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MU 1405 Anastasia in the Garden II

Anastasia in the Garden II

Dates: June 17th
Time: 9:00 am to noon, 
2:00–5:00 pm MDT
Location Livingston, Montana
Sponsors: Anastasia
Instructors: Mona and David C. Lewis
Fee: $75 for all

Enjoy this two-part outdoor workshop, inspired by Anastasia, the Russian mystic. Through the Ringing Cedars Series, Anastasia has captured the hearts of the Russian people and the world and compelled them to return in joy to their ancient roots in the great outdoors and to their core reality as beings, one with all Nature.  

David Christopher Lewis, spiritual director of The Hearts Center, and his wife Mona Lewis, permaculture teacher and consultant, create a magical blend of many solar living keys and practices as their offering to you in a hands-on, fun-filled workshop! Come and join the fairies, gnomes, salamanders and undines on the Lewises’ 5.8 acre property. They anticipate your arrival. 


Part 1

Solar Living for Today

David will share Anastasia’s teachings on solar living and conscious gardening including…
• Attuning and adapting to the shifting solar cycles
• Learning from weather patterns and weather changes
• Processing solar light in the garden and in nature by using current simple technologies
• Co-creating a new solar civilization
Prepare your questions for Anastasia related to permaculture and solar living.

Part 2

Nurturing One’s Self and One’s Family through Solar Living 


Mona, steeped in years of experience creating permaculture gardens, will explain how the solar light within all life nourishes and guides us in our… 

• Gardening
• Landscape design
• Plant placement
• Cooking and preserving of our food
As time permits, she will present design ideas for a solar oven and a solar food dehydrator.
Her students will learn how to use and optimize permaculture solar concepts and methods to design and plant sacred gardens and growing spaces.  These designs will include…
• Terrace gardening
• Companion planting, called “guilds,” to create balanced diversity 

This polyculture setting imitates the variety of natural ecosystems. It combines certain trees, bushes, food plants, herbs and flowers that cooperate in the same environment for long-term sustainability. 
Plan to have your hands in the soil and your face in the sun and the Montana breeze. Plan to fill your basket with gardening and food preparation ideas you are so excited to try as soon as you return home. 

When gardening with the elementals, remember… 

Wear comfortable clothes and bring other preparations for your light gardening experience:

• Sun hat
• Work gloves
• Sun protection
• Water bottle
• Rain jacket or poncho 
• Clothes that you don't mind getting dirty!

In the event of rain, the class will continue under shelter.
Register now to share in these sparkling, mystical teachings and practical advice! We look forward to seeing you!


During the two-hour intermission for lunch, students have the option of bringing their meal onsite or dining at a local restaurant.

Questions? For assistance registering online, contact Jeanette at 312-253-7600.

For questions about this course, contact Nancy at 
or 612-720-2993  

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About Our Instructors:

mona lewis, permaculture, anastasiaMona Lewis- Paradise Permaculture Consultant, Teacher and Artist

Mona received her first Permaculture Design certification through Midwest Permaculture studying and creating a design for a property in Grass Valley, CA. Recently she received a second certification in Alberta, Canada. This allowed the opportunity for many hands-on experiences working with Ron Berezan, “The Urban Farmer”, and Barb Hazenveld who taught Permaculture for 14 years in Australia.

Mona is a certified teacher grades K-8. She created and piloted a hands-on program for one of Montana’s public schools.

With the vision of prolific edible landscapes, she enjoys assisting people in creating their own beautiful space of joy and love, knowing that where we find beauty in nature we find abundance.

Mona has consulting experience in Gallatin and Park counties in Montana and design experience in Alberta, Canada and Northern California.

David Christopher Lewis is a gifted clairaudient, an Aquarian spiritual author and talented musical composer. He is co-founder of The Hearts Center Community and Meru University. His mission is to share the ascended masters’ teachings and their practical, sometimes startling, progressive revelations for personal awakening and Self-Realization.

Born in the Chicago area, David was the sixth of ten children. At the age of 14, he embraced the concepts of karma and reincarnation after reading Edgar Cayce’s The Sleeping Prophet. He has studied the world’s major religions for four decades and lived and worked in an intentional spiritual community for 22 years. In the spring of 2004, David experienced a mystical awakening and began receiving regular telepathic communications from angels and enlightened spiritual beings, known as ascended masters. 

David has now received and delivered more than 4,000 messages from angels, masters and divine beings. He calls these messages “HeartStreams”–progressive revelations for today on diverse topics, including divine science, advanced alchemy, cosmic solar awareness, the New Blue Wave, abundance and healing.

His seminal work,  Advanced Studies of the Human Aura--How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance, unveils new solar technologies of the Spirit from the Master El Morya, initiating readers directly in order to accelerate their human aura into the divine. David is currently writing his upcoming book about Saint Germain’s newest teachings on advanced alchemy. 

His other publications include Now Zen and Always, a thought-provoking collection of quips and Zen koans from the Master Morya; and  Mother Mary’s Missions–Messages from the Divine Mother, a series of HeartStreams received during David’s California Spanish missions tour. Sweet Heart of Jesus, is David’s eleventh and newest inspirational CD of spiritual love songs available at The Hearts Center online store online.

In addition to teaching for Meru University online, David leads prayer vigils and seminars and hosts conferences in person and online. He also conducts annual pilgrimages to sacred sites worldwide. David lives with his wife Mona near Livingston, Montana. 

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