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Course 1004

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura with El Morya—Part 2

El Morya Original Dates: May 9, 15 (Saturday from Sweden), 23 and 30, June 6, 13 and 20, 2010

Instructors: Beloved El Morya, David Lewis, and Cheryl Bench

Come and join us as we sit at the feet of El Morya and learn more about the human aura and also the divine aura of our Solar Presence!

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In his HeartStream of December 26, 2009, Saint Germain said:

Even the Master Morya's desire to release his instruction on advanced studies of the human aura through Meru University is one that can cause a planetary shift in and of itself. Prepare and make yourselves ready by cleansing your auras, by studying again the first two volumes in this series released through our previous Messengers, by taking to heart every word and making them applicable in your life. You can be a generating field, a crystalline prism of light for the master, such that when he releases his teaching it can be rayed forth through your awareness to the souls of humanity, dearest ones.

Words from Kuthumi from his HeartStream on February 25, 2010 on what this course will deliver:

This will be a profound delivery of light, for the master has prepared many cosmic concepts, visuals and revelatory principles for each student that will, when imbibed and assimilated, allow an aspect of cosmic consciousness and holy presence to abide within your aura.

On February 26, 2010, Lanello added:

I can tell you that if I had to choose one Meru University course to attend during this entire millennia, it would be this one where the master of the first ray will use this opportunity to multiply these new blue frequencies within the atmosphere, the aura of the Earth itself....This is not just a revelatory teaching that will be delivered unto you; it is a cosmic activity of such divine splendor whereby the master, through that teaching, delivers the highest essence of his own Godhood into your very spiritual bloodstream and deep into the Earth.

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Reading Materials and Books

Click on the book cover to order the book.

Required Reading

Fractal Time (book cover)

Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a new World Age by Gregg Braden, 2009, Hay House, Inc.

Prerequisite Reading

The Human Aura (book cover)

Studies of the Human Aura and Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura were originally published as separate books. Now these two books are combined in a pocketbook, The Human Aura by Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, 1991: Summit University Press.

CosMos Co-Creator's Guide (book cover)

CosMos: A Co-creator's Guide to the Whole World by Ervin Laszlo and Jude Currivan, 2008: Hay House, Inc.

Recommended Reading

The Divine Matrix (book cover)

The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief by Gregg Braden, 2007, Hay House, Inc.