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Divine Science


The Twelve Elohim


David Christopher Lewis

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The Cosmology of Belief
Hercules and Amazonia
Class 1

Mindful Self-Discovery
Apollo and Lumina
Class 2

The Joy of Heartstreaming
Heros and Amora
Class 3

Keys to a Rapid Expansion of Consciousness
Purity and Astrea
Class 4

Visionary Living
Cyclopea and Virginia
Class 5

Mastering Inner Stillness
Peace and Aloha
Class 6

Practical Alchemy for Today
Arcturus and Victoria
Class 7

Tapping Your Inner Genius

Astriel and Aspira
Class 8

Becoming a Progenitor of Light

Regiel and Capella
Class 9

The Harmonics of Sun Yoga

Oriel and Divina
Class 10

Blessedness through the New Beatitudes

Persiel and Delfina
Class 11

Integrating Alpha and Omega Within

Matriel and Vagela
Class 12

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Free Divine Science Classes!

Divine Science
Meru University Class!

Spirituality Includes Science!

True spirituality includes a deeper understanding of science as what the Creator has expressed through divine intelligence within the creation itself.

Let's Co-Create with the Elohim

The Twelve Elohim are the beings who created the physical universe as we know it—the Divine Us mentioned in Genesis, chapters 1 and 2. They will share more on the creation process and how we may invest our life energies in co-creating a beautiful new world through our own spiritual gifts—imagination, spiritual thoughtforms, alchemy, and the new science of heartstreaming.


YouTube of David discussing the upcoming 12-month free Divine Science series:

Discuss, Dialogue and Debate!

Join David as he gives live, unrehearsed discourses inspired by the Elohim, and then engage in lively question and answer discussion, dialogue and debate! This will be an exhilarating spiritual experience with the mighty Elohim, who will provide keys for world transmutation as we work as divine scientists to transform ourselves from within.

Study Materials, References and Links

 Video: Ecovillages and Self-reliant Communities in Europe, available in our Store This inspiring two-hour documentary shatters the images of doom and gloom, showing you a range of available earth-friendly lifestyles in harmony with oneself, other people, and the planet.

Video: The School – Humanity's New Future, available via Riging Cedars Press.  Re-defining Education at Tekos – where students cover an 11 year curriculum in just 1 year!  As revealed in Book 3 Space of Love of the Ringing Cedars series– At Tekos the children have designed, built, and decorated their own campus. They cover the entire curriculum in one year and get official Master’s degrees at seventeen. They cook their meals, do administrative work, and write their own textbooks. They contemplate the meaning of the Universe and swim in mountain streams. They dance, draw, and sing. They have no interest in TV or video games. They do not prepare themselves for ‘life’ — they live every moment they breathe.

About David Lewis

David Christopher Lewis
 is a mystic, spiritual teacher, composer and author for the Aquarian Age. For over three decades, David has been a student of the ascended masters and has studied the world’s major religions. In the spring of 2004 he began receiving telepathic communications from celestial beings. He maintains that he is not the messenger for the ascended masters, only one of them. He reminds us that we each sit under our own "vine and fig tree," and are messengers in our own right, offering our particular expression of the Godhead.

Early in 2005, David co-founded a spiritual movement in obedience to the masters' request. The Hearts Center is this nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping people everywhere nurture their own divine potential. It is a world-wide activity with centers in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Africa.

David conducts prayer services during free Internet broadcasts on The Hearts Center’s website. He speaks at Hearts Center conferences and workshops held around the world. In addition to leading international pilgrimages, David teaches online Meru University webinar courses as a member of its teaching staff.


"I really enjoy these sessions. I look forward to them every month and EVERY time I come away smiling, uplifted and grateful. Thank you!"
~ S.G., Pittsburgh, PA

"The Divine Science monthly webinar is a quality offering for continued spiritual growth and learning.  The lectures by David Christopher Lewis are intelligent and resonant.  Insight from the community of people participating is wonderful.  I highly recommend this generous free service."
~ M.S., San Francisco, CA

"These monthly webinars are a great educational addition to my spiritual practice.  It's heartening to find an offering like this online."
~ R.S., San Francisco, CA

"In Practical Alchemy, the July Divine Science class, I realized how I perform alchemy daily. Many participants shared how we had created something from seemingly nothing. I learned why 12:00 noon is the best time of day to read the news -not early morning or late night!"
~ C.A., Scotts Valley, CA

"This is a little funny - each time I tune into one of these classes there is a wonderful fragrance that comes into the room."
~ M.S. Seattle, WA

"Like the fragrance, I feel that I have grown in height during each class."
~ P. G. Dallas, TX

"Those who get up at sunrise have many ideas dawn on them."
~ D.K. Cincinnati, OH 

"I was exhausted today after work, went to bed shortly after, then had a sudden dream of needing to get online with the class - Thank you, Elohim!"
~ J.T. Edina, MN

"Thank you all and thank you Beloved Hercules and David and everyone who made this class possible."
~ K.K. Swell, NJ

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