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Who Is Afra? An Awakener of the Soul

Afra, having ascended many years ago, is the ascended master patron of Africa and represents unity and the true understanding of universal brotherhood. His teachings if embraced by the people of the earth would truly cause a spiritual awakening.

Once long ago, a golden-age civilization of the Blue and Violet Races lived in Africa. At a certain point, dark souls among the people sought to drive a wedge into the established culture of harmony. Peace was overturned and the stage was set for the downward spiraling of this civilization. The basic sanities and civilities of life were eventually lost as brother warred against brother.

Africa in violet flame heartFrom the realms of Spirit, a Great Soul saw the plight of the Blue and Violet Races and sought entrée into the earth in order to help. Cosmic councils governing the destinies of nations granted this compassionate individual the opportunity to embody on the continent of Africa to teach by example the way to dissolve conflict through the sacred fires of Brotherhood. He traveled extensively, filling the ethers everywhere with the memory-traces of Unity. He was the living spirit of brotherhood in embodiment at the time, descending from realms of Spirit to save Africa from self-destruction. His message of “we are brethren” hallowed the space through which he passed and charged the atoms of man and nature with an energy field that contributed to the spiritual awakening of all within the proximity of his divine aura.

Afra’s emanation of love is a universal solvent for all conflicts between peoples, organizations and nations, or any disturbances on the delicate web of life. Like the universal Tao, the Chi of Brotherhood flows through the ten thousand things.* Only harmony and unity can exist between people when Afra's presence is invoked, and his holy reverence for each soul is perceived, accepted and permitted to flow. There can be no duality, no “us versus them,” only the harmony of Afra’s Spirit of Brotherhood.

*"Ten thousand things", a concept from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, is a metaphor for infinity.

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Audio Sample Chapter from Afra's Book
Read by Author, David C. Lewis

Brothers and Sisters of Afra


In April of 2005, the ascended master Afra spoke through the messenger, David Christopher Lewis, to a small group of devotees in Detroit regarding the possibility of resolving conflict—whether within a city or among nations—by embracing the spirit of brotherhood. His message also suggested that the people of the Blue and Violet Races (people with links to Africa) have special gifts to share with other races that will be invaluable for this resolution. The themes of Afra’s messages have always been to live and breathe in the light of brotherhood, and to love one another. He asks us, as followers of the ascended masters, to lead the way in spreading brotherhood throughout the world.

In October of 2006 during a pilgrimage to Luxor, Egypt, Hearts Center pilgrims heard Afra and other ascended masters calling for a more active effort to bring violet-fire prayers to the African continent. Afra and the masters told of the struggle of the people of this land. They requested that those who resonate with the souls in Africa come together and pledge to be the light—the violet fire—to heal this continent through their daily prayers. Records of human discord throughout Africa can be transmuted by those willing to commit themselves to coming together regularly for prayer to assist the masters in consuming these records.

Since that trip to Egypt, a group of ascended-master students have engaged in internet prayer vigils for the healing of Africa. Prayers are now being offered weekly to lift the people of Africa from a tumultuous path and to bring new possibilities to the continent. Through these vigils, we dedicate our energy, assisting the ascended masters and the angels in the elevation of Africa to a continent of only light, only the Spirit of Brotherhood.  

As we heal Africa, we heal the world! 

God bless you. Always and only Victory!  —The Brothers & Sisters of Afra

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Afra Speaks to Awaken Your Soul
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Messages from Afra

Afra      November 01, 2007

Beloved Afra
David C. Lewis
November 1, 2007  8:00-8:27 pm  MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana                                      


Honoring the Newly Ascended Masters


 Gracious ladies and gentlemen, noble sons and daughters of the flame of soul freedom, I am here where you are. And I choose this evening to radiate the very God Presence of my desire to free all children of the sun throughout the Earth. The stupendous light that you are as potential God-free sons and daughters is enough for you to understand the full flowering of your own beingness, blessed hearts. When the light that is within you is fully developed and pours forth to a planet and her people through your God-intent for their benefit, then the hosts of heaven who augment the work of soul freedom are there with you in spirit, blessed hearts. 
            I, Afra, because of your dedication, now raise my cup and offer a toast to those among you and those ascended whose hearts are merged in one circle of fire this evening for the outpicturing in the Earth of the full intensity of the light of violet fire freedom for all mankind through the work of Saint Germain and his blessed Portia, the work of the Great Divine Director and his unascended twin flame, the work of the seventh root race—those noble sons and daughters, who are even now embodying, who have taken it upon themselves to enter a darkened star in order to bring new energies of the Spirit to mankind.
            Yes, we toast the great Brotherhood of Light, as above so below, [we toast] that within man that is noble, that is pure, and that lends itself toward the freedom of all. Drink now, blessed hearts, of this elixir of light with me. And as the very essence of this liquid light enters your being, there is a new refreshment of your spirit and I hope a rededication of your life toward the holy purpose to which you came to this Earth.
            Now, blessed hearts, I would announce to you that the messengers this day have, in consultation with the Keeper of the Scrolls, received information on the recent ascension of a number of heartfriends who moved through the halls of previous dispensations and to whom you may now call to for assistance in all of your endeavors. Among these are four brothers and sisters of my own heart, though all are of my heart. But four among them embodied as African-Americans and brought to bear the great light of their souls on behalf of the work of the Brotherhood. 
            And so, I announce to you this evening, first, that beloved Betty Bryant, a long-time devotee of the ascended masters, who took her leave from this Earth from Minneapolis, Minnesota, qualified for the ascension and is now among our hosts as Lady Eleisha.
            Another among my heartfriends serving now with me is beloved Louise Emery, a long-time staff member, who served in Colorado Springs most humbly with the messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. She took her leave of this planet having balanced 90 percent of her karma and is now at my side this evening as the glorious and lovely Lady Louisa. Also at our feast table, one you have known as Angela Ford in her glorious garments of the Spirit. Also having balanced 92 percent of her karma is the most gracious Lady Angelica.
            And blessed ones, one who long ago was my daughter upon the great continent that you now name in honor of me, one known as Margaret Hatton, who balanced 75 percent of her karma, is the gracious Lady Marchette. She served valiantly in a temple of the seventh ray as a priestess of the sacred fire on the continent of Atlantis, was also a queen during a long reign upon the African continent, and is truly worthy of serving all life in her new ascended light body.
            Blessed hearts, all those of the Brotherhood on this All Saints' Day join in this great feast of light that you have prepared most graciously. And I now name others among the Brotherhood [about]who[m] the messengers have received information this day to share with you—John Anderson, now Sir Radiant, is ascended; Davies Anderson, who was embodied as President James Madison, has also qualified for his ascension [and] is among this company as Sir Andres. Auriel Bessemer, truly an artist of the Spirit whose pictorial works graced the original production of Climb the Highest Mountain,1 who has maintained his name as Auriel is among this company ascended. As is Emmanuel Boutette, Sir Emmanuel, a great friend of Lotus in her incarnation as Joan of Arc, who carried the flame of the fleur de lis from France to Canada and was a devotee of the Brothers for many, many embodiments.
            The sisters Emily and Hedwig Chisko, who served long on the messenger's staff, now Lady Emelia and Lady Alphelia, are among this company ascended. One recently come to our octaves, who won, by the seat of his pants, his victory—Alvin Fossum, now Sir Allwin, is among our company and is ascended. And a noble knight of old, Dagoberto Gonzalez, who was one of the original Knights Templar and served valiantly in days of old, is among this holy company.
I have the pleasure to announce to you that the twin flame of Pope John Paul II, the blessed Phoebe Hammond, who served with the staff in Colorado Springs for many years, ascended with 87 percent of her karma balanced and is now known simply as the blessed Phoebe. Lady Paradisa, the blessed Ruth Hock, also is among our ascended company this evening.
          You have heard that the Dr. James Burns, who was embodied as Plato and as one of Jesus' close male disciples, ascended recently. And I would announce to you, blessed hearts, the blessed Lillian Johnson, who is now known as Lady Lillian of Camelot, ascended with 92 percent of her karma balanced. And she, as the twin flame of blessed Dr. Burns, serves with him as a lady of light. She was a queen on Atlantis, a great friend of the ascended masters, and also a close female disciple of Jesus the Christ.
            The roaring laughter of heaven welcomes Jeanne Jones, truly a noble heart, now known as the Lady Graçias, who serves with Florence Miller, the Lady Kristine, valiantly in heaven. You may call to her for assistance in your publishing work just as you call to the Lady Kristine. For blessed ones, she was often up long into the night doing the work that others would shirk at, burning the midnight oil, maintaining the flame on behalf of the word in print. Then there is one some of you have known as Jean Ritburger, or Jean McChesney, who also earned her ascension in the final days of her life upon Earth and now dines with us in the spirit world. Blessed Zena Moberly ascended and has maintained her name as Beloved Zena. She has balanced 79 percent of her karma. Clara Nickles, a very sweet heart of God, long affiliated with The Summit Lighthouse, is now Lady Clarissa and also serves with the archeiai and with the Mother in many avenues upon Earth and in heaven.
            Lanello, that jolly good fellow, did assist Shelvie Rettman, a long-time friend and freedom fighter, to make it up the final steps of her ascension. She got by by the skin of her teeth. And Lanello as the dentist in that hour aided and abetted her final ascent. Then, blessed ones, there is the glorious Lady Cherille, Sherry Smith, a very devoted friend of angels and mankind who ascended from Minneapolis and serves to assist souls in their flight through the rounds of karma and the study of the psychology of the soul and the victory of light within. The blessed Lois, who[m] you knew as Lois Williams, also serves now in the heaven world. The messenger well remembers her driving her little, light blue Ford Mustang car up and down Highway 89, decreeing and praying her heart out and about the Earth. Then, there is the blessed Mamie Gustafson who balanced 90 percent of her karma, having worked to a ripe old age with a smile of joy on her face and always a positive word for others on her lips.
            Steven Howard ascended with guitar in hand, singing to the universe praises of joy, and is now known as Sir Templeton, for he would continue singing his tunes in the Temple Divine. The most beloved Lady Esta Buckland, short of stature but tall in spiritual determination and fire, stands with her friends of light among this company now and bows to the light within each one of you. I also announce that a friend of the elementals and nature spirits, Gordon Chapin, who served valiantly in the mail room and distributing the Pearls of Wisdom and Keepers of the Flame Lessons and many mailings for years and years also has just recently joined our ranks. The joy upon his face in seeing this great company of light in which he now serves as an ascended master is wonderful to behold, blessed hearts. And last but not least this evening, the most recently ascended Lady Mary-Lynn, your Marilyn Barrick, the reverend aide de camp of the messenger, now bows to the light within each one as she also quaffs her drink and elixir of fire with us.
            How great is God in manifestation in his sons and daughters upon Earth and in heaven! How great is the Universal Spirit of Brotherhood, of Sisterhood in the realms of light that binds the hearts of all true servitors of fire together as one! Dear hearts of my heart, enshrined within your heart is a very replica of the Divine Heart. And through your attunement you may always have access to the pulsation of the very heartbeat of the Divine as a holy remembrance of your commission to be God-free beings.
            The purpose of our union is to glorify God in all and through all. Truly, God is glorified this evening throughout the entire expanse of the universality of his individualized beingness in his sons and daughters. Truly, blessed ones, the nobility of this sacred tryst now expands through the greater fire that we bear because some among mankind have heard the call and answer with fire and a fiery determination to win all the way home.
            I am Afra. I am not afraid. But through the fraternity of the Spirit I live and move and have my being within my friends, my holy friends who share at this feast table of light a place at my side and within my heart. I am yours always to command in the name I AM THAT I AM, in the holy name of God, the Almighty One, one God, one light, one way through love.
            I thank you, O noble ones, and seal you with the flame of brotherhood.

[Messenger: I received some information on a few of these blessed ladies from Donald Galvin. Angela Ford was a midwife and helped with cooking at La Tourelle. How fitting to receive this information for your prayers. Afra asks that African-American ascended beings be added to his decrees. It is a glorious night of celebration in the heaven world. How fitting that the master of brotherhood would release this information to us. I was prepared to do it tomorrow, though I am so grateful he took the opportunity to share it with all of us tonight.
            As soon as it can be made so, I will be with those who are able to support this mission back to Africa. I look forward to anchoring the light of Afra on that soil for the ongoing support of his mission to save life and raise life on the African continent.]

1. Climb the Highest Mountain: The Path to the Higher Self by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. Summit University Press. ©1972.

Copyright © 2007 The Hearts Center™. All rights reserved. All messages released through The Hearts Center are copyrighted, but we encourage you to print and share them with discretion with heartfriends throughout the world. Bracketed words have been inserted for greater clarity with the approval of the dictating master. Short excerpts may be quoted as long as full credit is given to the author. Contact us at Correspondence and contributions may be sent to P.O. Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.

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The African Council

Just as Beloved El Morya is the chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Universal Great White Brotherhood and Beloved Chananda is chief of the Indian Council, so Beloved Afra is chief of the African Council. The names of the 14 members who deliberate in its chambers are as follows:

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You may visualize the entire continent of Africa or focus on a particular country. As you become familiar with the economy, political systems, environment, and challenges within each country, your prayers can become more specific. You may focus your prayers toward changes required on the physical plane and also on the mental, emotional, and etheric levels as well.