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2016 Mount Shasta

2016 Winter Solstice Event:

The Virgin of Guadalupe Calls You to Her Immaculate Heart
A Sacred Immersion in Mother Mary’s Loving Presence

With David Christopher Lewis

December 18-20: Winter Solstice Prayer Vigil
December 21-22: Youth Retreat

Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico


The Ascended Lady Master Mother Mary Calls; Mexico Calls

Jesus, Saint Germain, John the Baptist, Clare de Lis, Lanello, El Morya and the Divine Director deliver their messages of healing, resurrection, guidance and comfort through David Christopher Lewis. And Mother Mary will envelope you daily in her presence. For three sacred days in Puerto Peñasco, you will know the tender care of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The Maha Chohan will seal the prayer vigil with his Baptism by Fire and a personal blessing for those who have come in person.


Impressions upon Your Soul’s Tilma

Like Juan Diego, whose humble heart drew the Virgin of Guadalupe to him in 1531 at Tepeyac Hill near Mexico City, you may know her more intimately during our vigil. And just as Mother Mary miraculously manifested a painting of herself as a young Mexican woman on Juan Diego’s tilma to prove the truth of her appearance to the world, she will create a work of art, impressions of her holy beauty, upon your soul’s garment during our vigil.

Her magnificent impressions will verify the truth of your being. Her artistic creation, uniquely yours, will empower your mission, blessing those whom you serve as you walk the path of your initiation.


Puerto Peñasco, an Idyllic Setting

Puerto Peñasco, also known as “Rocky Point,” is a small town near the top of the Sea of Cortez in Sonora, Mexico. Its relaxed and friendly atmosphere is a perfect place to commune with God. Its rocky climbs and pristine beaches will refresh your soul and its temperate breezes and sunny skies will renew your spirit.

A 65-mile ride south of the Arizona/Mexico border at Lukeville, Puerto Peñasco is a 4-hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson.

Our accommodations, condos on the Playa Bonita Beach in Rocky Point, are comfortable and inviting, yet economical. Rocky Point is known for one of the highest tide changes in the world, exposing at its lowest ebb, tide pools filled with all manner of sea plant and marine life. The many restaurants offer a wide variety of menu choices and price ranges. Visit the abundance of stores and unique boutiques with hand-crafted Mexican items.

Pristine white sand beaches stretch for miles. Reefs beckon lovers of snorkeling. And Puerto Peñasco exudes a uniquely special charm, the culture of Old Mexico. What a setting for your time of fellowship with the ascended masters and heartfriends.


Youth Retreat—Fun and Fellowship in the Surf and Sand

We look forward to an awesome youth retreat following the vigil. For two days, Dec. 21 and 22, beach and other outdoor activities are being planned by the youth and for them with special times of discussion and communion with the ascended masters. See the Youth Retreat program.


Seen through the Eyes of Youth—the Miracle at Guadalupe

There is more to the story of Juan Diego and the Virgin Mary than you can imagine. This teen site has a ton to share about The Miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe


Program, Information and Links

Program PDF

Youth Retreat Program PDF

For questions or comments email


Registration Fees

Onsite Attendance Registration and Lodging Fee

  • $400 per person shared room
  • $800 per person single room

Lodging is available on a first come, first served basis until December 1.


Registration and Lodging Fee Includes

  • Prayer vigil December 18-20 with HeartStreams by the ascended masters.
  • Vacation fun December 21 and 22 with a choice of joining Youth Retreat activities or relaxing on your own. 
  • Lodging for 6 nights at Marina Pinacate Condos, checking in on December 17 and checking out December 23. Rooms will be assigned in consultation with each attendee. (See “Lodging” for more information.)   


Register by December 1 for onsite attendance!
Register now for onsite attendance!


Broadcast Registration Fee
Internet  Broadcast - 2016 Mexico Virgin of Guadalupe Prayer Vigil $33 audio broadcast
Our capability to video broadcast will depend on the reliability of the internet connection. Replays will include video.
Register for the broadcast



Marina Pinacate Condos
Paseo Las Glorias, Numero 3
83550 Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco)
The morning Prayer Vigil will take place in the living room of one of our condos. The afternoons will be free to enjoy the beach, the ocean, the town and the area sights.

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A passport is required to travel back and forth from Mexico. See the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative website for more details, including the requirements for youth under 16.


The closest airport to book your flight into is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). Rocky Point is approximately a 3 hour and 40 minute drive from there, not counting any stops and time waiting to cross the border. You may register for the shuttle which will leave the Phoenix airport in the morning on December 17 and drive to Rocky Point. It will leave Rocky Point on the morning of December 23 and arrive in time for you to catch an evening flight from the Phoenix airport.
If taking the shuttle, book your flight to arrive PHX no later than 11:00 am on Saturday, December 17 and to depart PHX no earlier than 5:00 pm on Friday, December 23.   



Room on the shuttle is available on a first-come, first served basis until December 1.  

Price is $250 which includes:

  • Transportation (approximate 4-hour car ride) from the Phoenix airport to Rocky Point, Mexico on Saturday morning, December 17.
  • Transportation from Rocky Point on Friday morning, December 23 back to the Phoenix airport.
  • Mexican auto insurance.
  • Transportation for all outings and shopping in Rocky Point.

Book your flight to arrive PHX no later than 11:00 am on Saturday, December 17 and to depart PHX no earlier than 5:00 pm on Friday, December 23.   
An airport shuttle schedule will be emailed to you before the event. It will include

  • Your pick-up times and locations
  • The shuttle driver’s cell phone number

Register now for shuttle!

Please email if you have any question about booking your flight.


Food and Lodging