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Meru University Orientation

Statue of Liberty (Tiara)

It’s FREE! Just the basics. Go here.

Experience a hands-on tour with step-by-step instructions on how to register and use the features found on our course pages.

See how easy it is to log-on to our webinar host Elluminate with its chat box, white board, video and PowerPoint features.

Learn how to join our discussion forum and share your insights.

Registering and participating in Meru University courses is fun and easy. Our training session will help you engage fully and receive 100% benefit from every class you attend.

Course Type: Live, interactive via online webinar with telephone option.

Course Topics and Objectives

    Course Registration: Ability to follow a step-by-step user-friendly guide that takes you from The Hearts Center home page to Elluminate

    Elluminate Webinar: An understanding of how to use the audio setup wizard and all interactive features of the classroom 

    Forum: Ability to access The Hearts Center Forum, create a profile, and post and reply to messages.

    Course Page: Mastery in accessing the course page in various ways, navigating the course page, and employing all of its learning resources

Instructor: Wayne Purdin

Links and Resources


To watch a slide show on how to register for a course, click Registration slide show.

To watch a slide show about how to log in to the Elluminate Live classroom, set your connection speed, and set up your audio, click 

For a glossary of technical terms that will help you understand the course better, click Glossary.

For the minimum system requirements to run Elluminate Live and where to find your computer's system specs, click Minimum system requirements.