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Our Hearts Center Store is a resource for Self-realization and personal and planetary enlightenment. We are devoted to providing information, products and tools to assist you in uniquely connecting with your Divine Presence. All profits in our store go to forward the mission of The Hearts Center. 

We have many new products to share with you this month including new books, donated jewelry and sacred geometry gemstones to enhance your prayer and meditation work.

New Items

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108 Quotes On Faith

Clear Quartz Cluster with Wood Base
Clear Quartz Cluster with Wood Base

Egyptian Glass Oil Diffuser
Egyptian Glass Oil Diffuser

Energization Exercises Poster
Energization Exercises Poster

~/Assets/images/BOOKimg/Fractals of God.jpg
Fractals of God

iPad Cover
iPad Cover

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Macro Greens Super Food Drink 10oz

Mandala Purse
Mandala Purse

Medical Medium
Medical Medium

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Miracle Reds Super Food Drink 10oz

Prayers and Songs to Archangel Michael and Faith CD
Prayers and Songs to Archangel Michael and Faith CD

San Diego Valentine's Weekend Prayer Vigil 2016
San Diego Valentine's Weekend Prayer Vigil 2016

The Essence of Self-Empowerment
The Essence of Self-Empowerment

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The Surrender Experiment

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The Untethered Soul
Meru University Recommended Reading

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura

I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams Now, Zen and Always
Mother Mary's Missions Afra Kuan Yin's Miracle Mantras
The Art of Soaring    
New Music


Sweet Heart of Jesus

Songs of Praise to the Prince of Peace

By David Christopher Lewis
Music arrangements by Dean Anderson
Copyright © 2013 David Lewis

Beloved Friend,

From an early age Christ and the Holy Spirit have been cornerstones of my spiritual life. In my early teens I read the entire Holy Bible, attended revivals in Chicago with Rev. Billy Graham and later with Kathryn Kuhlman, for whom I have great admiration, as I deeply felt the Spirit moving powerfully through her testimony and message of light and love.

When 17 years old I fasted for 7 days on water and a bit of honey and had a personal visitation by beloved Jesus within my heart. In my late 40s I studied the 150 Psalms of David and observed similarities between his life and that of our Lord—both shepherds in their own right. Then on June 6, 2004 a miracle occurred and I received a certain empowerment that has been with me ever since, allowing others to receive a sacred baptism by fire through my ministry. I pray that this music will stir in you a greater desire to connect with Christ within your heart and live a deeper life of spiritual authenticity in God’s Divine Presence.



Sweet Heart of Jesus



Early One Morning



Blossom of My Heart



The Heart's Song



Take My Hand, Jesus Dear



Jesus Loves the Little Children



Will You Be Here fo Me?



Journey of Love



The Humble Heart




Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring




Bring the Children



Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled 4:02


Joy to the World



May the Angels Go With You


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The Hearts Center now sells pre-owned books on Amazon.

Recommended from Amazon
Based on The New York Times runaway bestseller Saved by the Light and dozens of other near-death experiences, this beautifully written and illustrated book will comfort and reassure both children and adults about the reality of life after death.

Danny's Day in Heaven tells the fascinating and fun story of what happens to one young, not-so-nice boy when he goes into the tunnel of light and finds himself on the other side--what he discovers, who he meets and the lessons he learns before returning to earth.

A wonderful gift for anyone who has ever asked--or had to answer--the all important question: "What happens when we die?"
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Transform your life with the Laws of Love. Friends, lovers, parents, children, coworkers, and strangers will all be affected by your use of these simple yet powerful Laws of Love. A simple five-step process is all it takes to change your heart. Scientific evidence from the electrophysiology lab at the Institute of HeartMath reveals that your ECG (heart rhythm) physically changes as you apply these simple laws. Happiness and health are within your reach each day, in any situation. Free yourself of those heart matters that age you. Whether a parent, spouse, or friend, you can be young-at-heart and happy in life.  Buy now!

The Go-Giver tells the story of an ambitious young man named Joe who yearns for success. Joe is a true go-getter, though sometimes he feels as if the harder and faster he works, the further away his goals seem to be. And so one day, desperate to land a key sale at the end of a bad quarter, he seeks advice from the enigmatic Pindar, a legendary consultant referred to by his many devotees simply as the Chairman.

Over the next week, Pindar introduces Joe to a series of “go-givers:” a restaurateur, a CEO, a financial adviser, a real estate broker, and the “Connector,” who brought them all together. Pindar’s friends share with Joe the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success and teach him how to open himself up to the power of giving.

Joe learns that changing his focus from getting to giving—putting others’ interests first and continually adding value to their lives—ultimately leads to unexpected returns.

Imparted with wit and grace, The Go-Giver is a heartwarming and inspiring tale that brings new relevance to the old proverb “Give and you shall receive.” Buy now

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Loaded with great information and easy to read. Serena is not about shock and guilt but rather informed decision making. The decision to abort or not is intensely personal and each woman must have the best guidance possible in making that life altering choice. "101 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion: A Girl's Guide to Informed Choices" Free eBook

Purchase a copy from Digital Legend for $20 plus s+ h

No Brats Allowed! gives parents the magical keys and magnifying glass to find that fine inner part of a child that is hidden within. Through a series of vignettes, we get to look into the child’s mind and see what they were and are thinking. These real-life stories will help adults to demystify and dive into the inner musings and the inner world of the child. They illuminate and demonstrate the depth and maturity of a child’s mind and the incredible insights that children have from the beginning.  Buy now