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El Morya's Bio-Beginning with Abraham, Father of Nations
Key Teachings by the Ascended Master El Morya

The Ascended Master El Morya

El Morya
An Ascended Master Who Embodies the Will of God

The name “El Morya” may be unfamiliar to some. But it is more than likely that millions have heard about one or more of his past lives. Because of his tenacious love of the will of God lifetime after lifetime, El Morya has come to embody the quality of obedience to holy will. Today he serves from heavenly realms as the Chohan1 of The First Ray2, the blue ray of God's will, faith, protection and power.
Obedience Brings Blessing
Abraham. His story is told in the first book of the Old Testament. Both Jewish and Christian children alike have heard the tale of God’s call to his obedient son. “Get thee out of thy country…and from thy father’s house unto a land that I will show thee.”God promised Abraham that his obedience would lead to blessing. He would be the progenitor of a great nation. Abraham left the house of his father. And God did bless him. Called the Father of Nations, Abraham, even in his advanced age, was sired a son, Isaac. From this lineage the Twelve Tribes of Israel emerged. El Morya was Abraham.
Camelot—a Vision of a Golden Age
In the fifth century, a ruler of mythical proportion enters life’s stage. Arthur was the creator of the Table Round, a culture of brotherhood whose rallying cry was, “All for one and one for all!” His holy knights were reputed for their bravery in battle and service to their monarch and his kingdom. No myth, this noble soul forged a glorious society where respect, justice, courage and truth prevailed—the mystical Camelot. El Morya was King Arthur.
The Price of a Principled Life—Thomas Becket and Thomas More
Twelfth century England finds the soul of El Morya incarnated as Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, defender of the church and at odds with King Henry II. Conflict regarding the influence of the church in the political affairs of the realm rise to a fever pitch. And Becket pays for his stand with his very life, brutally slain within the environs of his own cathedral by four knights performing the king’s bidding.
Three centuries later, El Morya returns as Thomas More, Chancellor of England, during the reign of Henry VIII. And once again the soul of El Morya finds himself at loggerheads with the king of England. The same conflict of church and state arises, clothed in different circumstances. Separation from his family, years of imprisonment and finally a sentence of death by decapitation bring to a dramatic end in 1535 yet another embodiment of this unflinching soul. Thomas More’s final words to all who witnessed his execution were, “I am the king’s good servant, but God’s first.”
Akbar, Mogul Emperor—An Attempt to Foster Spiritual Brotherhood
A mere seven years later, El Morya returns—this time to embody in the East. He is Akbar, the greatest of the Mogul emperors. A ruler with refined qualities and varied talents, Akbar increased his kingdom through decisive action in battle but also diplomacy. He raised its culture through art, literature and architecture. Interested in all religions and religious practices but not the conflict they aroused, he desired to unify believers into one religion which he called the “Divine Faith.”
Service from the Heavenly Realms           
In the nineteenth century, El Morya, while residing in the spirit plane, collaborated with two other unascended masters4—Djwal Kul5 and Kuthumi6—to work through Madame Helena Blavatsky7 and others in order to teach occult mysteries to a larger body of mankind. The founding of The Theosophical Society8 by Blavatsky in 1875 would be a major vehicle for this purpose.
Lifetime after lifetime, love for the will of God was the driving force of El Morya’s soul, even to the laying down of his physical life as Becket and More. The striving of this “Man for All Seasons” won him his ascension9 in 1898. Today, El Morya is the chief of the Darjeeling Council, a heavenly governing body who serves in an etheric retreat over Darjeeling, India. He works with many other ascended masters—Chananda, Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Jesus, Mother Mary, to name some—for the upliftment of mankind and an instilling within their hearts of a similar love for the will of God.
El Morya Teaches Us the Way to Know Life’s Purpose
In a recent HeartStream10 from June 13th, 2008, El Morya said, “Many desire to know their life's purpose. Few desire to know that purpose within the context of the will of God. And fewer still are able to let go of the human will fully to be absorbed into the heart of God's will through the sacred science and art of surrender. Those who meditate on God's love, wisdom and will within, day and night, create a sacred portal for their life's purpose to be fully outpictured."
Read now the words of this beloved master as he expounds on such topics as the nature of God, the Buddha, heartstreaming, the purpose of the rosary and the meaning of darshan.
1. “Chohan” is a Sanskrit word for “chief” or “lord.” A chohan is the spiritual leader of great attainment who works with mankind from the ascended state. There are seven chohans for the earth—El Morya, Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Nada and Saint Germain.
2. The first ray is the ray of God’s will. The ascended masters teach that the seven rainbow rays are the seven qualities of God that compose the color rings or spheres which surround the Solar Presence. The attribute of each color, or ray, is vital to our wholeness. The seven rays are God-qualities that appear as color vibrations. Each person in embodiment is meant to master these qualities:
  •  Blue—the first ray: the will of God, faith and power
  • Yellow—the second ray: wisdom and understanding
  • Pink—the third ray: divine love and compassion
  • White—the fourth ray: purity and holiness
  • Green—the fifth ray: wholeness and abundance
  • Purple/gold—the sixth ray: service to life
  • Violet—the seventh ray: forgiveness, mercy and soul-freedom
3. Genesis 12:1-2
4. An unascended master is one who could ascend but has chosen to remain close to the earth in order to assist more directly its evolutions. In the East such a being is termed a bodhisattva.
5. Djwal Kul, also called “Master D.K.” or “The Tibetan,” is known in esoteric circles for his embodiment as a Tibetan master and also as an ascended being who assists planetary evolution. He was introduced to a wider audience through the writings of Madame Helena Blavatsky, co-founder of the Theosophical Society. Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, revealed that Djwal Kul had been embodied as one of the three wisemen, Caspar. Through The Summit Lighthouse and The Hearts Center, Djwal Kul has taught the importance of the holy breath and forms of breathing that promote spiritual and physical well-being and progress. To hear the entirety of Djwal Kul’s message on union with the God within, click Djwal Kul, February 18, 2008.
6. Kuthumi, an ascended master serving on the yellow ray of illumination was embodied as Saint Francis of Assissi. Master psychologist, his assistance may be invoked as we work on subconscious as well as conscious patterns of behavior that limit our ability to outpicture our true nature of compassion for all life. He serves now as World Teacher with Jesus.
7.  Madame Helena Petrova Blavatsky (1831-1891), born into Russian aristocracy, was an occultist possessing from early childhood psychic abililties. During one of her sojourns in Tibet, she was commissioned by certain masters to share occult knowledge with a larger body of students East and West.  
8. The Theosophical Society was established in 1875 in New York City by Madame Blavatsky with the assistance of Col. Henry Steel Olcott (1832-1907) and William Q. Judge (1851-1896) for the purpose of compiling and teaching the occult sciences. The name of the society is derived from “theosophy,” a Neoplatonic term meaning"Divine Wisdom." The Theosophical Society currently has its international headquarters at Adyar, Madras, India. The Theosophical Society of America has its headquarters in Wheaton, Illinois and its British affiliate in London.
9. The ascension is complete liberation from the rounds of karma and rebirth. In the ascension process the soul becomes merged with her Solar Presence, experiencing freedom from the gravitational, or karmic, pull of the earth and entering the bliss of beingness within God’s eternal presence of divine love.
10. HeartStreams are up-to-the-minute messages from the ascended masters through their anointed messengers in The Hearts Center movement. These messages vibrate with the masters’ love and wisdom and anchor light in the earth as they are being delivered and when they are replayed in audio or video format. They teach, exhort, bless, uplift and direct us in specific actions needed to assist not only ourselves but our planet.
El Morya's HeartStream Messages

El Morya      May 21, 2013

Beloved El Morya
David Christopher Lewis
May 21, 2013    8:39-9:02 am MDT
Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

It Is Time to Be Divine
I Will Be Where You Invest Your Light

Keepers of the Lightning, Keepers of the Great I AM Within,
            I am pleased to be with you and to share light from my heart—diamond light, cosmic light, the fire from heaven, the ray of the will of God. The cosmic imperative is before you. The opportunity is on the table. The question that has ever been before you of whether you will access and fully accept the Divine within yourself may be answered by your choice today. I have provided a cosmic investment of energies from my own Sun-source unto this movement. Some have utilized this investment and some have shunned it or thought it was untenable or a fantasy drawn up in David's mind.
            Dearest ones, God is real. I am real. The light is real. And that which I emanate forth and invest again and again within the hearts of those who accept and believe in God and in me may be causative of cosmic transformation and change within the Now of your lives. You have reached that point of the sale and/or delivery of two hundred copies and more of the Advanced Studies of the Human Aura (book.) And therefore I applaud you all for the investment that you have made, which now provides me with a new opportunity to reinvest light within this movement and within the fiery hearts who are one with it.
I have felt every erg of energy that you have lovingly expended in the giving of your twenty or more calls (prayer 10.010) to me regularly during this cycle. And, dearest ones, by God's grace these frequencies have been coalesced into a great sphere of light that now the Lord God, through the Great Karmic Board, is allowing me to reinvest within the hearts and beings of those who are true-blue to Self first and who also feel called to give and give again to and through this movement of The Hearts Center activity for the salvation of souls, for the elevation of consciousness, for the freedom and enlightenment of thousands upon Earth.
How will I invest this energy? you ask. Well, dearest ones, I am empowering those who are tithing and who will continue to tithe with a greater spiritual impetus within their lives, which will manifest tangibly in a number of ways that they will see come to fruition. “O master, this sounds very intangible. I desire proof. How will you do this? How will it manifest for me individually?” some of you are already asking. Do you know the laws of alchemy? Have you put forth into the ethers what you desire to manifest through a call, through your voice, or through writing your goals?  Have you aligned your will with cosmic intent and then acted upon that which you know is the way, the truth and the life? If so, then understand, dearest ones, that I may not fully reveal the ways in which this energy will be outpictured for you individually.
Suffice it to say that my word is valid, is real, is true because I am true to my word. And therefore this investment will manifest in some lives in seemingly miraculous ways and in others in very subtle ways by a gentle and general increase in your own vibratory field, in your own auric emanations through the ingestion of my words within this book, through your communion with my heart and mind, and through your continuing to be true to yourSelf in all things and in all ways.
When I, as Abraham, gave that tithe to Melchizedek, it was a loving investment of much of what I had to a great soul of light who I knew would himself reinvest what I offered to the Divine so that God's will would manifest in many domains upon Earth. In one sense, dearest ones, that story is a metaphor for the law of life and the law of the tithe, and yet it is much more. There is a physicality of precipitation that manifests when you decide that, no matter what, when you receive funds of any kind you will take the first ten percent and immediately give it back to the Lord. For this is your investment in cosmos, and cosmos, by cosmic law and by divine edict and direction, then multiplies that investment by ten and returns it to you.
The dispensation that I sought and received for the multiplication factor of ten to be increased and doubled to twenty percent is still manifesting for those who believe it and who gave in order to fulfill that request by me. This new dispensation augments what I previously released within that one. I can tell you that much of this investment will manifest as gradual growth within this movement, in what you will see in terms of additional heartfriends finding your website through your efforts, coming to your events and classes, and working side by side with many of you in future months and years. For we plan appropriately and we invest wisely for the long term, dearest ones, not for a short-term capitalization that comes and goes and has no deep-rooted foundation for eternity.
I am investing deep roots within the earth and within your lives for the permanency of your soul and the guardianship of your being by the Lord God, by the great ones of heaven and those who serve humanity through this stupendous cause of the Great White Brotherhood in its work across the Earth. Is there any greater cause to serve than this? I ask, dearest ones. I know not any. For imbedded within the very core of the Great White Brotherhood's work is that holy will supreme of the Almighty. And when anyone aligns him or herself with this and then is true-blue to his or her own word, everything syncs into the authenticity of divine brilliance and there is a tenaciousness through one's vow and will that stirs the ethers of cosmos and brings a realignment of forces and cosmic energies into play that must precipitate in causative action and light within form.
Many of you seek some magical means for precipitating what you imagine could be within your life. And yet there are certain principles that you have not fully embraced or adhered to in your daily lives that are a part of the required alchemy. Ignoring these causes the dynamic whereby the light leaks out from your auras and can be drained away from you by the dark ones. Part of the energy investment that I am offering now is to seal these holes and these leaks within the auras of my own. For I see them clearly, even as I gaze upon your I AM Presence and see the true you. Yet, being the master who I am and the servitor of all, it is my desire to see you through to your divinity, to see the sparking of the light within your Solar Selfhood that will result in your immortality, your ascension unto the one God within.
Those of you who have attempted to prove the law through a cursory investment of money without employing the added impetus of your heart fires through gracious giving have not seen the increase that I mentioned in my prior message. Why? Because your heart was not in it! Your mind was not engaged! Your soul was not stirred! The only way that God hears, sees and feels you is by your seeing, hearing and feeling God within and then allowing, through that nexus of your own heart-centered consciousness, the emblazoning fire of God to sanctify your offering as you give them with heartfelt joy, with the radiance of a clear conscience and mind, with the beauty and aroma of a heart wed to Spirit through love.
We know those whose efforts are pure and true. We see the sacrifices and the time that you put in day after day in divine work, in doing your best, in invoking your Presence and our presence in your midst. And even though at times we may admonish you to come up higher in certain aspects of your lives, yet through the facility that manifests through your constancy we are able to get through and provide our light and our love to all in some way.
My desire is that you will know when I am near, that you will step into my auric field and receive the allness of my Presence, my fire and my love for your advancement on the initiatic path. My prayer is that this empowerment, day after day, will thrust you forward, move you beyond yesterday's limits and allow the apportioning of your spirit in all manner of new co-creations and powerful activities of light that you choose to engage your soul and being in, in order to accomplish your mission, your sacred purpose, blessed ones.
I will be where you invest your light, working behind the scenes and deep within your spirit to encourage and empower you, to impel you forward. This is the law, and I am that law and that light in the lives of those who know me and those who would be free to be God fully while in the flesh. This is the cycle of Gemini, and I waited until the stars were aligned within this sun sign so that the full cosmic impression of my being could be yours to receive for the ennoblement of who you are and for the investment to be felt and utilized to the highest extent.
            It is time to be divine. 
I leave you with these words: It is time to be divine, to live a divine life, to consecrate yourself always to the divine purposes of heaven and to manifest them tangibly within the earth through your co-creative efforts. It is time to divine truth, wisdom and beingness every moment through aligning your will with God's and ascertaining every moment the highest purpose, the truest path, the most blessed way in which to walk, the words to speak, the thoughts to think, and the mindfulness to engage in that, through heart-centered love, will allow that holy will of God to be yours always.
            I am Morya. I am not mean; I dwell in the cosmic mean and the golden rule and the blessedness divine of that will. I am yours to use only for the holiest purposes of the Great Beloved I AM within you, dearest ones.


Copyright © 2013 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted as long as full credit is given to the author. Contact us at Correspondence and contributions may be sent to P.O. Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.



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