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Sunday, December 2, 2012


10:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. and 2:30-5:30 p.m. MST

Sponsoring Master:

Djwal Kul


David C. Lewis

Course Venue:

This is a self-directed computer-based course designed so that you may participate at the time, frequency and pace that suit your schedule. The course includes 5 video sessions and 1 audio session, PowerPoint slides, and links to 13 HeartStreams from Beloved El Morya. Part 2 is offered as a separate course.

How to participate:

You can register by clicking on “Register Now.” Once you have registered, you may enjoy the course or segments of it at any time.

Course Program:

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Course Fee:


Take compassionate action to support
the monks
and lamas of Tibet. 

Support our Tibetan lightbearers with powerful ruby love fires of our collective hearts united as one as we participate in the Meru course, Love as an Initiator of the New Era.

  • Learn the mystical path of love, how to infuse the sacred fire of your heart to help our beloved monks.

  • Commune with the Tibetan master to help save sentient life.

  • Take a strong and firm stand against this darkness with the power of the sacred word, the sword of truth.

  • Learn to travel in your light body to Tibet to assist our holy bothers and sisters.

  • Imbibe plain yet deep mystic teachings from the heart of Djwal Kul that are causative of world change.

 In Tibet today, there is a surge in large demonstrations and self-immolations of Tibetan monks and lamas. These protests are a cry to humanity to awaken to the destruction of the Tibetan culture, a culture rich in a Buddhist lineage that hold a balance of light for the earth. Those who are unconscious and have anger against God and the light seek to destroy this great culture of light.

 Djwal Kul is a warrior of light, invested in the situation of Tibet and China. He will be with us for a one day seminar to anchor his light radiance through our hearts for the healing of Tibet. Love is the answer to the violence, and love is the initiator of a new era for the earth. The dynamics of pure ruby love will be distributed across the earth light frequencies to bring forth a crystal age.

 Djwal Kul's teachings will complete the trilogy and complement the two previous courses in this cycle: El Morya’s teaching in The New Blue Energies from Sirius seminar and Kuthumi’s class, Illumination from the Central Sun.

 Djwal Kul, whose very breath emanates cosmic love-fire, will speak on the true meaning of love. He will call you to take your next step, to increase your focus on the sacred fires of your own heart, further preparing you to be the solution the Earth requires now. Get ready! He will answer your questions and ask you to answer his. Expect to be initiated by love, as love, in love. For love is all that you are.

 Course instructor, David Christopher Lewis, will share from the wealth of Djwal Kul’s HeartStreams on love as adeptship as well as highlight related teachings from Jesus, Peter Deunov and Paramahansa Yogananda. David will reveal why divine love is inextricably linked to the Age of Aquarius as the New Era. Come prepared to accept more fire and more understanding of who you are.

ENDORSEMENT: Listen to David's discourse on the reasons this course is important: here.


Hear David Lewis' comments on the upcoming Meru University class, Mystic Path of Adeptship. Learn how taking this one-day seminar can assist the Tibetan people, struggling against Chinese domination.


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About Our Instructor

David Christopher Lewis is a mystic, spiritual teacher, composer and author for the Aquarian Age. For three decades, David has been a student of the ascended masters and has studied the world’s major religions. In the spring of 2004 he began receiving regular telepathic communications from the masters in heaven. He maintains that he is not the messenger for the ascended masters, only one of them. He reminds us that we each sit under our own "vine and fig tree," and are each messengers in our own right, offering  our particular expression of the Godhead.

Early in 2005, David co-founded a spiritual movement in obedience to the masters' request. The Hearts Center is this nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping people everywhere nurture their own divine potential. It is a world-wide activity with centers in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Africa.

David conducts prayer services during free Internet broadcasts on The Hearts Center’s website. He speaks at Hearts Center conferences and workshops held around the world. In addition to leading international pilgrimages, David teaches online Meru University webinar courses along with other instructors.