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Upcoming Expos

LAX Hilton at 5711 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, California, 90045

Friday, February 10, 3:00 pm–10:00 pm
Saturday, February 11, 10:00 am–9:00 pm
Sunday, February 12, 10:00 am–8:00pm 


Visit us at Booth 156
The Hearts Center will be back at the LA Conscious Life Expo, February 10-12, with great soul-stirring readings, CDs, free wallet cards of the masters, and our featured offering: a personal, intimate Holy Spirit initiation as a Soul-Raising Session.


Soul-Raising Sessions
During your intimate 10- or 20-minute soul reading, the Holy Spirit will overshine David Christopher Lewis under his new mantle of Divine Physician. The Holy Spirit’s sacred message and light transmission will deeply impact your soul to assist with your personal path and divine mission. Your soul reading also includes time to ask one key question. Your confidential session includes an aura cleansing and clearing. It also includes a blue, violet and emerald wave blessing from the hearts of El Morya, Saint Germain, Afra, and Mother Mary.


David’s Free Lectures

Anastasia’s Vision and Permaculture Today

Saturday, 9:00 am, Permaculture lecture room (Plaza Ballroom, downstairs)  
Create your own kin domain and space of love.


Working Alchemy with Saint Germain Now

Saturday, 2:00 pm, Century B lecture room (Mezzanine, 2nd floor)
Saint Germain will work personal alchemies for attendees and give a 10-minute group alchemy. Ask your questions on white magic, abundance and the    violet flame.


David’s Workshop

Heartstreaming! Self-Realization! Ascension!
Sunday, 10:00 am, Marina Room (Mezzanine, 2nd floor) $25                                                   
Feel the transcendent frequencies of Ascended Masters Saint Germain, El Morya, and Afra, and discover the magic of heartstreaming! Saint Germain will overshine David in a group heartstream to benefit you and the Earth. Join the discussion and let the Master Alchemist’s wisdom-teaching enrich your relationships with God, yourself and others.

 Learn more about the Holy Spirit’s intimate soul-raising initiation. David will be overshined by higher beings to help you access your own heart’s streaming unified love-field. And you will have an opportunity to ask the masters questions.

El Morya will clear, purify, strengthen and expand your aura. Master Afra’s message will quicken your soul’s longing to accelerate your own Self-realization. Participate in a guided meditation. Receive a Three-Wave Blessing from the masters, intended to accelerate your ascension.  


Pick up a life-changing book at booth 156

  • Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy   
  • Mother Mary’s Missions—Messages from the Divine Mother.
  • Advanced Studies of the Human Aura (El Morya)
  • Living a Soulful Life (Afra)

Other great products are on hand--new age rosaries, orgonite pyramids, blessed crystals.


  • Learn about the way our community assists in bringing in a golden-crystal age.
  • Find a free source for over 4500 HeartStreams from 200 masterful beings of the Universal Brotherhood of Light.
  • Discover the Ascended Master Afra, the model of soulfulness and brotherhood, whose new teachings will lead you to fulfill your divine destiny.
  • Sign up for a FREE e-book about a unique aspect of the violet flame as violet laser light.


Find out more about the Conscious Life Expo


Find out more about the California Tour



David’s Latest Book!

Afra book


Living a Soulful Life: Afra’s New Teaching on Love, Brotherhood and Freedom

Afra, the divine patron of Africa, exemplifies universal brother/sisterhood and embodies the flame of freedom. In this book, he reveals how to connect fully to the light and fabric of our souls. Master Afra, whose name means “brother,” models the essence of soulfulness, kindness, and brotherly love. His stories, revelations, and insights—from past civilizations through modern times—show us how to reconnect with the Divine for personal and planetary unity and enlightenment. (Includes 16 color images by Slavaka Kolesar.)

Read this book to quicken an awakening of your soul. Read it to experience harmony, peace, freedom in your life in new and powerful ways!

Buy Now! 



saint germain on advanced alchemy book


Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy: Heartstreaming in the Aquarian Age

Saint Germain has been called the Wonderman of Europe, the Master Alchemist, the Avatar of Aquarius, and the God of Love to the Earth. In his seminal work, Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy, he comes to initiate you into the deeper mysteries of divine truth.

This book is for those who would know the eternal flame of love and master the science of inner being to bring about a world of freedom, enlightenment, peace, and prosperity. Enjoy Mario Duguay’s magnificent spiritual artwork in 16 color images included.

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advanced sutdieos of the human aura

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance 

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura takes studies of the aura to an exciting new level. In Part One, El Morya presents long-awaited teachings that complete the trilogy begun by his holy brothers, the Ascended Masters Kuthumi and Djwal Kul. In Part Two, David Christopher Lewis provides practical steps to expand and purify our auras as he recounts experiences from his own life.  Advanced Studies contains 16 beautiful paintings by French-Canadian visionary artist Mario Duguay. Also enjoy several meditation exercises included.

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mother mary mission book

Mother Mary’s Missions—Messages from the Divine Mother on Pilgrimage to California’s 21 Spanish Missions

As pilgrims visit each of the missions dotting the California coast in October of 2005, Mother Mary and other masters share, through David Christopher Lewis, teachings on life’s holy purpose, our roles as co-creators with God, the importance of sacred ritual, the science of sound, and the law of the I AM.

She expounds on secret-ray (now termed “crystal ray”) teachings, our work with the angels, and what it means to hold the immaculate concept.

Through her heart, learn more about true forgiveness, the power of silence and meditation, teachings on healing, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, the importance of family relationships, and teachings on prayer and fasting.

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David Christopher Lewis

Meet David Christopher Lewis, gifted clairaudient and Aquarian author and composer. David is the co-founder of The Hearts Center Community, Meru University, and Paradise Permaculture Institute. His mission is to share the ascended masters’ practical, and sometimes startling, revelations to help seekers experience personal awakening and Self-realization. 

David also receives and shares live messages from Russian mystic, naturalist, and visionary, Anastasia, during Meru University permaculture courses, which he co-teaches with his wife, Mona. These courses are designed to help people create their own kin domain and space of love.

David and Mona live in Livingston where they have their own "foodscape" on their 6-acre property—a model permaculture demonstration and teaching garden for Paradise Permaculture Institute.

Upcoming 2016 Events
Hearts Center Events

April 26, Mountain View, CA. Author workshop, East West Bookstore

April 28-30, San Mateo, CA. New Living Expo

May 1, San Rafael, CA. Author talk, Open Secret Bookstore

May 25-28, Umeå, Sweden. A Cosmic Infusion of Light from Venus—the Holy Kumaras Come to Illumine Scandinavia

June 16, Livingston, MT. Meru University event: In the Garden with Anastasia IV

June 17-20, Livingston, MT. Divine Mercy Comes to Save You and the Earth! Kuan Yin and the Heavenly Mothers East and West Inaugurate a New Golden Cycle of Mercy

June 30-July 2, Cape Town, South Africa. Gnostic Wholistic Festival

August 10-13, Mount Shasta, CA. Meru University event: I AM the Light of the World: Jesus and Saint Germain Share New Aquarian I AM Teachings with Their Disciples

September 21-24, Chicago, IL. Autumn equinox event: Experience the Heart of Loving-Kindness and the Joy of Compassion—the Twelve Archangels Illumine Chicago with Cosmic Joy

October 22 (tentative date), Livingston, MT with simulcast to Minneapolis, MN. Three-hour free event: You Are a Messenger of Light! How to Deliver Your Holy Spirit Gifts with Grace and Joy!

December 16-20, Cuernavaca and Mexico City, Mexico. The Holy Family Blesses Mexico with the Light of Freedom and Justice: Saint Germain and Portia Come to Illumine Families Everywhere


Local Heartfriend Connections

·       San Diego: 760-716-3664   Dennis    

·       Los Angeles: 818-298-3305  Lisette

·       Fresno: 559-859-0961 Lenore, Marsha

·       Mountain View/ San Mateo: 650-396-3010 Eileen

·       Mount Shasta: 530-926-4772, 530-239-0823 Cathleen

Los Angeles Expo Participants - Darshan with Masters
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2015 NewLife Expo
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