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Sponsoring Masters El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian
Ralph Raaths and David C. Lewis

 Course Fees: $75 USA/Australia, New $67.50, Seniors $37.50, $10 Africa, Europe $70, Central & South America $15, South Asia $2

The World Economy and the Threefold Social Organization

Why is it that, from economies, to governments, to the society order, the world today is reeling in debt!  Why does your understanding of the tripartite equation of lig

Recommended Reading

  World Economy by Rudolph Steiner

These lectures provide a foundation for a completely new approach to the science of economics. Steiner does not give abstract theories but bases his ideas on the dynamics inherent in the phenomena themselves. A mobile, flexible quality of thinking is required to enter into this radically different approach to such things as capital, labor, and natural resources, and the qualitative differences between purchase, loan, and gift money. The direction Steiner indicated in these lectures is the inspiration for a number of banking and financial initiatives now active all over the world.

 This book is out of print. Read online here.

  Towards Social Renewal by Rudolph Steiner

 This book was written in 1919, just after the first World War, and suggests solutions to the social, political and economic problems of those times. At the end of the book, Steiner writes, "... either people will accommodate their thinking to the requirements of reality, or they will have learned nothing from the calamity and will cause innumerable new ones to occur in the future."

History since then has proven these words to be prophetic. The "social question" has not been resolved, nor have steps been taken to initiate the healing process. We all too often look to the political state for the solutions to all social problems, be they of an economic, cultural or political nature. Steiner's concept of a tripartite, or threefold, society in which the economic, cultural and political spheres would enjoy relative autonomy within the social organism has not yet been tried. This book contains his basic ideas for the restructuring of society.

This book is out of print. Read online here.



Hercules invests the blue-fire light of God within disciples of the Lord: announcement of a 2013 Meru University course on the divine economy.  Read   Listen

YouTube Preview with Ralph Raaths

This course contains keys . . . helping us to transform our current social order into a new age of freedom.


Ralph Raaths gives a preview of his upcoming Meru University course, The World Economy and the Threefold Social Organization, based on the works of Rudolf Steiner.

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Student feedback about a recent course, The Power of Permaculture, co-instructed by Ralph . . .

"The way that Ralph described the 'breathing' 24-hour cycle of our Earth was very enlightening."  —H.N.

"Ralph Raath’s teaching was fabulous."  —C.B.
"Ralph Raath's discussion on the salamanaders, slyphs, undines and gnomes was awe-inspiring. To understand from a spiritual perspective the creative forces that turn our Earth was quite wonderful".  —D.S.

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About Our Instructors

Ralph RaathsRalph Douwe Raaths was born in Lusaka, Zambia. He grew up as the son of a farmer and rancher, helping to herd cattle and sheep and tending to several acres of maize.
After graduation from university, Ralph entered the industrial instruments process and 
control trade.

From an early age, Ralph took an interest in evolution and related subjects. This led to an earnest quest for answers to the mysteries of life. He embarked on in-depth studies of eurythmy,* drama, astronomy, astrology, mythology, metaphysics, history, freemasonry, African traditions, mental health and storytelling. It was Rudolf Steiner's methodology of spiritual-scientific thinking that captivated his attention most. After the completion of a four-year training, Ralph received a eurythmy diploma in Teaching and Artistic Performance at the Cape Town School of Eurythmy. He also had postgraduate training at the London School of Eurythmy.

Ralph is an accomplished lecturer, speaking on various aspects of cosmology. In 2003, he co-founded and became program director of Viva Youth College, a school whose mission was the upliftment of young people diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar and other biochemically related mental disorders. He has done extensive work with adolescent, drug and dysfunction-related problems, all based on Dr. Rudolf Steiner's work. He has studied ascended master teachings for more than twenty years and is currently the president of the International Council of The Hearts Center.

*Eurythmy, developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, is the art of making speech and music visible through gesture and movement. The training is mainly artistic by nature—poetry, painting, speech and music being emphasized—but firmly founded within the philosophical, psychological and therapeutic subject matter of Dr. Steiner and the Waldorf School curriculum.


David Christopher Lewis is a mystic, spiritual teacher, composer and author for the Aquarian Age. For three decades, David has been a student of the ascended masters and has studied the world’s major religions. In the spring of 2004 he began receiving regular telepathic communications from the masters in heaven. He maintains that he is not the messenger for the ascended masters, only one of them. He reminds us that we each sit under our own "vine and fig tree," and are each messengers in our own right, offering our particular expression of the Godhead.

Early in 2005, David co-founded a spiritual movement in obedience to the masters' request. The Hearts Center is this nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping people everywhere nurture their own divine potential. It is a world-wide activity with centers in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Africa.

David conducts prayer services during free Internet broadcasts on The Hearts Center’s website. He speaks at Hearts Center conferences and workshops held around the world. In addition to leading international pilgrimages, David teaches online Meru University webinar courses along with other instructors.