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MU 1408: Maitreya Buddha Speaks
Maitreya Buddha Meru Course

Maitreya Buddha Speaks on Mu, Atlantis and the New Earth

Dates: October 19 and 26, 2014
Time: 9:00–11:30 am MDT
Location Webinar 
Sponsors: Lord Maitreya
Instructors: David C. Lewis


US: $85. New student: $76.50. Senior (65+): $68  
International students: Varies by country

Maitreya Buddha, Avatar of Ancient Worlds

Walk the land of Lemuria (Mu) again, remember the cities of Atlantis, and learn new teachings on the path of initiation. Discover what tests the evolutions of Mu and Atlantis passed and failed, and how their actions affect us today—all with the purpose of reconciling our past. Yes, many of us were there! And Maitreya comes to assist us in knowing only victory through our personal initiations, and he comes to help civilization as a whole prepare the way for a New Earth.

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Lord Maitreya

The Guru of Adam and Eve

When Adam experienced the presence of divinity, with whom was he communing? When both Eve and Adam knew they had transgressed, from whom did they flee when he called to them? Why, it was Maitreya Buddha! When these archetypal twin flames inhabited the Garden of Eden, in a time long before Lemuria and the incarnation of the Fourth Root Race, it was Lord Maitreya who represented for them the highest understanding of God.

Maitreya: The “Coming Buddha”

Maitreya is also the “Coming Buddha,” destined to reincarnate upon Earth during an approaching Golden-Crystal Age of Enlightenment. During our course, Maitreya will come with accelerated loving-kindness and as the Planetary Buddha in the guise of a cosmic gardener of divine radiance. He will share truth for today through darshan—answering our questions and also asking questions of us to elicit our Buddhic wisdom.

More Teaching from Maitreya. We will…

  • Study the deeper meaning of prayer 20.010.

  • Learn how Maitreya rose to become our Planetary Buddha.

  • Understand the responsibilities of Lord Maitreya in his role as the Great Initiator and ways we can assist him in his work.

  • Review the work of the Great White Brotherhood during periods of epochal change.

  • Discover how to assist the Lords of the Flame in accelerating planetary transmutation.

  • Co-create a New Earth through a class meditation and our response to a special call-to-action.

Find Prayer 20.010, “Maitreya’s Loving-Kindness”

Lemurians and Atlanteans of old, Maitreya asks these questions of his students today:

  • What will your final initiations be? (Meditate with Maitreya to discern the answer.)

  • How have you shown and how will you choose to model loving-kindness today?

  • Where do you desire to serve now?  Where do you desire to serve once ascended?

  • What would you request of the Planetary Buddha for 2015 and beyond?

Resources and Links

"Dwarka: Atlantis of the East"
  You Tube Movie

Maitreya Buddha Mantra

More Maitreya videos to enjoy!

HeartStreams from Beloved Maitreya

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  • Ancient Patterns of Darkness within You Dating Back to Lemuria Are Cleansed for All Time  Read  Listen 

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About Our Instructors:

David Christopher Lewis is a gifted clairaudient, an Aquarian spiritual author, and talented musical composer. He is co-founder of The Hearts Center Community and Meru University. His mission is to share the ascended masters’ teachings and their practical, sometimes startling, progressive revelations for personal awakening and Self-Realization.

Born in the Chicago area, David was the sixth of ten children. At the age of 14, he embraced the concepts of karma and reincarnation after reading Edgar Cayce’s The Sleeping Prophet. He has studied the world’s major religions for four decades and lived and worked in an intentional spiritual community for 22 years. In the spring of 2004, David experienced a mystical awakening and began receiving regular telepathic communications from angels and enlightened spiritual beings, known as ascended masters. 

David has now received and delivered more than 4,000 messages from angels, masters and divine beings. He calls these messages “HeartStreams”–progressive revelations for today on diverse topics, including advanced alchemy, cosmic solar awareness, the New Blue Wave, abundance and healing.

His seminal work,  Advanced Studies of the Human Aura--How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance, unveils new solar technologies of the Spirit from the Master El Morya, initiating readers directly in order to accelerate their human aura into the divine. David is currently writing his upcoming book about Saint Germain’s newest teachings on advanced alchemy. 

His other publications include Now Zen and Always, a thought-provoking collection of quips and Zen koans from the Master Morya; and  Mother Mary’s Missions–Messages from the Divine Mother, a series of HeartStreams received during David’s California Spanish missions tour. Sweet Heart of Jesus, is David’s eleventh and newest inspirational CD of spiritual love songs available at The Hearts Center online store online.

In addition to teaching for Meru University online, David leads prayer vigils and seminars and hosts conferences in person and online. He also conducts annual pilgrimages to sacred sites worldwide. David lives with his wife Mona near Livingston, Montana. 

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