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Archangel Michael and Faith

Archangel Michael Prayer Card

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Rosary of Faith 


Compiled by the Messenger David Christopher Lewis

        This Rosary of Faith invokes the powerful intercession of the Seven Archangels: Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gbriel, Raphael, Uriel and Zadkiel and their Archeiai: Faith, Christine, Charity, Hope, Mary, Aurora and Amethyst. Through the giving of this rosary, choirs of angels surround the earth to answer the prayers of those in distress, anchor God-government in the Earth and surround us with God's blessings.

PDF Rosary of Faith: (from Songs and Prayers page)
9.014 Rosary of Faith

Who Are the Seven Archeiai?
  You are probably familiar with the archangels yet not with the archeia. An archeia is the feminine complement of an archangel and thus wields tremendous energies of the Spirit in her service to mankind often in a gentler and somewhat more feminine manner than her masculine counterpart. Since we know the names of the archeiai of the Seven Archangels, we may call to each of them to bless us with their particular aspect of God’s consciousness for the color ray upon which they serve. Each of the Seven Archeiai: Faith, Christine, Charity, Hope, Mary, Aurora and Amethyst is a powerful intercessor for mankind, answering the prayers of those in distress in very specific and, at times, mysterious ways. 

The Rosary—A Prayer for All Time
Disciples of the Spirit who have offered rosaries and prayers to the Blessed Mother may be aware that there is a long tradition of various types of rosaries that have been given over the years since Jesus’ life on earth. The original rosary given centuries ago looked much different than that which is given within the Catholic Church of today. Rather than a single prayer for all time, the rosary has become an evolution of devotion. Over the years, various mystics and saints, in communion with Jesus and other heavenly beings, have added to the hallowed tradition of the rosary. The Rosary of Faithis another step in this divine evolutionary process known as progressive revelation.

A Garland of Roses
Each rosary is, in reality, a spiritual garland of roses created by giving various prayers, most often including the “Hail Mary” which honors the words of the Archangel Gabriel spoken to Mary when she was a temple virgin, spending much of her time in prayer and meditation upon the heaven world. This rosary continues the tradition of pouring forth devotion to the Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of the Angels, who has been so instrumental in answering the prayers of the faithful over the centuries.

A Rosary for the Anchoring of God-Government

This Rosary of Faith is the fulfillment of a request made to David Lewis by the Ascended Masters El Morya and Lanello.  When the program for a weekend conference in Washington, D.C. in late January 2007 was given, David was also asked to have ready a completed version of a new Rosary of Faith, wherein participants would invoke the light of all seven complements of the archangels, primarily the Archeia Faith, the consort of beloved Archangel Michael. Since Washington, D.C. is the blue-ray focus and throat chakra for the United States of America, it seemed fitting that faith should be concentrate through a new type of rosary for the protection of our nation’s government and its leaders. Those of all nations may give this new rosary for the anchoring of God-government in their own country and in all nations, maximizing the light of these prayers on behalf of all peoples. 

Faith Is the First and Essential Virtue After which All Others Follow

In all spiritual traditions unless there be faith and belief, the light of wisdom’s fires and the fulfillment of love in all things does not ensue. Works alone do not allow us entrée into the kingdom of God, but inspired works of compassion born of spiritual knowledge and faith flow from a profound oneness of Spirit.

Create a Cosmic Corona of Blessing Around Yourself

By invoking the light of all seven archeiai in this rosary, we create a rainbow radiance, a cosmic carona of God’s tender blessing around us. Our halos shine not only with the emerald color of Mary’s presence but with the specific pastel glory of each of these angelic mothers who can nurture us in many sublime ways. Thus, no matter what day of the week we choose to give this rosary, we can have access to all of the “seven sisters” whose manifestation of light complement each other in ways great and small.

Invoke the Presence of the Angelic Choirs to Expand Your Consciousness

We know that singing our prayers opens our hearts in a profound way, and we’ve been told that hymns of praise invoke the presence of the angelic choirs. In this rosary we pray to the nine choirs of angels, each of these focusing a specific aspect of God’s radiance at a different level of vibration in the heaven world. Some choirs live and move and have their being closer to the Godhead while others work more closely with mankind. By attuning to each choir’s specific purpose and work, we can more readily expand our own consciousness to the level of these angelic beings. And thereby they, too, may work more closely with us. 

Commune with the Angels and Enter Cosmic Grace

Many of us who have dedicated our lives to the service of mankind are actually embodied angels, and thus we easily resonate  with these beautiful presences that are often so close at hand to us though we often know it not. By cosmic law they cannot act within our dimension unless we invoke them by intention. Now you have in this rosary a means of communing with these wonderful friends of light and entering into their world of cosmic grace in a simple, new way.

Prayers and Songs to Archangel Michael

10.000 Dear Michael, Protect Us
10.000 Dear Michael, Protect Us-5x
10.001 Dear Michael Come

10.016 Dear Michael Archangel-12x
10.016 Dear Michael Archangel-20x
10.016 Dear Michael Archangel-40x
10.016 Dear Michael Archangel-5x
10.017 A Shield of Faith
10.017 B Archangel Michaels Morning Prayer
10.023      I AM Standing Now With Michael Prayer (New-Sep 2015)      

Song-Archangel Michaels March
Song-Michaels Great Blue Sword
Song-Shield of Faith   (New-Sep 2015)                      

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Free Archangel Michael Prayer Poster

Free Archangel Michael Prayer Poster

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Archangel Michael and Faith Shield of Protection

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Messages from Michael & Faith

Michael      March 24, 2012

Beloved Archangel Michael
David Christopher Lewis
March 24, 2012   4:32–4:49 pm EST
Beyond Awakening: Love, Heal and Thrive
Miami, Florida

Archangel Michael Brings the Fire of God for the Empowerment
of Our Missions and Assigns an Angel to Each One

Ho! We descend in a ring of fire around you and around Miami now. Yes, we have descended on crystalline golden stairways of light from the heaven realms to bless you, each one, and to glorify the God within you as we see it manifesting now through the light of your causal bodies and through the light of your heart's fire manifest. Dearest ones, we are the twelve archangels, and I, Michael, as the spokesperson, stand tangibly in your midst to protect you, to seal you and to seal the remainder of your mission upon this Earth for the light, in the light, as the light.

Yes, you are light beings, each and every one. And you are learning more during this weekend event of just what is possible for you to attain to in terms of cosmic consciousness, Solar consciousness, whereby you may rise on wings of light with us, determined to fulfill, with your God, a victorious life lived to the glory of God in this dimensional plane and to bring the witness of the energy of God within you to a new compelling level, blessed ones, that will mean the difference for this Earth.

When you determine with a great heartfelt light-energy to be for God a witness to that life through your life, then we the archangels come. And when you speak to us, when you commune with us, when you pray and even shout to us, and when at times in the silence of your homes you kneel in holy prayer to discern the will of God for yourself and your families and your children, we are there communing intimately with you, even as you have heard the story of one with whom we have worked now for decades.

Dearest ones, we have always been at your side. A guardian angel has been assigned to each and every one of you. And it is time that you recognize this and that you consciously work with that one, who can guide, guard and direct you through every moment of your life, so long as you choose the light, live in that light and grow further in that light.

This ring of fire created around you now is the hallowed circle of oneness. Look around you and see the light within the hearts of each one within this room. You are truly hallowed in God's Presence here, yes? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] Yes, and when you feel the sanctity and the oneness of your heart, one with another, there is a blending of the resources of your light-energies and of your causal bodies and you can do more, blessed ones, than you can do individually on your own. Learn and know this key. When you merge heart to heart with another of like mind and spirit, there can be such an influx of light from the divine domains that there may be a greater glorification of God through your common efforts toward one purpose. If there is ever a sense of division because of disagreement, put that aside, blessed ones. Call to Micah, my son; call to us, the twelve archangels and our archeiai, and allow the Spirit of God to move through you toward that one holy purpose of victory in unity.

Look at this nation. It was always destined to be a nation of many peoples, many voices, many states under one God, with one common purpose. And so you have come to these shores, many of you from other nations, for you saw the opportunity. You saw what was possible to invest your life's energies in toward a greater freedom and liberty and to pursue your calling in life. Well, it is the same spiritually, blessed ones. When all peoples work as one, even as you have witnessed in the giving of this rosary to my beloved in two languages, alternating, there can be that awesomeness of the unity field of beingness through the Alpha and the Omega, through the feminine and the masculine, through the north and the south, the east and the west that comes to play upon what you are creating as a blessed ornament of light right before your eyes.

Would that all mankind would know the centrality of beingness through the oneness of Presence in and under and within the light of God, which has always coexisted within them and which all may access simply by the asking, by the invitation. This is how you win our presence, blessed ones, in your midst, by asking us to be present with you. And when you feel the upsurge of light by the presence of the archangels and archeiai, nothing can stop you on your path forward, ever forward, marching toward your victory, you see!

Being with God night and day, day and night, 24/7, is possible for you. Yes, I say it is possible to live in the very Presence of God, for we the archangels stand in that Presence wherever we are across the galaxies and the universe! We bring the Presence of God tangibly in the midst of those whom we serve who call to us. And, yes, you can stand in your Presence!

          And I ask you to stand in your Presence now, blessed ones, and feel the empowerment this day of the twelve archangels! Yes, we are empowering you toward your future mission, which begins today, right here and now! Will you accept your greater mission for the light today? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then accept the presence of us night and day in your midst by giving your rosaries, by calling to us by name. Yes, do you know all of our names? If not, then memorize them.

Use us, use us, use us. For, blessed ones, when you call to me, I send many angels of light from Banff across the nations in rivers of fire to accomplish God's will in the lives of those whom you pray for. Yes, and when you call to Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Zadkiel, they answer also. And many of us are engaged in cosmic battles of light, you see. And we save a soul here, we nourish a soul there, we clutch one here out of the very claws of death and hell, and we teach another here the path of light that is opportune for them in the moment!

Dearest ones, you may not have considered us in the past as teachers. You had considered many of us as simply ones who could save you or protect you as you were traveling in your vehicles. We do much more than this. Yes, we can teach you; we can nurture you in ways great and small. Use us and allow us to communicate with you. We do this from within your heart, dearest ones. There is no other true way to get through to the sons and daughters of God except through their hearts, you see. When you lend your hearts to God, God lends us to you, you see. It is a simple equation of light, and it can be so whenever you choose to offer your heart to God in a magnanimous way through givingness, through offering yourself through service and through many ways, great and small.

Blessed ones, I am on fire with God's Presence, and I pray and I hope that you feel the fire within your aura this day. For it is your gift from us to know a new fiery spirit, to live in that fire and to become that fire if you choose. This is not the fire of hell; it is the fire of God, even that which Moses saw and felt from within the burning bush! Yes, I was there! I, Michael, was there standing by Moses, and I delivered to him the name of God, I AM THAT I AM, which is still the name of God in the English language. And he didn't speak English, so I spoke it to him in his language, you see, and I will speak it to you in your language! It is a sacred language, whatever language you speak. And when you call to the name of God, I AM THAT I AM, in your own language, the energy pattern is still the same and you tap into the divine resource of light, light, light.

          Dearest ones, I bless my translators because I know it may be difficult for them to speak as quickly as I am speaking and to convey to you in your language my heart's fire. And yet aren't they wonderful? [Audience applauds.]

Well, what are we to do with this energy? We can't just play with it; we must use it to glorify God in some magnanimous venture and way, dearest ones. Muse with me now and look into your own future, into your highest desiring to be of service to the Divine One, and project the allness of yourself into your sacred work, your mission in life and see from the end to the beginning just how this will be manifested by divine intervention, by angelic manipulation, if you would. It is not the manipulation of dark forces; it is the cosmic man-I-pool-ation of light through your hearts, dearest ones.

We, the archangels and archeiai, are so invested in reaching the sons and daughters of God and of proving to them our existence and our sacred work that we are willing to give each and every one of you one angel of light that will remind you throughout your day to fulfill your calling. Would you like this angel assigned to you, each one? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then, by the grace of God and by the presence of us within your midst, each one here physically receives one of our angels of the ray of your choosing. So choose now the color of the ray of the angel that you desire to be with you for the duration of your life, blessed ones.

We hear your heart's call and an angel of light steps forward. This one is magnificent for you to behold at inner levels. If you do not see with your crystal third-eye vision, this one is your nurturing buddy, dearest ones. He or she—or androgynous in nature, whatever you choose—is here to serve you hand and foot, heart and head and hand throughout your days for your victory in the light.

Now I ask you to hold hands, one with another, and form a circle, a physical circle of light, around this room, moving to even hold the hands of David. [David gives instructions: Come around here, please. Some of you, move. Left hand turned up, right hand over the top. Palm up on the left, palm down on the right.] If you agree to maintain the spirit of harmony, unity and oneness within this community of light here in Miami and throughout the world, we twelve will work with all and bring miracles into your lives such as you have not seen, dearest ones, for lifetimes. Yes, these miracles will manifest tangibly, and we expect that you will even share some of these miraculous experiences during future conferences and events.

Expect miracles, for we are miracle workers. That is our job as the archangels and archeiai! We bring heaven into play within the lives of sons and daughters of God within the Earth, and it is our great joy, the joy of beingness, for us to do this. It may be your joy, dearest ones, to receive miracles of light and to deliver them in your own way with grace and humility within your lives. Yes!

Do you accept your new commission to be miracle workers this day? I ask. [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then let it be so! Let the fireworks of light begin, and let Earth see a new manifestation of victory as possible on all seven and all five rays from this day forward, through these holy ones, O God. Let it be so! Let it be so! I acclaim it! I, Michael, affirm it on behalf of my holy brothers, the archangels, and my sisters, the archeiai. And it is so now! I thank you. [Audience applauds.]

Copyright © 2016 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved. We encourage you to share these messages with heartfriends throughout the world. With the approval of the messenger and/or the master, some of the spoken words may have been changed, or new words added, to provide greater clarity in the written word. Short excerpts may be quoted, giving credit to the author. Contact us at Send correspondence and contributions to PO Box 277, Livingston, Montana 59047 USA.

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