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Who Is Afra? An Awakener of the Soul

Afra, having ascended many years ago, is the ascended master patron of Africa and represents unity and the true understanding of universal brotherhood. His teachings if embraced by the people of the earth would truly cause a spiritual awakening.

Once long ago, a golden-age civilization of the Blue and Violet Races lived in Africa. At a certain point, dark souls among the people sought to drive a wedge into the established culture of harmony. Peace was overturned and the stage was set for the downward spiraling of this civilization. The basic sanities and civilities of life were eventually lost as brother warred against brother.

Africa in violet flame heartFrom the realms of Spirit, a Great Soul saw the plight of the Blue and Violet Races and sought entrée into the earth in order to help. Cosmic councils governing the destinies of nations granted this compassionate individual the opportunity to embody on the continent of Africa to teach by example the way to dissolve conflict through the sacred fires of Brotherhood. He traveled extensively, filling the ethers everywhere with the memory-traces of Unity. He was the living spirit of brotherhood in embodiment at the time, descending from realms of Spirit to save Africa from self-destruction. His message of “we are brethren” hallowed the space through which he passed and charged the atoms of man and nature with an energy field that contributed to the spiritual awakening of all within the proximity of his divine aura.

Afra’s emanation of love is a universal solvent for all conflicts between peoples, organizations and nations, or any disturbances on the delicate web of life. Like the universal Tao, the Chi of Brotherhood flows through the ten thousand things.* Only harmony and unity can exist between people when Afra's presence is invoked, and his holy reverence for each soul is perceived, accepted and permitted to flow. There can be no duality, no “us versus them,” only the harmony of Afra’s Spirit of Brotherhood.

*"Ten thousand things", a concept from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, is a metaphor for infinity.

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Audio Sample Chapter from Afra's Book
Read by Author, David C. Lewis

Brothers and Sisters of Afra


In April of 2005, the ascended master Afra spoke through the messenger, David Christopher Lewis, to a small group of devotees in Detroit regarding the possibility of resolving conflict—whether within a city or among nations—by embracing the spirit of brotherhood. His message also suggested that the people of the Blue and Violet Races (people with links to Africa) have special gifts to share with other races that will be invaluable for this resolution. The themes of Afra’s messages have always been to live and breathe in the light of brotherhood, and to love one another. He asks us, as followers of the ascended masters, to lead the way in spreading brotherhood throughout the world.

In October of 2006 during a pilgrimage to Luxor, Egypt, Hearts Center pilgrims heard Afra and other ascended masters calling for a more active effort to bring violet-fire prayers to the African continent. Afra and the masters told of the struggle of the people of this land. They requested that those who resonate with the souls in Africa come together and pledge to be the light—the violet fire—to heal this continent through their daily prayers. Records of human discord throughout Africa can be transmuted by those willing to commit themselves to coming together regularly for prayer to assist the masters in consuming these records.

Since that trip to Egypt, a group of ascended-master students have engaged in internet prayer vigils for the healing of Africa. Prayers are now being offered weekly to lift the people of Africa from a tumultuous path and to bring new possibilities to the continent. Through these vigils, we dedicate our energy, assisting the ascended masters and the angels in the elevation of Africa to a continent of only light, only the Spirit of Brotherhood.  

As we heal Africa, we heal the world! 

God bless you. Always and only Victory!  —The Brothers & Sisters of Afra

Spiritual Awakening Quotes from Afra
Afra Speaks to Awaken Your Soul
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Messages from Afra

Afra      April 02, 2006

Beloved Afra
David C. Lewis
April 2, 2006 9:36-10:03 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

I Call My People of All Nations to a Higher Road of Freedom and Unity

Sons and Daughters of the Light,
            As you have heard, what matters is your bonding to our hearts and not the color of your skin, the texture of your hair, your eyes, your outer form. The bonding of your soul to the Divine is your purpose in life. And I come this day in this city to remind you of your purpose. I was privileged to be the first among my race to ascend back to the heart of the Divine. Many more have transcended the rounds of rebirth. And those of us who are now serving in the higher spheres to which you aspire see all beings with the eyes of the one God as beloved, as friend, as brother and sister.
             If unity is to manifest upon the earth, then it must come to the hearts of those who understand the true nature of brotherhood which is always to serve and to grow in the spirit each day through acceptance of all as worthy and capable and acceptable. It is only when you look upon another as less than you that there is division and strife. For you see, some among mankind have outpictured more in physical abundance, and yet the inner abundance of the spirit, the affluence of the heart is what is important to the Lord of all life.
            Civilization runs upon the motor of the lives of the sons and daughters of God of all cultures and nations and peoples. In recent years, through the advances in your communication systems, your news services and the beaming of messages across the globe through satellite and through the internet, the divisions among nations and peoples should have subsided whereby you may see all, no matter from what area of the globe, as one people. This is not a United Nations where the least common denominator of the human momentums is spread abroad, but this is truly a brotherhood of the spirit whereby the highest common numerator may be extolled and expanded because one here sees the example of another in another culture who does exemplify virtue, honor, integrity.
            I call this day for the raising of the consciousness of mankind through the outpicturing in the media of higher values, ascended master principles of light and the example of true heroism that must come forth in the motion picture industries and films for youth. For the examples you see of violence and decadence in all manner of horror and deprivation is simply abominable in the eyes of ascended hosts and angels who weep when they see how these transmissions affect the consciousness of the people, especially the impressionable minds of your children.
            You have been called to write your testaments of heroism and deliver in publication the examples of those in recent years whom you have known who have been examples of kindness, mercy and graciousness-testaments to their work and service to life. We have heard recently one among you give a testament to a soul now ascended. And we would see, week by week, in your Hearts Centers more of these testimonies brought forth. For we need this assignment completed as an example of what this Hearts Center activity is all about, beloved ones. Therefore do not wait for another to fulfill your assignment; for each of you is assigned to write an example of the life of virtue of one, even if that be the one of your own life's story. For do you not expect yourself to ascend at the close of this embodiment? And Jesus has come this day to remind you of that goal which you must see as a very present reality for yourself.
            When those among the lower classes can perceive of themselves as celestial beings, and the mothers of their families remind them as children in their stories, in their bedtime stories and in their shared family time, then you will see the true culture of freedom and liberty of the spirit return to planet earth. I know something about a golden-age civilization. For I was there in the Sahara with Saint Germain and did see the shining example of a virtuous leader whose every thought process was to extol the divine qualities of the Godhead within the earth itself.
            I call my people of all nations to a higher road of freedom and unity through the acceptance of ascended master values. O study, my friends, the true teachings of the Universal Great White Brotherhood.1 For these will do you well in coming to grips with your past and moving onward into the future of your victory in love. We are heartened to see that the value placed upon the individual in society and in the workplace and in many areas, has now brought a culture of acceptance and honor whereby the individual is valued for his innate worth as a free-born son or daughter of the Creator. And yet in certain quarters of the globe, not all are valued as equals in the eyes of men. Caste systems exist. Tribal warfare exists. The devaluation of the Divine within woman exists. And children who are truly beings who must be valued even above adults during their formative and tender years are the least valued among those who do not understand life in its fullness.
            Reverence for life, valuing each soul must become the norm upon earth before a golden age, whereby the golden rule is the rule, may come. We ask you to determine what, in your nations and cultures, will be required to change for this to be accomplished. Lay the axe to the root of the problem. Go after the seed of evil that circumscribes its darkness in the cities and in the forests to decry the very valuing of each one as a son or a daughter, as a brother or sister of light. Pray for true heroes and heroines of the spirit to rise, to erase this blight upon mankind that has kept all from rising and from the seventh root race from fully embodying.
            How you treat your children will determine the future of civilization. It is very simple, beloved ones. This is not rocket science. How you value their time, their energies, their contribution will determine what your world will look like. So if you would see a better society, then put your energies, your money into divine education working with your children, your youth creating greater opportunities for their Self-development and nurturing and training for worthy jobs and for each one to be a recognized and accepted citizen within the realm. Looking to the future requires you to deal in the present with a reality of giving your all for the young who will far transcend you if you allow them to grow fully as they should. Prepare the environment, as Montessori has said. Prepare the groundwork in the soil whereby the seed that is planted and nourished may fully sprout. The tendrils descend deep to set firm roots in the earth for the day when the upward shoot will rise and a new life-form, enlightened by the sun, will sprout.
            There are in the earth a number of living Buddhas and even those who have ascended who have chosen to return to serve mankind. Who among you may be one of these? It may be the one sitting next to you. Or the one of whom you have gossiped in recent days for the seeming inconsistencies of their behavior in the outer. Judge not another for you do not know what spark of fire gleams within the breast of that one. Honor each one as the very flesh and blood of your own being and you will never criticize or condemn another again. I ask you now in your sanctuaries to hold the hand of the ones to your right and to your left to feel the pulsation of my fire now blazing through your heart and extended to each one.
            Remember, as Micah has said, "Ye are brethren." I, Afra, also remind you to be your brother's keeper. Pray for one another. Bow to the light within each one when you greet each other upon entering your Hearts Centers, in your homes and even in your communications by email. Begin or end with, "I greet thee, O brother, O sister of light and bow before your divinity this day." You can be victorious when [by] true acceptance of your own divine nature, fully, you thereby are able to embrace each one as a co-equal in God's heart.
            I thank you. I seal you in my great heart, made great by God. May your hearts expand and become greater. For we need you. Yes, we need your hearts enfired so that earth may one day be fully free. I thank you.

1White refers to the white light of the purified aura of the true mystics of the Spirit in all races and cultures.

Copyright (c) 2007 The Hearts Center(tm). All rights reserved. All messages released through The Hearts Center are copyrighted, but we encourage you to print and share them with discretion with heartfriends throughout the world. Bracketed words have been inserted for greater clarity with the approval of the dictating master. Short excerpts may be quoted as long as full credit is given to the author. Contact us at Correspondence and contributions may be sent to P.O. Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.
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The African Council

Just as Beloved El Morya is the chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Universal Great White Brotherhood and Beloved Chananda is chief of the Indian Council, so Beloved Afra is chief of the African Council. The names of the 14 members who deliberate in its chambers are as follows:

Members of the
African Council

 Line of the Clock


 12- Capricorn

Saint Germain

 1- Aquarius

Simon the Cyrenian

 2- Pisces


 3- Aries

Lady Adelphia

 4- Taurus

Lady Marchette

 5- Gemini

Goddess of Light

 6- Cancer

Sam McGill

 7- Leo


 8- Virgo

Lady Eunice

 9- Libra

Master Earnest

 10- Scorpio

Lady Violette

 11- Sagittarius


 Center of the Wheel


 Center of the Wheel


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Through our vigils and our Afra webpage, we desire to share our passion with you for the healing of Africa. You, too, may join us in offering prayers and sending the violet light to Africa for the multiplication of the healing energies we will generate together.

You may visualize the entire continent of Africa or focus on a particular country. As you become familiar with the economy, political systems, environment, and challenges within each country, your prayers can become more specific. You may focus your prayers toward changes required on the physical plane and also on the mental, emotional, and etheric levels as well.