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2017 MU Event: I AM the Light of the World
Jesus and Saint Germain at Shasta Summer 2017

2017 Mount Shasta Meru University Event:

I AM the Light of the World: 
Jesus and Saint Germain

Share New Aquarian I AM Teachings
with Their Disciples

With David Christopher Lewis

(August 10-13)
Mount Shasta, CA


New Aquarian I AM Teachings—Be Here!

Witness, in person, the living light of the Presence. Bask in the light of the ascended masters as they heartstream through their clairaudient spokesman, David Christopher Lewis, co-founder of The Hearts Center Community and Meru University. For those who are not able to be present in Mount Shasta, this event, hosted by our local heartfriends there, will also be broadcast.

Jesus, Melchizedek and Saint Germain will reveal to disciples their progressive I AM messages for the 21st century and the golden-crystal era in the brooding presence of the mountain where Saint Germain had begun to reveal his original I AM teachings during the last century. Jesus’ Aquarian teachings will focus on community building, with his HeartStream entitled, I AM the Light of the World, with a personal blessing after. Melchizedek will follow with his I AM Discourses.

Saint Germain on Alchemy, Soul-Raising Sessions, and Special Music

On Wednesday evening, August 9, in Ashland, Oregon, enjoy David’s talk, Saint Germain on the Alchemy of Healing, at the Hidden Springs Wellness Center, after a sacred music concert by popular artist, Rene Jenkins. Rene will also perform in Mount Shasta Thursday evening.

There’s more! Thursday begins with Soul-Raising Sessions in Ashland and later that day in Mount Shasta at the Soul Connections Book and Crystal Emporium.

Our Aquarian Masters Share Their Wisdom All Weekend

  • Thursday: an evening concert with healing music by Rene Jenkins and a HeartStream by Methuselah: The Universality of Consciousness with the Great I AM

  • Friday: Enoch: My New Walk with God and You followed by Metatron: A Cosmic Clearance of the Solar System
  • Saturday: during a ceremony honoring the Deva of Mount Shasta's newly built vaastu temple, Kuan Yin: A Teaching on Mercy

Mount Shasta’s First Vaastu Temple Is Consecrated

A celebration of the newly built vaastu temple, dedicated to Kuan Yin, will be a highlight of the conference, as you experience her HeartStream. The Space of Love Gift-Giving Ritual will shower the temple’s own deva with love and honors.

Those physically present will be superbly blessed by a major release of light. Its completion initiates a new spiral of descending cosmic frequencies. Saint Germain and the Divine Director have told us the temple is an important focus of light for the Great White Brotherhood and critical for the protection of the West Coast and the planet. The full complement of 24 Elohim has already anchored pillars of fire 33 feet deep into the earth all around the temple.

Be One in the Spirit and the Fun!

So come enjoy a unique spiritual renewal that also includes community dancing, singing, and hikes. Engage in the Paneurhythmy each morning. Pray a rosary to one of the Divine Mother’s manifestations each day. And experience a permaculture garden tour and festive vegetarian community dinner at the vaastu temple site. There will be time to bask in the afternoon sun or dip into one of several local area lakes. And please visit the Sacramento River Headwaters and drink the clearest, sweetest water to be found anywhere!

Will we see you at Mount Shasta?  We thought so!


The Importance of Coming to the New Vaastu Temple in Mount Shasta

David Christopher Lewis shares with us a message from the masters about the vaastu temple:
Listen (3 min) or watch VIDEO

Recording of the anchoring of pillars of fire around and beneath the vaastu temple by Elohim:


Soul-Raising Sessions with David Christopher Lewis

In-Person Soul-Raising Sessions with David

​Receive a direct teaching from the Holy Spirit, uniquely personal for you. An everlasting grace and individual blessing flows directly to your soul.

Soul-Raising Sessions will be held in the Violet Flame Room at the Soul Connections Store, 329 N. Mount Shasta Blvd., Mount Shasta, CA 96067

  • Schedule your session during the event with Patricia Mills. Due to the varying time slots, we are not able to offer online pre-registration.  
  • Pay Steven at our onsite Hearts Center bookstore and bring your receipt to your session at the Soul Connections Store. You must have your receipt in order to receive your session.


  • 10-minute session: $72
  • 20-minute session: $144
  • 1-hour session: $333

You may schedule a session during these time slots:

  • Thursday, August 10:  3:00-4:30
  • Friday, August 11:  2:30-5:00
  • Sunday, August 13:  3:30-5:30


The Holy Spirit Overshines David to Bless You

During the 2016 Summer Solstice, the Maha Chohan, the representative of the Holy Spirit, initiated a new cycle and dispensation of healing grace through The Hearts Center movement.

Through this new mantle, David is conducting Soul-Raising Sessions sponsored by the Holy Spirit. The tremendous power of the release of light through the agency of the Holy Spirit will afford you relief from ancient patterns and records lodged in the subtle fields and folds of your subconscious and unconscious mind and being. You will experience change, transformation and elevation.

The divine spiritual grace flowing to you will be personal for you. The Holy Spirit will do what she desires in each session. Personal healings are not guaranteed, yet possibilities for healing may come through the Holy Spirit’s divine grace and comfort. By giving the Holy Spirit license to perform this alchemy with your soul, the wave patterns of light released through the agency of the Holy Spirit will be such that you will receive initiatic cycles of light.

David's Comments on Soul-Raising Sessions from July 20, 2016

"Sometimes the anointing, the blessing, the encouragement, the soul raising is facilitated in such a way that you can expand it and help others. That’s what I saw over and over again. It is not just about your own soul raising. You are raised up so that you can raise others up. And that is the magnanimous nature of each one of these blessings.

You are consecrated, accelerated, and invested with greater light and fields of divine joy and beingness. I see each person who goes through this as now being even more expressive of their true Self. You have a greater sense of your purpose and mission beyond what you may have humanly conceived you were capable of because God is great and God is great in you.

That’s the beauty of these sessions. It reconnects us to the sense of who we truly are as spiritual beings—yes, living in these veils of flesh—and yet still totally connected to God and one with God in our essence and having all these sacred abilities, resources that we can draw upon, and dynamics of alchemy that we can utilize in our work. It’s so important that you have these sessions.



"This was a cosmic experience, something I’ve never had in my life! I was taken right up to the throne of God and shown my diving purpose as a being. I tell you, this changes how you think about yourself! I still get chills when I think about everything I learned about my soul. I can’t tell you how life-changing it is and I encourage everyone to have a session." —C.B.

"Once you get the blessing, you will know that it’s not some random blessing that comes out of a hat. It’s really for you. It gives you such a feeling that the Holy Spirit really knows you. You know that everything about you, what you’ve been doing and what your real Self is, God knows, and this communion that you have is undeniably sincere and the truth." —N.B.

"Among other things, I was granted a talisman and an ability to bless and raise locations in the Earth and people, and groups of people. I feel that it is something that I will use. And I will continue to develop the ability to use it more efficaciously all the rest of my life. It’s like a life assignment and a grant in a more than ordinary way." —B.B.


Program, Information and Links

Program PDF

For questions or comments email


The temperatures for Mount Shasta in August can be between 80 and 90 degrees. Dress for summer and bring a jacket. Mountain weather is changeable. Evenings can be cool.


Registration Fees

Onsite Attendance Registration Fee
Flexible fee: $144 suggested, with a minimum of $90
Register now for onsite attendance!


Temple Celebration Dinner
Saturday, August 12
Price: $15
Outdoor community vegetarian dinner at the temple property includes spring rolls, soup and noodle salad.


Internet Broadcast Registration Fee
Flexible fee: $100 suggested, with a minimum of $75

Spanish translations will be broadcast on an alternate channel whenever possible by our volunteer translators, however it is not guaranteed. 
Register now for online broadcast!



Mount Shasta Community Building
629 Alder Street
Mount Shasta, CA 96067



Our conference ends at 1:00 pm, Sunday. The store will remain open until 1:30 pm, and David will be giving soul-raising sessions until 5:30 pm. When booking your flight, please allow enough time after 1:00 pm--or later if you schedule a soul-raising session that afternoon, or a hike on the mountain--to travel to the airport and check-in.

Local Airports and Train Service

Rogue Valley Medford Airport (MFR), Oregon:
Best choice if possible. About 1.5 hours north. Small, with acceptable airline service and pricing

Sacramento International Airport (SMF), CA:
About 3.5 hours south. Large, with good airline service and pricing. More difficult to arrange a ride to Mount Shasta. Let us know before you book your flight so we may check if anyone is driving from the Sacramento area to Mount Shasta and can pick you up.

Redding Municipal Airport (RDD), CA:
About 1 hour south. Very small, with marginal airline service and pricing

The Amtrak train has a stop at Dunsmuir, CA (DUN), which is 15 minutes south of Mount Shasta.

Note: We will be happy to assist with your transportation to and from the airports or train station. Please contact us with your travel plans as soon as possible!

Email us at with your name, cell phone number, flight arrival and departure days and times, and airline and flight numbers. Let us know where you'll be staying during the conference.


Mount Shasta Taxi

Mount Shasta Taxi (530-859-3266) is a taxi and shuttling service from the airports to Mount Shasta City. Prices are as follows:

    Medford Airport: $180 for one passenger; $10 for each additional passenger

    Redding Airport: $140 for one passenger; $10 for each additional passenger

    Sacramento Airport: $362 for one passenger; $20 for each additional passenger

Food and Lodging
Book before July 24! Looking for roommates? Email

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Soul Connections

A big THANK YOU to the Soul Connections store in Mount Shasta for their generous support of our 2017 MU event by graciously opening their doors for our book signings and Soul-Raising Sessions. 
Visit Soul Connections online here.
And when you are in Mount Shasta be sure to stop by and visit this beautiful store! Here is a map.