can be no duality, no “us versus them,” only the harmony of Afra’s Spirit of Brotherhood.

*"Ten thousand things", a concept from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, is a metaphor for infinity.

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Audio Sample Chapter from Afra's Book
Read by Author, David C. Lewis

Brothers and Sisters of Afra


In April of 2005, the ascended master Afra spoke through the messenger, David Christopher Lewis, to a small group of devotees in Detroit regarding the possibility of resolving conflict—whether within a city or among nations—by embracing the spirit of brotherhood. His message also suggested that the people of the Blue and Violet Races (people with links to Africa) have special gifts to share with other races that will be invaluable for this resolution. The themes of Afra’s messages have always been to live and breathe in the light of brotherhood, and to love one another. He asks us, as followers of the ascended masters, to lead the way in spreading brotherhood throughout the world.

In October of 2006 during a pilgrimage to Luxor, Egypt, Hearts Center pilgrims heard Afra and other ascended masters calling for a more active effort to bring violet-fire prayers to the African continent. Afra and the masters told of the struggle of the people of this land. They requested that those who resonate with the souls in Africa come together and pledge to be the light—the violet fire—to heal this continent through their daily prayers. Records of human discord throughout Africa can be transmuted by those willing to commit themselves to coming together regularly for prayer to assist the masters in consuming these records.

Since that trip to Egypt, a group of ascended-master students have engaged in internet prayer vigils for the healing of Africa. Prayers are now being offered weekly to lift the people of Africa from a tumultuous path and to bring new possibilities to the continent. Through these vigils, we dedicate our energy, assisting the ascended masters and the angels in the elevation of Africa to a continent of only light, only the Spirit of Brotherhood.  

As we heal Africa, we heal the world! 

God bless you. Always and only Victory!  —The Brothers & Sisters of Afra

Spiritual Awakening Quotes from Afra
Afra Speaks to Awaken Your Soul
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Messages from Afra

Afra      July 22, 2012

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Beloved Afra)
July 22, 2012   7:00–8:01 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Updates on Assignments from Afra, Revelation of Afra's Ascension Date, Teaching on How to Raise the Female Energies in Africa and the World, Teaching on Surrender

David: First of all, Afra is very happy that Raphael Fitch's book Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean1 has come out. We have some copies available through The Hearts Center Website. And Afra's question to all of us on this call tonight is: “Have you all secured this book that his disciple Raphael has worked so hard for the last three years and more to put into print? Do you have one copy in your possession and are you making progress in reading it?”
                If you do not have the book, it is Afra's desire that you secure it immediately. The reason this is important is because it is a foundation for much; and when you understand the dynamics of what is occurring on the African continent through the lens of the eye of this disciple, then it can bode you well on your own spiritual journey in holding a greater balance on behalf of the peoples throughout that continent and throughout the world that Afra cares for, that Afra is charged to overshine, bless, educate spiritually, and to assist in all ways possible. So that's the first point of consideration tonight.
                The second point is that if you were to look at the HeartStreams released by this master, in 2005 there was one, 2006 two, 2007 five, 2008 five, 2009 six, 2010 two, and 2011 three. At least these are the ones that are listed on the Website. Afra also came once Raphael's book was done and blessed him, and it would be nice for that to be recorded as one of his HeartStreams.
                What Afra would like us to know is that one of the last times he came to this group he gave us assignments and directives. And so he is asking all of us tonight, including myself, what is the status of the fulfillment of that which he requested and directed us to do? Part of the reason that he has not formally come since he came in Africa on his ascension day, November 1, 2011, is because as a whole we have not made a lot of progress on those assignments other than Raphael working on his book. Now, some progress might have been had, and of course he is grateful that you have had these sessions every week; and that says a lot, because there is constancy there. And yet there are incomplete projects and assignments, and until we make greater progress he will not come on a regular basis.
                His other question is, “Where is our book?” Because part of the dispensation of us going to Ghana was that we would have the book ready— and the book is not done. So, Afra is somewhat hamstrung right now by the Lords of Karma and by his gurus to release anything more until we have completed our assignments, because of course he will receive dispensations and greater graces once he is able to show that his chelas upon Earth have fulfilled their assignments.
                So, we all have busy lives, we all are challenged with making a living, providing for our families. Some of you have had great challenges financially. Some of you are retired and don't have a large stream of constant income other than what the government or, in some cases, the company that you worked for is providing for your retirement. So it behooves us to do alchemy and to at least have plans and regular communication and strategies, and have project managers and regular touching base with each other, because Afra desires to go back to Africa, have us go back to the three countries.
                As I recall, he desires for us to go to Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. And it was hopefully to be within three years of when we were there last, which means in or before 2014. Afra will not go until the book is done; that is his word to us tonight. He cannot receive a dispensation to fulfill that pilgrimage until this book is done. And his challenge to us is to complete it by the end of 2013 or sooner. The continent requires it and we require it.
                It is Afra's directive that, just like the morning sessions, these are very important sessions and he is requesting that they be recorded and uploaded. And once they are recorded and uploaded regularly and highlighted in some way, you might secure some dispensations simply by having them on the Website and directing people to listen to them—because these are very important and alchemical sessions. And so this is another assignment to consider. And once they have been recorded, work with the multimedia team to get them uploaded to the Website and to a special place, “Messages from Afra.” It is time for a whole page dedicated to Afra.2 He is asking, “Why hasn't someone done this?” So it's time.

Participant: We will accept the assignment. And we actually have a newsletter, Africa Ascending, that we are about to launch. So we will incorporate that as well.

David: Okay. Anyway, it would be wonderful to have Afra have his own Web page within the Website, and then you could have a link to every HeartStream that he has given, you could have links to the three pilgrimages to Africa that have already occurred. You could have a wish list or something about our plans for the future and that we desire to go to these three nations, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia, depending on when the book is done.
                So here, now, is another positive thing, because obviously Afra started with something positive. He is using this approach of the Oreo Effect, saying something positive and then challenging us. [Audience laughter.] He will accompany Saint Germain during the Autumn 2012 Equinox Tour to Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, the Baltimore/DC area, and if any brother or sister of Afra shows up in Orlando, he will come there. I know that there are some of you in or near each of the other cities: Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, and the DC/Baltimore area. There is at least one brother or sister of Afra in each of these cities. So he will accompany Saint Germain. This doesn't mean that he is going to dictate, but he will be there with Saint Germain, which is a great, great blessing to all of us.
                He will also be with the Maha Chohan during the baptism by fire3 whenever a brother or sister of Afra is present. He will be there accompanying the Maha Chohan, standing behind me even as the Maha Chohan stands in front of me or with me to charge the light through you. So some of you have already received the baptism by fire; many of you haven't. It is a sacred event that is amazing. It's something to live lifetimes to receive. And this dispensation of Afra's presence is fantastic, I believe, because he is a powerful divine being.
            And Afra desires for us to know when he ascended and tonight is the night that you can reveal it. So, this was revealed in answer to a question from Raphael a few months back, when he wanted to know how to chart Afra's astrological chart, and he asked when Afra ascended. And so, what was the answer, Raphael?

Raphael: Well, I'd just like to preface my remarks by saying that that was part of the question, but that was not the question the way it came out. But I'll give you the answer, the date that Afra gave to us. It was 28,713 bc. The actual question I asked was, “Where on the cosmic clock is Africa as it relates to the cycles of Afra's ascension?” We wanted to know for this year, considering Afra's birthday of November 1, where we are on the cosmic clock for Africa so that we know what lines to work on whenever we come together every weekend.4 So that was the actual question. But the date of Afra's ascension was 28,713 bc.

David: Well, the only way you could really do the astrology properly is to have the actual year of Afra's ascension, because you may have one line on the clock, but you don't have the whole picture without the actual ascension date. So this is based on his ascension, not his physical birth. It's based on his spiritual birth as an immortal being.

Raphael: Right, based on his ascension date.

David: So this says a lot. This gentleman, this cosmic master Afra, ascended over thirty thousand years ago—over thirty millennia ago. It's amazing. You can imagine the size of his causal body.
            So, masters don't just release things because they want to entertain us. It is for our spiritual upliftment and development. Afra is saying, If you ask a question, do your homework. Why get information if you're not going to use it? It's just dead information until you apply it and use it. And he's reticent to release anything more until what he releases is actually used by his devotees in a very practical way.
                So, anyone who asks a question in any darshan, you had better be ready to apply that in your life now. Otherwise you may as well shrink into the shadows and never ask a question, because the whole purpose of it is to come up higher. Masters have to get dispensations to release information and truth. And they don't just do it on a whim, and they are not here to entertain us. So it is something for all of us to consider. So, having said that, he is opening up to the darshan questions now, and they'd better be good, that's all I can say.

Moderator: Okay. Thank you. I'd like to allow brother _____ from Ghana to ask the first question, only because it is probably an expense to make a call from Africa to here, so is that all right?

David: Yes.

Moderator: Okay, beloved _____, if you're still there, unmute your phone and you can ask a question of beloved Afra.

Participant from Ghana [only partly audible]: Thank you. Okay, I want to ask Afra—I want to know more from Afra about the group here. We are trying to keep growing, and I hope it grows. We have about thirteen members and I'm the leader of the group now. So I would like Afra to let me know more…. That is the question now.

David: Okay. Well, first of all, I'd like to thank you for your work and say, just so you are aware, that we do not have membership per se in The Hearts Center. There are no dues and there is nothing to sign to say that you are a member. So when you say “we have this many members,” that's wonderful, but to use the word membership is a misnomer. Because you may have a steady group of people that meet regularly, but there is no direct membership in The Hearts Center.
                And every leader is a servant first. So make sure that the group that you are leading realizes that everyone has the Christ within them, everyone has God within them, everyone is God. And you can take turns leading, if you lead properly and you sit in a circle and there is heart sharing from each person's heart. It is important that you sit in a circle and that there would be equality amongst you and no one stands above the other as better or more wise or with greater attainment. Everyone is a co-equal. And this is part of the circle of brotherhood.
                Afra represents brotherhood and freedom. Those are the two preeminent God-Virtues or qualities that Afra represents: brotherhood and freedom. Brotherhood first, because he is a holy brother. The name Afra means, in reality, “brotherhood, fraternity”—fra-ternity, A-fra. And he is a proponent of the freedom of the soul, the freedom of the entire being through divine love. And love is the highest virtue in the universe. Love is what holds everything together. Afra is the epitome of love—pure virtuous, unadulterated God-love, which includes brotherly love, sisterly love, love of everything, love of every person equally without discrimination or judgment.
                So, you can study Afra's HeartStreams on our Website. And if you total them up, the ones that I listed earlier, there are twenty-four. So Afra challenges you to print these out and for your group to study one per week. You can print them out if you have a printer, and make copies, and each one in your group can have a copy. They can read that HeartStream, highlight it, study it, and become it. And you can discuss in your group what the words mean, what the phrasings mean, what the terminology means.
                And in some cases you may not have the whole context for the HeartStream, because some were given during pilgrimages, most were given in the United States, and you almost have to have been at the event to get the complete picture. And yet, still, the words are beautiful, the understanding is dynamic, the message is clear, and the meaning and the resonance of the words spiritually are powerful. So, if you take one per week—how often do you meet? Once a week or once a month or how often?

Participant from Ghana: Once a week.

David: Once a week. Great! So, twenty-six weeks is half a year, and if you do this regularly once a week, then in half a year you will have studied all of Afra's HeartStreams. You will be amazingly wise for having done this and you will take Afra's consciousness, his heart energies, his spirit, and his mind into your being as you study these HeartStreams. You will actually absorb his spiritual essence, his spiritual Christic-Buddhic consciousness. Just as people in the Catholic Church and other Christian religions take Communion and feel that they are taking in the Body and the Blood of Christ, by studying Afra's words you are absorbing Afra's spiritual Body and Blood, his spiritual essence.
                And this could be a practice for those of you in the United States. Maybe you haven't done this. Many of you witness a number of these HeartStreams live, or you were there at the events. Yet, if we all do this, just think how much Afra will be allowed to have his energy invested as seeds of light within the Earth when there are thirteen beautiful people, beautiful hearts in Ghana, the heart chakra of Africa, studying his words; and there are numbers of you throughout the United States and in other countries studying these words. There are more members in your group than there are on these calls on Sunday.
                Part of the reason Afra is saying that the recordings of these sessions could have been uploaded is because these groups in Ghana are ready to have heard what all of you have created all these months and years. And yet, where are they for them to hear? They could have been listening to these right now, and they should be able to. So if you have recorded some of these sessions, get them, at least some of them, up on the Website as soon as possible so that these beautiful hearts in Ghana can listen to your sessions and then absorb the information that was released and use it for their spiritual work on a daily basis.
                Afra says that the hearts in Ghana are powerful hearts, radiant hearts, hearts full of love for humanity, hearts full of brotherly love for their fellow countrymen and women and children. And when they catch fire, as some of you have caught fire, and realize how this dispensation is true and valuable to the Earth and to humanity, you will see these teachings spread throughout Ghana and Africa as you've never seen them spread before—because of the power of the love of these hearts.
                So we in the United States have a charge, if nothing else, to serve our brothers and sisters upon the African continent for whom we've prayed now for many years. You've prayed for them. You've done the spiritual work, and yet we have the shortcoming of not having these recordings or a book ready. And Afra will spread the teachings throughout that continent when we have the book ready, and when we have the Afra Web page, and when we have more information about him that we have compiled in pockets of beautiful information that he's shared during his HeartStreams.
                You could have a beautiful book, a beautiful, beautiful book, and it's time that this come forth, because these souls can't wait any longer. Afra would love to release the floodgates of heaven and the radiance of the Brotherhood throughout Ghana and Africa. And when these hearts in Ghana receive this—because of all kinds of dispensations that will come about that we will not be fully even aware of here in the United States—you will see an amazing growth of the ascended masters' teachings through The Hearts Center and Afra's teachings going forth as well as those of Saint Germain, too.
                So, _____, thank you. I pray that I will see you again and that many of us will greet you again when we come back to Africa. Maybe you can be able to make it to Kenya or to Tanzania or Ethiopia, maybe not. But someday I would love to see you and to bless you. And I would love to see the day when the Maha Chohan comes back to give the baptism by fire throughout Africa. This will set that continent on fire for the Brotherhood.
                And when we have this book ready, Afra will pull out the stops—and I can tell you, plans will be made, some of you will be going with me, and it will be an amazing time like the early apostles of Christianity. Because I feel the empowerment of the Holy Spirit speaking through me tonight, the Maha Chohan with Afra and Saint Germain and a number of masters, including Jesus. And what will transpire on that continent will change it permanently for eons to come. So, thank you so much. Any other questions?

Participant from Ghana: The group here, I was supposed to be with them, but they were not able to make it. The energy and what I heard from Afra, I will let the group know. And I hope you know they will be much happy, they will be much happy.

David: Thank you.

Participant from Ghana [only partly audible]: This is what we are trying to do so that this group, I hope that this group is going to grow and grow, and that we will get to cover Ghana and some of the African countries, I hope, by the grace of Afra. This is what I have for now. Thank you.

David: _____, we would love to pray for you and for those in your group. I will personally pray for you and this group will pray for you. Are you all in Accra?

Participant from Ghana: Yes, we are all in Accra.

David: Accra. Okay, great. That's the heart chakra of Ghana.

Participant #2: David, this is _____. I just had a question for beloved Afra.

David: Okay.

Participant #2: I just wanted to ask Afra what, individually or collectively, we could do to help raise the female energies in both Africa and the world, what he would suggest.

David: It always comes back to raising the female energies in yourself, because we're all responsible. If we have the raised kundalini, if we have resolved all of our issues with the Divine Mother, if we love God with our whole being, all of our chakras—here's a new teaching:
                The Bible says to love the Lord thy God with thy entire heart, mind, and strength.5 Right? With your whole heart, mind, and strength. What Afra adds tonight is: The heart, the mind, and strength—those are the threefold flame. Heart is the pink. Mind is the yellow. Strength is the blue. Tonight, Afra says: Add all of the other rays through the chakras. So love the Lord thy God through your vision, through your third eye, through the green ray. In other words, everything you see is perfect and sublime and Godlike.
                Love the Lord thy God through your solar plexus, through the purple ray, the place of the sun, where the sun resides, and see the sun shining through your solar plexus, the sunlight of God and the Sun of God-consciousness, the Christ-consciousness through the Sun, your solar plexus. So love the Lord thy God with all of thy solar plexus, with the Sun-consciousness.
                Love the Lord thy God with all of your soul, with the soul chakra of the violet flame, the violet light. And love the Lord thy God with all of thy Mother light-energy, through the base of the spine, the white ray, the cube, the four sides, the four-petaled chakra, the base chakra, the white light of the Mother.
                When you love the Lord thy God with all of these, all of these sacred centers within you, then you can take a moment each day to see love charged through your being, through your chakras, and loving God with your entire being from the base to the crown, and you raise that base chakra energy, that Mother Light up within you, then you will be the instrument for that same alchemy to manifest for the nations of Africa and for the world as a whole.
                It starts and ends with you, because you can't change Africa. You can change yourself and thereby change Africa. There's a saying that is usually attributed to Gandhi and we've all heard it a million times by now: Be the change you desire to see in the world. So if you desire to see the Mother Light raised up in Africa and the world, be that change within yourself, love the Lord thy God with all of the heart, with all of thy mind, with all of thy strength. So that's the heart chakra, the crown chakra, and the throat chakra.
                And he says today to add the third eye with all of thy vision, thy sight, with all of thy feeling through the solar plexus, with all of thy material strength through the Mother Light of the base chakra, in other words, the love of the Mother, and with all of your soul, through your soul chakra.
                This is a sacred teaching that may not exist anywhere else. You may not have heard it anywhere prior to tonight. You may have heard it. You may have intuited this. And I may have alluded to it in previous teachings. And yet, this is a sacred teaching for all of us to understand and to become. And I encourage this message to be broadcast, rebroadcast and shared throughout the world. Because when people hear it who understand what the chakras are, who understand the seven rays and who also have an understanding of the Bible, they will feel the veracity, the truth of it, they will know it. And they will hopefully then apply it in their lives through conscious living and through visualization and through their will.
                Now the will can work through each of these chakras. Even though we have the strength through the throat chakra, when we will God's love into and through each of these chakras, the love expands and grows. And so you can have love flowing through your third eye. You can have love flowing through your mind. You can have love flowing through your throat—through your words, your powerful spiritual decrees and prayers and words. You can have love flowing through your soul, through soulfulness and through the strength of that love that raises the soul of each person. You can have love flowing through the base chakra so that when you do have relations with your wife, or your spouse, they are pure, they are full of the effulgence of God's loving virtue.
                And when you have love flowing through your feelings—because love is a divine feeling, it is a divine emanation—then that love will expand the sun of your sun center, your solar plexus, and you will truly walk as a Sun of God upon the Earth, enlivened and enlightened as the Sun. You will shine as the Sun, as Christ did. So, love is at the core of every virtue just as light is at the core of every virtue. And love is at the core of every chakra in its effulgence, in its divine glory, in its manifestation of beauty and beingness to change this world into a new Golden Age.
                So, love is always the key. And no matter what virtue we desire and we aspire to manifest, love and charity as that perfect love in action has to be at the core of that virtue and its blessing to humanity. Because if we have not love—we can have all the other gifts of the Holy Spirit, but if we have not love they are as a tinkling cymbal and a sounding brass. When love is there, then it empowers prophecy, tongues, discernment, healing, wisdom, knowledge, faith, miracles, and the interpretation of tongues to truly be the allness of what those Holy Spirit gifts are.6
                You know, when Saint Paul gave the teaching on charity, or love, in that beautiful teaching in the New Testament, he didn't say that you couldn't have the other gifts. He just said that you had to have them and have love first and foremost, and love empowering those gifts. When you have prophecy, discernment, healing, wisdom, faith, knowledge, interpretation of tongues, tongues, miracles, and faith—when you have all of them and love shining through them, then just think how powerful each of them becomes as these Holy Spirit gifts. Prophecy is empowered by love. Healing is empowered by love. Wisdom is empowered by love. Knowledge and faith are empowered by love. Miracles happen because of love. And you have tongues and interpretation of tongues because love is there first.
                So, the second part of the answer to your question about raising the Mother Light for Africa and the world is to receive the Holy Spirit fully and permanently within your being and your temple. To prepare each morning when you rise to receive a new empowerment of the Holy Spirit by love, seek ways and means of expressing love to every person that you meet in your life. Say silently to them, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” And say it out loud when appropriate, when you will not be misunderstood. Say it to your spouse. Say it to your family members. Say it to your spiritual brothers and sisters who know what you mean when you say it—that you're saying it as true agape love, true Holy Spirit love, not physical love. Share every aspect of love that you can muster through your being and through your chakras in the most powerful ways each day and love will sing, love will shine through you, love will move you and move mountains through you. Love is what moves mountains—not physical strength, love.
                How many of you saw The Dark Knight Rises? Well, I saw it and I'm not freaked out that I saw it. There's one key scene when Batman, Bruce Wayne, is caught in this dungeon area, and he's trying to get out so that he can go back and save Gotham. And the only way that he can get out is by the power of Spirit moving through him to go beyond what he is humanly and physically capable of. What motivated him was love to serve others, to get back and save life. It's like the Buddhic teaching: Gautama Buddha reaches enlightenment but he comes back and teaches humanity. There is a hidden mystery message of the Brotherhood within this movie even though there are many dark parts and stuff that we don't really have to take within our third eye. And yet, just that dramatic scene and the end result of his utter desire to be of service to others and to save people from destruction was a powerful message.
                How much are we willing to lay down of our lives, as Jesus did, to serve humanity? That's what Afra asks us tonight. How much are we willing to lay down of our human self, our not-self, the unreal us, in order to allow the full empowerment of the Holy Spirit and our Christ-consciousness to be physically within our body temple so that God can use us 24/7 to save, to bless, to heal, to teach, to prophesy, to work miracles, and to speak in tongues? And speaking in tongues means that you can interpret truth to any person, no matter what their consciousness.
                It's not just glossolalia, speaking in an unrecognizable tongue. That may be one aspect of it, but it's a lesser aspect. The true understanding of tongues and interpretation of tongues is that you can hear the voice of God and speak with integrity and forthrightness and truth to any person at any level, based on what they require to hear in that moment to raise them up in light. No matter if they're a beggar, a convict, an adept or someone who is up there on the path.
                So, this is a powerful teaching tonight. I feel Afra's soul. Do you feel Afra's soul tonight?

Various Participants: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

David: I feel the love going around the world, and it's wonderful that we have _____ on the call tonight to be an electrode for this divine love for Africa and for Ghana. I am so happy. Afra is so happy, so happy that someone is on this call from Ghana. And I hope it's a regular thing.
                And I can tell you that if you start doing your work and your assignments, and we have those reports on the seventh of the month, he will come every month—every month. But you have to do the work. And there can be a time of sharing of what's transpired; and _____ and others from Ghana can tell us what's going on there. They can e-mail us and you can share it, we can read it or he can share it on the phone. And we should seek ways to help him to be on the phone by Skype so it's not so expensive. So let's look into that and make the communication easier and more efficient.
                So, we have time for one more question. Thank you, _____, for that one. I am amazed that the answer went way beyond what I thought the master would say.

Participant #2: Thank you, David, and thank you, beloved Afra. Thank you.

David: You're welcome.

Participant #3: This is _____from Detroit. Our beloved Master Afra, enlighten us about the law of surrender. Thank you.

David: We have a beautiful prayer ritual in our Hearts Center prayer book, “Sacred Surrender: Ritual of the Divine Interchange.”7 There is also a beautiful rosary in The Summit Lighthouse called “The Fourteenth Rosary: The Mystery of Surrender,” often called the Surrender Rosary. Both of these are beautiful instruments and have teachings within them that share with us keys on the cosmic law of surrender. I've shared much on this subject before on the masters' behalf. Afra says if you truly study what has already been released, you will have everything you require.
                And there have been teachings not only about kneeling as a sign of respect but also laying down on the floor, what's called prostration, where you surrender everything to God. And in various holy orders of churches, like the Catholic Church and other churches, they practice complete prostration, where you are completely flat on the ground, face down. It's not just a symbol or a physical gesture; it is indicative of your heart's and your soul's positioning before the Godhead—that you give everything to God, you surrender everything to the Lord. You are nothing; God is all. There is nothing that you have that isn't God's, and everything that is God's is available only because you first surrender it to God's purposes, God's holy, pure and true purposes of light.
                The key for us tonight, Afra says, is to be aware of our motives. Our motives have to always be pure. And we have to embrace the fact that there can be lingering aspects of our not-self, or our human ego, that are there, even in our subconscious, that do not serve us properly. And unless we let go of these by accepting who we are as God-individuals, as God's children and God's servants first and foremost, then these aspects of our unreal self can crop up and do us harm and sometimes work through us to do things that we regret later. The way to get the victory over unconscious and unkind words, actions and deeds—and thoughts and feelings, which are more subtle—is to accept God's presence in our being. And that displaces everything else, and therefore there is no longer anything to surrender.
                So, a higher law than surrender, once we have surrendered, is to accept and embrace our full God-potential. In some cases, you have to start doing that and feeling the power of God's energy within your being, to then flush out the aspects of the not-Self that then have to be let go of and fully dissolved. Once those are dissolved to a great extent, then you have more space, God-space within you, to accept and to realize your full potential. And then as that potential grows by your spiritual practices, by the integrity of your live lived to the glory of God, there will be less and less that “bites” you and that taunts you or tempts you, and which you feel at some level that you have to surrender.
                So, acceptance of God's love and light within you is key to dissolving all of the inanity, all of the insanity and all of the inopportune stuff that comes up in our lives that no longer serves us. When we are on fire with God, serving humanity, giving ourselves through love, the not-self naturally dissolves and you don't even focus on it. And there is really nothing to surrender anymore. If you are so caught up in God's Spirit that you are working the works of the Lord 24/7 and you don't even think about it anymore. And you don't harp on it. There is no energy that's focused on the unreal part of you, that you have to continue to surrender, you see. You are just doing God's work all the time with the mindset and the pure motive that God is the doer—not you, but God within you.
                So remember: Don't puff yourself up or say, “I am so great, I am a spiritual being, I am doing God's will, ha ha ha, look at me.” No. Surrender every morning to the divine will and ask God what to accomplish. Ask God to move through you, to serve through you, to love through you, to give through you. And then it becomes a natural process. It becomes beautiful and easy. And it becomes the joy of your life. There's no struggle in giving when it comes by the power of the Holy Spirit. There is no sense of the not-self that enters your world when you're in love with humanity, in love with God, in love with every person, and you're always in the mode of divine brotherly and sisterly service and love.
                So, you may have retired from teaching. You may have retired from a regular job. God says and Afra says you have not retired from loving and from giving and serving. And if you desire your ascension and you desire oneness with God, your entire life has to be one of loving and giving and serving—and, he adds, studying the truth and the sacred scriptures and the Word of God.
                So, if you can so dedicate yourself each day in some way to giving, serving, loving, sharing, studying and self-emptying, there will be—through the self-emptying, through your givingness—the lessening of everything that formerly you felt and thought you had to surrender. The act of giving is perfect surrender. You're giving, you're surrendering your life to God through your givingness. It's a sacred act. It is blessed, it is beautiful, it is rich in the effulgence of the Holy Spirit's joy.
                You have to be happy as you give. Otherwise, you're an ungrateful giver, and the Lord doesn't desire ungrateful givers, ingrates.8 The Lord cherishes and shines his light through those who give because their givingness is motivated by the pure fire of divine love, the virtuous love of the Holy Spirit.
                That's our session tonight. On that end, I take my leave of you with Afra, and I charge you, in the name of the I AM THAT I AM, to be love, holy love in manifestation and womanifestation, ha ha ha ha, 24/7, giving, giving, giving your life, your light to humanity. God bless you. Goodnight.

1. Kevin David Raphael Fitch, Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean, available at The Hearts Center online bookstore, item # 3200-2-0104.
2. To access Afra's Web page, go to and select “HeartStreams,” then “Messages from Afra.”
3. Matthew 3:11; Luke 3:16. For more on the Holy Spirit baptism by fire, go to
4. According to the cycles of Afra's ascension, the continent of Africa is on the 7 o'clock line. It will remain on this line for some time. These cycles are not aligned to earthly time and are not based on the cycles of the year that we celebrate. Rather, they are determined by cosmic cycles that transcend earth time. From the cosmic perspective, a cycle through one line of the clock could, from our perspective, span hundreds to thousands of years of earth time.
5. Deuteronomy 6:5; Matthew 22:37.
6. I Corinthians 13:1–3.
7. “Sacred Surrender: Ritual of the Divine Interchange,” prayer 9.006, is accessible at The Hearts Center's online Media Center under “Prayers and Songs.”
8. See II Corinthians 9:6, 7.

Copyright © 2013 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted as long as full credit is given to the author. Contact us at Correspondence and contributions may be sent to P.O. Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.

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