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Introducing the Heartfriend Wisdom Series

2017 Meru University Courses

Meru University is honored to present a new series of free courses for seekers of higher truth and wisdom. The staff of The Hearts Center, initiates of the sacred fire who work together to assist the ascended masters in bringing their light and teachings to the world, share the knowledge and wisdom they have gained in applying the teachings of the masters in their daily lives.

Are you searching for practical ways to apply spirituality in all aspects of your life? In these courses you will learn how our heartfriends experience spirituality through art, family care giving, meditation, beekeeping, psychology, friendship, education, dealing with crime, as so much more. The insight and wisdom offered through this series will bring new understanding and practices to all, increasing joy, peace, levity and self-mastery in our everyday lives. Join us for this exciting and fun series!

These courses are free! We appreciate your donations to support the cost of providing them to you. 


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Holy Spirit Empowerment through
Meru University

David's Comments on the Heartfriend Wisdom Series



At times we all have cosmic memories of who we really are. They happen and we know that we are heading down the right path. This class was a strong indicator and experience for me. It helped me reconnect with who I am and my real goal of expanding the conscious of God where I am. —LD

Quite honestly, this class was all wonderful, especially the beauty and love coming from the Holy Kumaras through David. Besides the teachings I learned so much from the participants sharing. This was particularly so with the class on love and family life. I learned with great humility of the beauty of all the heartfriends through their joyful and honest sharing. —JB

All the information was practical. I especially liked the discussion portion because questions were brought up that I hadn’t thought about. —NC

This course really took me to another level of being responsible for my life. I hadn't really grasped the profound depth of Ho'oponopono until this course. One of the biggest ahas for me came when I was thinking about the difficulties surrounding my birth, and realizing I, by God's grace, could clear not only this embodiment's records but ALL the records of my births and birthing going back to my earliest experiences in a body (or even before). My capacity to love has expanded as a result of this course and taking on the practice of Ho'oponopono. —BF

I liked sharing poems and songs! And I learned that twin flames actually do share a flame in each one’s heart. He is in me, I am in him, in our heart. —JR

[I learned] how our universe works as one unit. Earth influences the heavens and the stars, and also the heavens and the stars have their effect on our worlds, and upon one another. It is quite sobering to think that each of our thoughts or actions can affect others, the mass mind, and other worlds. That nothing is separate from the whole. —HL

In this class I totally appreciated the intense permeation of one's consciousness and reality illuminating, raising, and initiating light energy. I loved the depth of focused guidance...and the resulting hope in a brighter future personally and collectively. —AH


A Spiritual University


From the Brotherhood ...

Dearest ones, many of you are receiving at inner planes initiations that are moving you into new domains of beingEl Morya day by day, even as your souls travel and engage in holy work in the etheric octaves at night and during certain of your higher meditations.

Through each Meru University class, something of the essence of the higher Aquarian way dawning upon Earth is brought to your outer waking consciousness—a key here, an element of higher truth there, which, when embraced and utilized in your daily striving, in your communication one with another, in the ministry that you engage in through your sacred labor, ennobles the entire greater work of the Brotherhood.    —Master KH, February 25, 2010


Dearest ones, each and every Meru course is a model for you on your path of self-perfectionment. If you truly knew how much of heaven is invested in these courses, you would be amazed to see how many ascended masters attend in the higher octaves, recently ascended masters whom you know, who wait upon every word spoken. This is the interchange between heaven and Earth that is beautiful to behold, even from cosmic spheres as we look upon Earth and see the work of the Brotherhood in action through the teaching of this mystery school.   —God of Gratitude, November 28, 2010


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